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Ultimate Guide: How To Look Professional Online and Command High Prices!

As mentioned in my book Virtual Careers and in all Jomar Hilario seminars, you need to be recognized as a VIRTUAL PROFESSIONAL and not just a Virtual Assistant.

To make it easy for clients to respect and prefer to hire you at the high rate you want – you need a professional online presence.
And in today’s world that means getting a Domain name and a Paid Hosting Service.

So in tagalog, what does that mean?

So instead of you showing this to clients and world:





You show this:




The last 3 are shorter AND commands mo respect (and more dollars for you) as they are seen to be more professional.

This virtual careers essay answers the following questions:

Q: Jomar, What is the difference between Hosting and Domain name?

Q: Can you just buy a domain name – alone?

Q: Libre? Wala bang libreng domain name and hosting?

Q: Concern ko lang is hindi ba a bit challenging na US based lang itong Hosting at hindi sya locally based?

Q: Hindi ba okay ung mga webhosting na local natin?

Q: Etong recommended mo na WordPress host (, free na yung wordpress plug-ins tama ba?

Bonus Secret Step for those who read till the very end of the essay.
Let’s begin answering and de-mystifying Hosting for Virtual Careers:

Q: Jomar, What is the diff between Hosting and Domain name?

Hosting = hard disc na rented out (yes may bayad) for you to put your files in for your website.

They never turn this harddisc/computer off – that’s why you need to put your wordpress blog there.

Domain name = name of your blog

If you have a domain name na walang hosting – you have a name (for example : .

Someone types the name (w/c a name) sa internet, walang website na lalabas.

Bakit? Because is just a name.

It’s like you dream of having a little baby boy and you give the kid a name – Bryan.
But does the kid exist? No! Actually he’s just your dream.
And the name came from your imagination.


If you have purchased hosting from my recommended host: and walang name – that’s actually impossible because webhosts give you a domain name for free.

So yes, after buying a host, you need to give it a name.

What name? You normally use your or your positioning (check the book Virtual Careers chapter 7: Positioning for this).

Q: Can you just buy a domain name – alone?

Yes! Places like can give you a domain name.
But it won’t be of much use if there’s no host!

So you can buy a name na walang host pero eventually you need to get some sort of hosting (hard disc) to place your files in so you can impress clients with your professional looking site!

Q: Libre? Wala bang libreng domain name and hosting?

Libreng domain name – yes, if you buy hosting from:

Libreng host – no, I do not recommend libreng host because it will just make people say “This person is not professional – this person is not someone I want to hire!”.


Libre host looks like this:
Paid hosts looks like this:

W/c one looks more professional to you?
The world says – the paid host.
That’s why you should get it from:

Q: Concern ko lang is hindi ba a bit challenging na US based langitong Hosting at hindi sya locally based?  

A: Challenging means? I think it’s mostly Pinoy pride running here.  Most hosts aren’t US based. They’re region based. SEA, EUROPE, AMERICAS.

Just because it’s running in the Philippines doesn’t mean it’s fast. It’s fast because of many factors. Fast computer, Faster Pipes (wires) to the Internet Central Hub. Most of the hosts computers are located in Singapore -w/c is central South East Asia. This means “fast” hosts.


Q: Hindi ba okay ung mga webhosting na local natin?  

A: Most of them are resellers (also actually running off a US /international platform) so you just think they’re local but they’re not.

The bad thing is if it’s actually a TINY Company with very minimal customer support – but you don’t know that until you’re a customer. That’s EXACTLY what happened to me. I paid cheap, so I got cheap support (they answer slow, they don’t answer etc).

Q: Plus, etong recommended mo (, free na yung wordpress plug-ins tama ba? 

A: When it comes to plugins for WordPress (WP), it doesn’t matter what host you got as long as you paid for the host. There are paid plugins and free plugins. Depends on the plugin. What doesn’t work is free and any plugin. Free doesn’t support plugins.  In english – Plugins = More Money for you because sometimes people hire because of your knowledge of plugins.

Bottomline, if you wish to pay P 50/month for hosting, just expect P 10/month kind of support . In my case, that means “NOTHING MUCH”. What does that mean? You call or email them, they reply 2-3 days after or with unhelpful information or bad attitude. I mean these companies need to earn right? How much money can they pay customer service if they ask for P50/ month?

