IVS 2016 Actual Course Contents

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Welcome! You're about to learn exciting new technology that will both impress your future clients AND help you command a high price online.  

One of the things you will learn is how to create a website EXACTLY like what you're seeing now- The Virtual Careers Book website.  When we're done with IVS2016, people will be BEGGING you to make THEIR websites. But this is just a bonus. Clients will be paying you MONTHLY to maintain the website that will drive high incomes for them - and eventually FOR YOU. 

This site is for all batches of IVS, normally you start in the month you entered. This is considered your BONUS month. Actual course start is the NEXT month. So if you began in July - that one is a free month. You will actually start counting in August. December is not counted at all.  Skip over it and re-start counting in Jan.

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For you to earn High in Your First Year. You Need Three Things Before You Begin...

Yes, these three requirements are the CRITICAL Components of an Online Business.
Entrepreneurs with Online Businesses are the ones that pay HIGH for you.
If you know how to use these 3 tools - minimum - they will FIGHT OVER EACH OTHER just to HIRE you.  So make sure you have all three of these tools.

Jomar & guests will be teaching you how to use these tools.
These tools are ON TOP of the 

Calendar Meeting / Webinar Details

Live Meetings : Paper Based Notebook and Pen
Working Meetings: Laptop or Notebook Computer
Webinar : You're at home with a computer + Fast Internet.

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