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Schedule, starting salary & other questions about virtual career

how is the schedule as a Virtual Professional? Since most of the clients are from the US, does it mean VPs also need to work in US time?


In the book Virtual Careers (get it at there’s a sampling of different schedules.

It’s all over the clock.

Personally, I discourage working on anybody else’s timezone but your own preference.

You’re not a slave.

Say “I’m doing this VA thing to take control of my time, not to adjust to someone’s timezone.

If I wanted to do that, I would have gone to BPOs.”

Or simply be quiet and select jobs that have no time in and out.

But delivery dates. There are lots of those.

Q: I found out that Im also a C dominant from the DICS test.
How much would be the starting salary for professions in this category?
I don’t mind starting from the basic salary sir, I just want to know if there is a continuous growth in this career.


If you’re an EXCEL expert, check it out in Upwork and

If you’re a DATA SCIENTIST, you can command anything.

If you’re neither all of that, then go get “C” skills.

There are “C” skills in

I’ll be labeling them as SUCH on the poster.

Q: I want to know more about What is really a Virtual Career is all about.


There a lot of information you can google about Virtual Assistants or what we call here Virtual Careers.

If you want to learn about it by seeing the interviews of real Filipino people (OFW, moms, private employees, etc) how they created a virtual career, you can find them here:


The most recent interview I had with a Virtual professional was last night.

Here’s its recording:

In that interview, Ivy Tongson revealed how did she become an Upwork Top Rate VA.

She’s working 10 hrs a week.

Yes, virtual careers can be done part-time.

The schedule can be flexible.

Now live a marvelous life,


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