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Do you want to overcome procrastination and overwhelm?

May I ask you a question?

How many of you have encountered DEFAULT choice?

I guess most of us.

When you check your cell phones or other gadgets, you see default options –  ringtones, themes, camera settings, etc.


We choose default because we do not want to waste time trying out given alternatives.

Alternatives are there but we’re comfortable na with the currents settings.

Do you agree?

After all, it’s functioning perfectly naman.

But it’s different when it comessatotoongbuhay.

Yes your life, your decisions, your future.

Default choices are for those who cannot decide what they really want to happen in their lives.

Why will you make your current status/job/condition a default setting when you can ‘customize’ it according to what you really want?

You’re saying, “mahirap eto na ang nakasanayan ko”.

If that’s what you believe, you will cling to the things you’re accustomed to in your entire lifetime, even if it’s not beneficial anymore.

And that’s what our guests for the webinar will share to you.

Enteng and Ramil will share how they are slowly getting out of their current situations.

OFW path – a default choice?

Being an OFW for 14 years, Ramil decided that this is not the only choice for him.

Do you want to learn how you can devote time to learning new skills even if you have a day job?

Do you want to overcome procrastination and overwhelmingness?

Do you want to be committed and stay on course kahit parang walakang time kasi you work overseas?

Watch the webinar replay:

Your Ultimate Weapon To Overcome Procrastination – from two men!
With Enteng Nabablit & Ramil Baltazar

You’ll hear a story of two ordinary men who choose to do extraordinary things, and in doing so, receive greater rewards they never imagined possible.

Ramil and Enteng are men of actions because they do not want just the default settings for their lives.

Two men from two different situations will share to you their secrets and their ultimate weapon to beat procrastination.

Ramil is currently in Saudi as a refrigeration technician. He’s an OFW for 14 years!

Enteng works as a graphic designer, a part-time senior high school teacher. He lives in Cavite.


Do you always find yourself in the state of INACTION?

Are you saying Yes?

Then do not delay, watch the webinar replay.

Go to:

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Stay tuned.

Now live a marvellous life,
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