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Thank you for your interest in how to remove stress from work, free up more time for family and earn income at the same time – without selling, too!

Here are the three videos that explain it all. But wait, they’re 90 minutes to 2 hours long – each. If you wish for a summary, read below the video… 

Watch this video to know the Work From Home Myths that Plaque Pinoys

Find out what kind of Careers can be in line for you – when you work online!

Pinoy, are you qualified to work from home?

So let me just summarize it for you:

You remember office work (who doesn’t?) -it’s like that BUT you don’t have a boss. Instead you’re working for a client (he’s not a boss because you can fire him, in an email if you wish-and you can have more than one client) – who’s normally in another country.

What work? Any work that involves the computer. Like online research using google, typing, writing, computing (like in excel or calculator), scheduling on a calendar, analyzing stats, marketing on facebook, running contests, checking things – are just some of the jobs you can do

Here are some what Jomar students have to say

Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Eric Agbulos

The topics gave me confidence that I can really start earlier online. It’s just a matterof being aware of the tools available to me and how to use them for my advantage

April Joy Santos

I learned that I can earn millions/dollars by being a virtual careerand working at home to get freedom from corporate world

Emely Dacquel

I learned so much about apps and programs I haven’t heard before.I also learned a lot of opportunities to make money online

Benj Bolivar

Awareness of the things beyond corporate world and structured work-life.Realized that I need to have deep emotional why in order to push myself to go into this opportunity of Virtual Career

Trish Ibarientos

Jomar set our minds to be so much prepared before becoming a VA. Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Eric Agbulos

About the Author

Hi, My name is Jomar Hilario for the past years, I’ve trained different kinds of employees –and helped them land online jobs that they can work from home –part time and full time.There’s no waiting to change your mind from employee to entrepreneur, no need to read lots of books – just this one seminar – and the serious students immediately replaced their day job with a work at home “gig”.It’s quickly from unemployment or underemployment to receiving minimum $250/month (P 10,000) to $700 (P 30,000) – per client – from your own home. We’re not talking of “per project” here. It’s a constant stream of income, just like an employee – without the negative traffic, bosses and office politics.

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