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Your Questions About Social Media Copywriting Mentoring & Internship Answered


Today is your deadline to get in at its lowest price.

Social Media Copywriting 3-Month Mentoring With Internship is available at its lowest price until 1159PM only.
This is a course that will give you both a skill and an experience to apply it WITH PAY as well.
If you’re still contemplating if you’re gonna get this and if there are still questions you want to be answered first, check out these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: What’s the difference between 2017’s Copywriting Masterclass 303 and the 2018 Copywriting 303 Internship?
A: Sorry for the naming confusion. My fault. Here’s the big difference:
2017 Copywriting Masterclass 303
– Contains Copywriting 101 and Copywriting 202 only
2018 Copywriting 303 Internship?
– Bonus: Copywriting 101 and Copywriting 202
– Bonus: Complete Beginners Guide to Starting Your Virtual Careers (Virtual Careers Video Workshop) + PDF Workbook
– 3 Months Online Mentoring
– Get a Chance to Be Hired as a Paid Intern
– Delivery of the Rare Book “4 Brilliant Questions You Should Ask In Your Interview”
If you already have 2017 Copywriting Masterclass 303 – all you need to do is upgrade for a minimal : P 4,000, here:

Or via
BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario OR
BDO Savings Account/ 00-8070002528 / Jose Mario R Hilario.
Then fill up the details here: Or
GCASH: 0977-810-1969
Q: Will you run out of clients when there are so many of us interns?
A: Impossible, My direct contacts alone have lots of other direct
contacts and I’ve been building an entrep – only network for more than
10 years already. That’s ASIA PACIFIC, EUROPE & US. Even my guest
writer in Virtual Careers is John Jonas of
Q: Just wanna ask how many hours are expected to commit per month to work with the client as “intern” to earn the 5k/month. Or is it output base? Also, once I enrolled to the course , 2months training and 6months earning are guaranteed? Or it depends on the training performance or assignments?
A: 5K/Month is like 1 hour a day at most. That “hour” is output based. Not minutes. For example, it’s probably reasonable to churn out 10 posters an hour. This includes thinking, delaying, copy and pasting. So you can do that. No need to declare time start and end.
Now a good “speed” can be 3 mins per poster. So that’s 30 mins for 10 posters a day. So what will you do for the remaining 30 mins? You can work – answer questions in client’s FB or just do whatever you want. It’s a matter of getting trained well by me so you’re fast and effective.
3 Months training is guaranteed. I can never guarantee that you will LIKE a REAL CLIENT enough to stay long or any amount of time. I can also not guarantee that the client will LIKE your attitude, too. Both are under your control, yes?
After I train you for a month, for example: I can just bring you in front of clients (PLURAL, MANY) for an interview (YOU WILL INTERVIEW THE CLIENT). Well, you do have my BONUS book “4 BRILLIANT QUESTIONS” as part of the Internship to help you. Plus my guidance.
I will know if you’re ready.
Here’s a rule you can use: If it does take you 20minutes to create a single poster, you’re not ready. You’re overthinking. Hehe. Within a day you can bring that down to 2minutes as proven by your “free intern” classmates. If they can do it, newbies they are – so can you!
Today’s the deadline for these bonuses:
Q: Smartphone training pala ang Copy303 Internship. Does it mean, the paid copywriting internship / training, I will not be using laptop/computer for doing the assignments?
A: You can use whatever machine you want. We will even use paper and pen. The point of “smartphone” lessons is – to find out what to do – you’d use the internet. To do some tasks, you don’t need a computer. In fact, for video, it’s HARDER and SLOWER to use a computer. Just use a smartphone. You can finish in 30 seconds. 🙂
Deadline Today, Join here:
Q: What’s the duration of our internship?
A: I can never guarantee that you will LIKE a REAL CLIENT enough during your internship to stay long or any amount of time. I can also not guarantee that the client will LIKE your attitude, too.
Both are under your control, yes?
I’ll mentor you for 3 months.
That’s guaranteed.
Q: Will the internship be more about social media or other copywriting work?
A: The skill/talent you will use is SOCIAL MEDIA COPYWRITING.
The kind of work you will be doing for your client is promoting their business.
You will use pictures/videos/copy to promote their business.
You’ll learn more once you’re already part of the course.
Q: ask ko po, what time ang start ng course?
A: you have 24 hours to see the course content –everyday for a few weeks a month. More details will be given .Once you get in…you will be given access to the existing bonus material in – there SELF PACED ka sa bonus.
We start after holy week for the main mentoring .
Q: pwde po ba me mag join… nightshift kc ang work ko 12 hrs… Thanks po…
A: mas lalo ka dapatmagjoin para makaalis ka sa 12-hr nightshift work……. you can join, you have 24 hours to see the course content —everyday for a few weeks a month…. basta invest ka sa time :).
BUT, if you don’t love words and pictures and you love numbers, don’t join.
Q: PAIR/COUPLE DISCOUNT: paano po ang access nito since 2 person po ang kukuha ng course?
A: You’ll get a separate access to the membership site. You will be both added to the learning platform (FB group).
Each person in a pair will get all the bonuses if you join today.
Tag along a friend/relative with you so that both of you can earn extra P 5000/mo.
Social Media Copywriting 303 COUPLE DISCOUNT:
Just add P 4,000 to P 9086 = P 13,086
Get in now with your friend/relative:
Q: What if I’m already a part of COPY101 / COPY 202 or both courses? How much will I pay?
A: As a valued member of COPY101 / COPY202 or both, you can now join Social Media Copywriting for a lower price.
Get in now.
TODAY is the deadline for the price increase.
Upgrade from COPY101 or COPY202: Pay only P 6000
Upgrade from COPY101/ COPY202 2017 MASTERCLASS
As thank you for getting the Masterclass, you’ll only pay P 4000 for the upgrade to the 3 months mentoring.



Now live a marvelous life,



P.S. Remember, your purchase is backed by our MONEY- BACK guarantee within 30 days of purchase – so you’ve got 1 full month to see if this helps you.

It’s a totally risk-free offer and a win-win situation for you.

Join the course via NOW.