JOMAR HILARIO: Virtual Careers

I used to work in Singapore and Saudi Arabia, but now I've exceeded my Singapore take-home pay working from home in Pasig.”

Nolan Lazaro, ex-OFW

Virtual Careers Book by Jomar Hilario - Virtual Assistant Philippines6.17 PM
  • Earn Dollars At Home: learn how to take advantage of online opportunities with the right mindset and attitude (even in pajamas!)
  • Eliminate Daily Stress: avoid daily traffic, be your own boss, choose your clients and have more choices in life
  • Embrace Your Family More: have more time for your loved ones (as much as you want!)

It's your turn to have a marvelous life!

In this book, you will discover:

10 stories of ordinary Filipinos who work from their homes

​Hear their inspiring stories - how they started and how they were able to succeed

17 wonderful freedom scenes you're going to experience soon

Wake up at the time you want and work at your own pace

4 major online scams and how you can avoid them

​Learn how to outsmart the scammers who are trying to dupe you today

Secret 7-letter formula that unlocks the steps to your virtual career

Here's simple, easy-to-remember guide to get up and start your virtual career journey

12 unique solutions to fix most online job problems

Learn the quick fixes and stay productive

6 word phrase that instantly justify your high rate to clients

Learn how to increase your perceived value and worth

Plus, find out behind the scenes of...

How Bro. Bo's online presence began

How love for modern Christian music made of this possible

How OFWs are coming home and earning more than their take-home pay abroad