What can Virtual Assistants Do For Me?

You're curious, you want to hire one. You're ready for a P 250/hour intern trained by the Best Filipino Virtual Professional (VP) Trainer There Is,  So what can a Filipino VA/VP for you?

  1. General Virtual Assistance (P 250/hour internship)
  2. Content Writing
  3. Digital Marketing (P 250/hour internship)
  4. Social Media (P 250/hour internship)
  5. Audio & Video Editor
  6. Facebook Ads
  7. Instagram Ads
  8. Content Marketing Strategy
  9. Copywriting
  10. Autopilot Setup/Marketing Automation
  11. Email Marketing

What you can expect from the Virtual Assistant internship from Jomar Hilario

1. This will be a trained VA, trained by Jomar.

2. At P 250/hour - you can expect the VA to stay for about 3 months with you and then move on to other clients.

3. The VA has already been told that both of you are "newbies" in the field. So you will "help" each other out.

4. The skills of the VA is varied - depending on the training she's gotten from Jomar Hilario. In the list above, the higher the number, the higher the rate.

5. Accessing VA's by Jomar comes at a premium & you need to agree to this amount before we begin.‚Äč

5. To get started, tell jomar asap at [email protected] or PM jomar at fb.com/jomarhilario.