Set up WordPress

Step By Step Setup Instructions

1. Get a Hatchling Plan or Baby Plan from this WordPress Hosting Provider.

2. All extra add ons are optional​.  This means if it asks you to pay for Website Security, Bla-bla add ons, you say "NO".

3. How long should you pay? 1 year ? 3 years? Depends on your budget and plans for this website. You plan on doing this for a long time and you have the budget? 3 years. Just doing it day by day? 1 year. You pay monthly or annually - your choice.

4. Once you're in, locate the WORDPRESS icon and create a blank site (videos below)


If you have a Hostmonster Account, here's a video on how to create a WordPress Blog, if you don't don't get Hostmonster anymore, click here to get my alternative host.


If you have Hostgator, here's the video on how to create a WordPress Blog