#Second Income Actual Course Contents


This is the FEB 2016 Working Meeting For Online Members.
This is the Step by Step Version


Live Meetings : Paper Based Notebook and Pen
Working Meetings: Laptop or Notebook Computer
Webinar : You're at home with a computer + Fast Internet.

Meeting Schedules: (Join Live & Online) Tue 1pm-5pm (live) / Sat 1pm-5pm (live) / Tue 8pm-11pm (web)

Venue for LIve/Working Meetings will be announced via email and will posted in our exclusive Facebook group.

Video: Introduction to What We Are Doing

I consider you my ELITE students so I'll tell you the background: This is one of the many (7-13 ways) I will be explaining what we're doing.  People learn differently. There are at least 4 + 4 different ways to learn. That's already 8. Each one of the DISC in the DISC test learn differently. There are also LEARNING STYLES (visual, kinestetic , etc (w/c I learned because we're home schooling) + plus some more. So if you "don't get it" - then this may not be your style.  So do wait for the other approaches.

It will appear redundant to the "D" (disc) people, that's okay. Go ahead and do what needs to be done. As a teacher, I will address EVERYONE'S need to understand. 

Enjoy learning and doing!

Carpenters, Furniture Makers and a House with Visitors: Explaining the 3 Blog Monetization Pages

This explanation is for Visual but Analytical or Creative People. They want analogies. They want to imagine other things that relate to the main topic (the 3 pages).  

The creative people also prefer cute graphics rather than my rugged face. 🙂

The women also like this, because of the cute -factor.

Let me know if this helped clarify things more.

Learn How to Mine Online Gold: Landing Pages + FB Ads

This is an  Exclusive Webinar For Online Mentoring Club Members. This is the Step by Step Version/Actual Demo.

Right Click The Button Below & Select Save Link/Target As

AUDIO File of How to Mine Online Gold

VIDEO File of How to Mine Online Gold

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