For hosts like -I text chat them or email the support. They always answer. They’re big enough to support Philippine time customers.

If you BUY a custom domain and use – you’ve locked yourself out of using any plugins that power wordpress. That means – once you start working you’ll be laughing stock of the VP /Virtual Career competition.

Nobody – nobody gets respect because they’re good at eating oatmeal. That’s the same kind of treatment get from users of wordpress plugins.

But let’s say – it’s okay people laugh at you. You also have NO IDEA how to use the powerful plugins that only work in WP. Because blogspot can’t use it.

That means – you cannot CHARGE HIGH because the apps/tools/plugins you know are TOO SIMPLE- since they run on

Bottomline, if you respect your time, you won’t waste it “mastering blogger”. I run a uber long time blog on – – and STILL I had to use hosted wordpress because of its power.

Get your webhost today at


Thank you for reading till the last sentence of this article.

Here’s my bonus for you – a technique to get someone else to CREATE your blog for you.


Once you’ve purchased a host from, do this:
1. Go find their help option or email.
2. Message them, chat them or email them like this:

“Hi, I’m not very techie – please create my wordpress blog for me at (domain name of your host).”
“Please use (username) and (password) as admin  username and password”

“Hi, I’m not very techie – please create my wordpress blog for me at”
“Please use candystop and can4dy^stop as admin username and password.”

3. That’s it! Insist that you need help and they’ll make the blog for you.
4. Once done, they’ll give you an address like w/c you’ll use to load up your plugins and website contents.

Live a marvellous life!

Jomar Hilario


Author of Virtual Careers, the Book


Pioneer Filipino Trainer of Virtual Professionals

#1 Virtual Professional Podcaster in the Philippines

#1 Longest Running Virtual Careers Webinar in the Philippines

Bo Sanchez’ Internet Marketing Guru

P.S. Be a Virtual Professional! Get your webhost at, now!

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Discover How You Can Get a Home-based Career While Working Full Time

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to have a new career in 5 months time without leaving your current job. You’ll find out how you can augment your income, be able to invest and tithe regularly with this new home-based career.

Mentioned in this webinar:

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Stuck In Doing Your Portfolio Blog? You Should Not Because…


When I learned about the assignment after getting the downloadable Date With Freedom Seminar last year, I felt nervous.

Nervous, because I don’t know how to blog.


I was afraid that my friends might find out about it and criticize it.

I felt relieved when the purpose of the assignment sank into my mind.

First: The assignment is a portfolio blog –  it would be about 10 tutorials about apps or tools used in online businesses.

Second: I don’t have to show it to my friends because that’s not for them. The portfolio blog is for my prospect clients so that they would know that I really understand how to use the tools. It’s a proof lalo na kung newbie ka lang sa virtual world.

I felt relieved even more, when I learned that Jomar’s Team will check my assignment.

Fast forward, at last, I finished the 10 tutorials and submitted it to Jomar.

Jomar’s team checked my work after.

This feedback on my blog really helped me to improve and be confident in my work.



Congratulations for completing the VP assignment!  ***Clap clap clap***

Take time to celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back for going this far with your VP Assignment!

I went over your VP assignment. After checking your work, here’s some feedback on how to improve on it in order to increase the probability of getting more clients.


  • Nice homepage with latest blog post features, But set your homepage to your ABOUT ME.

  • Nice positioning with detailed power.

  • Very clear widgets of menu, that’s great!

Opportunities For Improvement
  • Set also cover photo with right size of pixels. You can use Canva.
  • Try to use photo with no water mark, you can search PIXABAY as sources of free nice photos
  • You may also consider Jomar’s thrive theme  for more client conversion.

  • Consider having an email catcher to show to your future clients that you know the importance of getting emails for a business. This is a great plus.


  • In addition to your benefits for clients, give them more BENEFITS by starting with “SO THAT YOU CAN…..”

  • It might be good idea to post also your DISC results, so that you can showcase your personality test results and niche to your future clients.

Opportunities For Improvement

  • Take the DISC test and Re-read the Virtual careers book (10x) don’t worry we all do.


  • Two thumbs up for 10 tutorials + 100 slides each! You are superhuman now.

  • Great job, for clean and very clear tutorials.

