Thank you & Welcome Back!

Thank you for continuing to be a part of the Virtual Careers / Jomar Hilario / Online Jobs Journey!

By the way, we're doing a full day-out of town planning on Feb 18,Saturday- and I'd love it if you can get away from the Valentine's Madness and devote time for you.

This one -day planning event in a super nice place will be the perfect thing - you should be enjoying this cold February that's full of #hugots.  

Find out how HIGH ACHIEVERS plan the 12 Critical Life Categories that give you Happiness.  This one day is the perfect SOLO-DATE you can have with yourself or your spouse. 

There are very limited seats, so get in now! (A "plus 1" is only P 3000).  Indiv seats are P 9975 each only- includes transpo, 2 snacks and lunch in a spectacular venue near Manila (It's a secret!)