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Xmas Bundle 1 (Escape the 9-5 Stress, Enjoy Time Freedom and Earn The Income That You Want 4 Beginner Courses.)

Xmas Bundle 2 (Ultimate Virtual Skills That Will Help You Charge Up To $40/Hour Rate plus IVS 2015.)

Xmas Bundle 3 (Learn How You Can Earn a Sideline Online Income By Selling Other People’s Products.)

Cebu How to Start Your Virtual Career Seminar 2016 Course Contents (Learn How To Start Your Virtual Career Right Now.)

Date with Freedom (How to Start with Virtual Careers-10 Day Program)

Discover Seminar 2016 (Discover Two Ways to Earn Online)

Feel The Power Course Contents (Learn Basic Marketing Automation)

How To Start With Virtual Careers Seminar Contents (Learn the 20 step how to start process to become a Virtual Professional- 4 Day program)

Instant Virtual Skills 2015 Course Contents (Learn Growth Hacking, Copywriting, Marketing Automation)

Instant Virtual Skills 2016 Course Contents  (Learn Blog Monetization, Marketing Automation, Video Marketing, Copywriting)

Online Mentoring Club (Learn Internet Marketing, long term)

Monetize Blog101 Course Contents (Learn Basic Blog Monetization)

Second Income Course Contents (Learn Affiliate Marketing)

Success Replanning Webinar Series (Turbo Charge Your Productivity and Achieve Your Goals Faster!.)

VA 202 FB ADs (Learn About Business Gold Rush)

Virtual Careers Association Contents (Download all Webinar Videos All Year)

Virtual Careers E-Book (Earn Dollars at Home. Eliminate Daily Stress. Embrace Your Family More.)

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