Thank You For Joining The Cebu “How To Start Your Virtual Careers” Seminar!

Registration will start at exactly 8:00 am. Oct 1 Sat 2016. BayFront Hotel in Cebu.

IMPORTANT: For documentation purpose, please fill up this form: so we will know if you are attending live or not. 


1. Please be on-time. Registration will start at exactly 8:00 am.  Event proper at 8:30 am SHARP.  We will be in seminar till the evening.

2. No need to bring your netbook/laptop, just a pen and a place to write on. 

3. Lunch, Dinner and Snacks are not provided. You’ll be given ample time to get them at the nearby SM Mall. 
Some may be asking “why”? Here’s why:
This is really about focus. Jomar doesn’t want to imagine that he’s a good selector of the best food there is. He’s really not qualified to do that. So instead of asking Jomar (or his local team) to select your FOOD – we thought it best that YOU DO THE SELECTING.  Jomar can focus on giving you the best event to give you a monthly-paying Virtual Career. We believe this is a fair exchange. Agree?
4. For the first time ever, each participant will receive a PHYSICAL WORKBOOK to use in the seminar.
5. You’ll be joined by 4+ Virtual Professional Guests who will share their experiences and stories with you.
6. There will be music, dancing, fun and education and inspiration. So Stay Excited – and share this to all who are OPEN to Virtual Careers!
7. There’s a BUY 1 TAKE 3 promo, be sure to get it if you HAVEN’T!

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