Opportunities For Improvement
  • Proofread all your posts and slides to correct minor grammatical & typo errors.

Base Camp 3

  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Some of the screenshot are blurred.

  • Maximize your screenshot per slide, it would make better and uniform as well.

  • Keep 10 words at a maximum per slide.

  • Above all very good.

Google Analytics

  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Great job by using large font.

  • Keep 10 words at a maximum per slide

  • Try to maximize your screenshot for more visible command.
  • Slide 62 please check the caption. Please use simple words that can be easily understood.

  • Slide 67 you can adjust a bit your spacing and fonts, it should be 1 row for the URL because it’s quite confusing.

  • Slide 75 – put some command like encircle the email and if you want you can also blur the first name of the email for confidentiality.

Ustream Producer

  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Slide 2 can you change the image? We can’t find any connection to it.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Slide 20 please use simple words. “Click” or “Check”.

  • Keep 10 words at a maximum per slide


  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Keep 10 words at a maximum per slide.


  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Keep 10 words at a maximum per slide.


  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Keep 10 word at a maximum per slide.


  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Keep 10 word at a maximum per slide.

Google Docs

  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Please double check slide 21, cursors are quite colliding try to adjust the two cursor.

  • Keep 10 word at a maximum per slide.

Google Calendar

  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Keep 10 word at a maximum per slide.


  • Very informative caption and introduction.

  • Please maximize the size of your screenshot per slide.

  • Some slides are smaller, make it bigger.

  • Slide 15 please check the image , try to merge to the background.

There you have it!  These are some ideas that you can think about to enhance your blog.

Just a few more and you’re good to go!  I’m excited for you and how this will work out for you!

Always keep this in mind:  You don’t need to be GREAT to start… but you need to start in order to be GREAT!!




This is what I felt when I met Jomar and joined his Date With Freedom students.

When you are trained under Jomar Hilario’s Seminar (live or download), Jomar commits to check your work -page by page, slide by slide to see if it’s TOP QUALITY and WORLD CLASS.

This detailed, per slide checking of your assignment, is just one of the things you get when you train under Jomar Hilario’s programs.

Go ahead, experience the COMMITMENT to help you get a Virtual Career too.

Pick any one of these two BASIC training programs from Jomar and have Jomar’s team CHECK YOUR WORK:

1. Date with Freedom: (9 days of training)

2. How To Start Your Virtual Career: (4 days of training).

3. Or join the upcoming How To Start Seminar on August 6. Stay tuned for further details. To get updates, join our online tambayan

Do this for you and your family.


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This can happen when your neighbor works from home…


I said goodbye to the 5AM Club two years ago since I started to work from home full time. As a member of the 5AM Club, I’d get up, take a bath, take on the uniform color of the day, pack my breakfast and lunch, then brace myself for an hour of travel to Manila. I eat my breakfast in the office because the first priority of the day was to beat the traffic.

I cannot forget the very first morning of my virtual career. It was Monday. The alarm clock’s off, yet I woke up at 5AM. Then I said to myself, “Relax, self. You’re working from home starting today.” I felt my heart leaped as I breathed deeply and slept again.
Today, I wake up at 6AM, change into my running gear and do run (and walk) rounds in our village for 30 minutes a day. The first priority of the day was to see the sun and say, “Good morning, Lord. Shall we walk?”

As I do my run and walk rounds, I see my neighbors going out of our village. They are on their uniform color of the day with packed breakfast and lunch tucked in their bags. I only exchange smiles with them as they leave. Their first priority of the day was to beat the traffic.

Some were brave enough to ask me, “Tanghali na ah. Hindi ka ba papasok?” (Aren’t you reporting for work? It’s past 6AM.) To which I will always reply, “Mamaya pa po.” (Later.)

I am single. So technically, I have a lot more time than married virtual professionals that I know. Since I became a virtual professional, I saw myself deluged with a lot of time to do many things. I have experienced events that I only dreamed before becoming a virtual professional. I saw with my own eyes how I spent one Monday afternoon with my family in a mall, going to Tagaytay with friends on a weekday, and even watching a movie on an opening day.

Before, I used to think that my time was only for me. Until recently.

