When someone becomes generous, how do you feel?

Do you feel THANKFUL?

How about GRATEFUL?

Do you regret it if someone is generous to you?

Because it’s VALENTINE’S SEASON …I’d like to give you MANY DATES.

And not just for one day.

But for 20-30 days.

You want?

Then join the Instagram Stories Marketing Online Class Batch 5.

We start on the Loveliest of dates: FEB 15.

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But that’s not all.

We have a new installment and a new low price.

Mind you – ii’s not a bundle.

This is the PURE COURSE alone.

But the course is a GEM.

20-30 days with Jomar – inside instagram.

You will gain friends and followers ALIKE.

Plus there’s a ton of surprises at the END – that NOBODY HAS EXPERIENCED BEFORE.



Yes, we have new stuff coming in the IG Course.

Stuff that has not been seen before.

This new material is not in the IG updates by Facebook.

It’s More than That.

But you have to join to find out what it is.





We’re starting in 3 days.

So you have to stop thinking about DATE (FEB 14) and start thinking

about DATES (20-30 days with IG Batch 5).



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Installment: new low price of P 1,500 x 3 months:


Full: new low price of P 4,000:



This FLASH SALE is available until Feb 15 only.

Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario



P.S. Remember this is a TIME-SENSITIVE OFFER. I can only *guarantee* you’ll get this smartphone-based course and reduced price of only P4000 (or 1500 x 3 months ) if you enroll by Feb 15.

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