Ultimate Guide: How to Look Professional Online and Command High Prices!

As mentioned in my book Virtual Careers and in all Jomar Hilario seminars, you need to be recognized as a VIRTUAL PROFESSIONAL and not just a Virtual Assistant.To make it easy for clients to respect and prefer to hire you at the high rate you want - you need a professional online presence.And in today's world that means getting a Domain name and a Paid Hosting Service.So in tagalog, what does that mean?So instead of you showing this to clients and world:Http://ihopeyoureimpressedjane.blogspot.comorHttp://ihopeyoureimpressedjane.tkorHttp://ihopeyoureimpressedjane.wordpress.comorHttp://ihopeyoureimpressedjane.tumblr.comYou show this:Http://reallyimpressivejane.comOrHttp://reallyimpressivejane.liveOrHttp://reallyimpressivejane.tvThe last 3 are shorter AND commands mo respect (and more dollars for you) as they are seen to be more professional.This virtual careers essay answers the following questions:Q: Jomar, What is the difference between Hosting and Domain name?Q: Can you just buy a domain name - alone?Q: Libre? Wala bang libreng domain name and hosting?Q: Concern ko lang is hindi ba a bit challenging na US based lang itong Hosting at hindi sya locally based?Q: Hindi ba okay ung mga webhosting na local natin?Q: Etong recommended mo na WordPress host (http://jhilario.com/jomarinter), free na yung wordpress plug-ins tama ba?Bonus Secret Step for those who read till the very end of the essay.Let's begin answering and de-mystifying Hosting for Virtual Careers:Q: Jomar, What is the diff between Hosting and Domain name?
Hosting = hard disc na rented out (yes may bayad) for you to put your files in for your website.

They never turn this harddisc/computer off - that's why you need to put your wordpress blog there.

Domain name = name of your blog

If you have a domain name na walang hosting - you have a name (for example : EDENICECREAM.com) .Someone types the name EDENICECREAM.com (w/c a name) sa internet, walang website na lalabas.Bakit? Because EDENICECREAM.com is just a name.It's like you dream of having a little baby boy and you give the kid a name - Bryan.
But does the kid exist? No! Actually he's just your dream.
And the name came from your imagination.So:If you have purchased hosting from my recommended host: http://jhilario.com/jomarinter and walang name - that's actually impossible because webhosts give you a domain name for free.So yes, after buying a host, you need to give it a name.What name? You normally use your firstnamelastname.com or your positioning (check the book Virtual Careers chapter 7: Positioning for this).Q: Can you just buy a domain name - alone?Yes! Places like http://www.namecheap.com can give you a domain name.But it won't be of much use if there's no host!So you can buy a name na walang host pero eventually you need to get some sort of hosting (hard disc) to place your files in so you can impress clients with your professional looking site!Q: Libre? Wala bang libreng domain name and hosting?Libreng domain name - yes, if you buy hosting from: http://jhilario.com/jomarinterLibreng host - no, I do not recommend libreng host because it will just make people say "This person is not professional - this person is not someone I want to hire!".Why?Libre host looks like this: jomarhilario.wordpress.comPaid hosts looks like this: jomarhilario.comW/c one looks more professional to you?The world says - the paid host.That's why you should get it from: http://jhilario.com/jomarinter

Q: Concern ko lang is hindi ba a bit challenging na US based lang itong Hosting at hindi sya locally based?

A: Challenging means? I think it's mostly Pinoy pride running here. Most hosts aren't US based. They're region based. SEA, EUROPE, AMERICAS.

Just because it's running in the Philippines doesn't mean it's fast. It's fast because of many factors. Fast computer, Faster Pipes (wires) to the Internet Central Hub. Most of the hosts computers are located in Singapore -w/c is central South East Asia. This means "fast" hosts.

Q: Hindi ba okay ung mga webhosting na local natin?

A: Most of them are resellers (also actually running off a US /international platform) so you just think they're local but they're not.

The bad thing is if it's actually a TINY Company with very minimal customer support - but you don't know that until you're a customer. That's EXACTLY what happened to me. I paid cheap, so I got cheap support (they answer slow, they don't answer etc).

Q: Plus, etong recommended mo (http://jhilario.com/jomarinter), free na yung wordpress plug-ins tama ba?

A: When it comes to plugins for WordPress (WP), it doesn't matter what host you got as long as you paid for the host. There are paid plugins and free plugins. Depends on the plugin. What doesn't work is free wordpress.com and any plugin. Free wordpress.com doesn't support plugins. In english - Plugins = More Money for you because sometimes people hire because of your knowledge of plugins.

Bottomline, if you wish to pay P 50/month for hosting, just expect P 10/month kind of support . In my case, that means "NOTHING MUCH". What does that mean? You call or email them, they reply 2-3 days after or with unhelpful information or bad attitude. I mean these companies need to earn right? How much money can they pay customer service if they ask for P50/ month?

For hosts like http://jhilario.com/jomarinter -I text chat them or email the support. They always answer. They're big enough to support Philippine time customers.
If you BUY a custom domain and use blogger.com - you've locked yourself out of using any plugins that power wordpress. That means - once you start working you'll be laughing stock of the VP /Virtual Career competition.

Nobody - nobody gets respect because they're good at eating oatmeal. That's the same kind of treatment blogspot.com get from users of wordpress plugins.

But let's say - it's okay people laugh at you. You also have NO IDEA how to use the powerful plugins that only work in WP. Because blogspot can't use it.

That means - you cannot CHARGE HIGH because the apps/tools/plugins you know are TOO SIMPLE- since they run on blogger.com

Bottomline, if you respect your time, you won't waste it "mastering blogger". I run a uber long time blog on blogger.com - jomarhilario.com - and STILL I had to use hosted wordpress because of its power.Get your webhost today at http://jhilario.com/jomarinter.BONUS SECRET STEPThank you for reading till the last sentence of this article.Here's my bonus for you - a technique to get someone else to CREATE your blog for you.Ready?Once you've purchased a host from http://jhilario.com/jomarinter, do this:1. Go find their help option or email.2. Message them, chat them or email them like this:"Hi, I'm not very techie - please create my wordpress blog for me at (domain name of your host).""Please use (username) and (password) as admin username and password"Example:"Hi, I'm not very techie - please create my wordpress blog for me at jomarhilario.com.""Please use candystop and can4dy^stop as admin username and password."3. That's it! Insist that you need help and they'll make the blog for you.4. Once done, they'll give you an address like jomarhilario.com/wp-admin w/c you'll use to load up your plugins and website contents.Live a marvellous life!Jomar Hilario
P.S. Be a Virtual Professional! Get your webhost at http://jhilario.com/jomarinter, now!
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