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Selecting a niche if you want to sell online…


If you missed the Ideas.Prosper Episode 2, here’s the summary:

5 secrets to selling online (product/service/information):

1. Go to large markets and sell there. ex. eBay, Amazon

2. Apply all copywriting rules (I talked about this for almost 30 minutes)

3. Learn directly from mentors who’ve done it many many times.


You need to attend seminars and workshops and get into mentoring programs – online and live.


The 4 courses for beginners who want to start a virtual career
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Let’s continue…

4. Calendar your goal, your intention to sell online, your action steps to reach the goal. Activate the alarm and take action.

5. Select a niche (small market to sell)


If you still have time, watch this 4-minute video on How to think about niches and markets when you are starting in Digital Marketing.

Click here.


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The niche selection video urges you to take action.

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