One morning a few months ago, one of our neighbors brought out their youngest child, around six months old, outside the house. The neighbor, the child’s father, said that his wife is busy preparing the other kids to school. He added that he‘d keep watch over the baby (a boy) for a few minutes before he prepares to go to work, too.

Before I could even think of what to say, I saw myself saying, “Could you put him in a stroller? I’d take the baby for a walk.”

The father placed the baby in the stroller while thanking me. A few minutes later, the baby and I were doing walk rounds in the village. You can imagine the neighbors taking a longer look at me! Before, they were just curious on why am I still not on my way to work. Now, I am pushing a stroller – with a baby!

Some were brave enough to ask me, “Kaninong anak ‘yan?” (Whose baby is it?) To which I replied, “Anak po ni [neighbor’s name]. Inilalakad ko lang po.” (The child of [neighbor’s name]. I am just strolling him for a few minutes.)

That morning, I did not only see myself counting steps. I also saw myself checking out on another human being if he is uncomfortable or if he properly seated in his stroller throne. Previously, I did not care how many rounds I will do my runs. That day, I took slow walks because I was concerned of the tiny being I am pushing in a stroller.

Before, it was just God, the sun, and me. That day, it was God, the sun, and the baby. I forgot about myself.

A few more rounds, our neighbors said, “O, tulog na pala!” (The baby is asleep!). I brought the baby back to their house. His father thanked me again, saying that his wife would be able to do more things because the baby is sleeping.

Wow, I did not know I could make a baby sleep. I jokingly told myself, “Can I sell that skill online? Hhmm, ‘Baby Dream Catcher’ would be a good branding.”

Then, I realized something: the tiny human being taught me a lesson: a lesson on time.

Indeed, time was one of the best things that virtual career has given me. However, I did not realize that the time that I could give to other people would mean a lot to them. That realization was something that I did not think of before. Maybe because I am single and the only thing I need to maintain is myself.

Upon realizing this, I remembered all my parent friends – virtual professionals and traditional 8-to-5 employees alike. I remembered my parents. It must be hard juggling work and raising children. Now I know why I have so much respect for them, especially the work-from-home mothers that I know.

On the other hand, I remembered what Jomar Hilario said previously. When you are a single virtual professional, you have something in your plate that is an absolute edge: time. A single person’s future spouse need not to ask for time from you, because you have a lot of it. In addition, because you have a lot of time, you have the opportunity to explore the world and know yourself more.

A few days later, I saw my mother carrying the same baby. My mother said, “Wala ang tatay n’ya. Ang nanay n’ya maliligo daw muna bago gumawa ng gawaing bahay. So kinuha ko muna s’ya.” (His dad went to work. His mom will take a bath before doing the chores. So I took him for the meantime.)

My computer was already open during that time. I have listed many to-do things and I am raving to finish all of them that day. Then, I saw the baby’s eyes looking at me. It was as if those tiny eyes were telling me, “Hello. Got time?”

I took the child from my mother, carried him and said, “Hello, kiddo. Let’s turn off the computer, shall we?”

Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo is a social media engineer, writer whiz, content marketing strategist, podcaster and training & development specialist exceptionally rolled into one. She’s also the half of The Joy and Ann Show, an audio podcast for the Filipino Virtual Professional. When she’s experiencing a writer’s block, she laces up and goes for a run. Visit her website at

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Learn How to Lessen the Impact of Upwork’s New Pricing to Your Virtual Career

In this webinar, Ann Peñaredondo and Yuan Natividad discuss how to handle the effect of Upwork’s new pricing and they also answer the following questions:Find out what is better than planning.

  • How do you handle the fear and anxiety brought by the new pricing?
  • How can you find other online gigs aside from Upwork?
  • How can you leverage from this from change?
  • What’s the point of view of someone who hires virtual professionals in Upwork?

Mentioned in this webinar:

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Take A Peek At Someone’s Success Journey with Jomar Hilario


In this webinar, Jomar Hilario showed works of various Virtual Professional learners who are also in the journey with you.. Take a peek into their success journey…

  • Find out what is better than planning.
  • See their unfinished blogs, blog posts, websites and pages.
  • Find out who they are and what they do – full time.
  • You’ll see how different and the same they are to you.
  • In other words, you’ll see someone’s success journey.

Mentioned in this webinar:

If you’d like to comment on this webinar, you can leave a review or question in our public Facebook group.