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How to Start Your Virtual Career

So last night’s FB LIVE guest was a graduate of my basic “beginners course” called VA2013. Alas. That’s no longer available.

Instead, a NEW online course has replaced it!
Re-introducing the Virtual Careers Video Workshop.
More than 3 days of training — on video.
Plus a downloadable PDF workshop manual for you to fill up.

Best of all it’s at 50% OFF na.

This is for all you FIRST TIMERS struggling to understand –ano daw?

Assignment? Portfolio? DISC? Ano yun?
Most of the experts here talk like that.
And you DO need to know para you earn MORE or just like them. Tama?

This Video Workshop does NOT teach skills.
Instead it ENABLES you to learn any skill. If you want.
The Video Workshop teaches you something WAAAY more important.

MINDSET. The Best way of thinking.

Do you want extra income?
Do you want PART TIME income?
Well you won’t get that from here.
Here, we want YOU to earn a LOT of extra income and a LOT of PART TIME
income, instead!

NO SMALL THINKERS HERE! But wait we all started like you, yes?
Including ME – Jomar.
So best find out how to transform your mind from LITTLE THINKING to

How? Get the Virtual Careers Video Workshop at 50% OFF Today.

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P.S. Go to to enjoy the 100% RISK FREE 50% OFF the Video Workshop so you can start na your freelancing career!

P.S. If the classic VA2013 helped Malou to get a mindset shift, this newer and more updated Virtual Careers Video Workshop at 50% OFF will have the same effect.  You cannot get this from just anywhere – YOU are the Prize!

You can watch my interview with Malou here .