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This is a resource area. Meaning it will contain books, websites, tools you'll need to begin your Virtual Career. I do assume, you've read the book Virtual Careers, right? If not, that's your first job.

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Tablets/Computers/Phones To Use in Virtual Careers?

Q: Can I use my phone or tablet to become a work from home Virtual Assistant?

A: No. You'll need a computer. What kind of computer? Please watch below. Approx 1 hour how to find out what kind of computer you need to get. 

I learned so much about apps and programs I haven't heard before.I also learned a lot of opportunities to make money online

Benj Bolivar

The best thing about Virtual Assistant seminar is Sir Jomar doesn't make it highfalutin or complicated, he makes it simple for me to understand. He inspires me to dream BIG!!!

Haydee Cruz

The topics gave me confidence that I can really start earlier online. It's just a matterof being aware of the tools available to me and how to use them for my advantage

April Joy Santos

Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Eric Agbulos

I learned that I can earn millions/dollars by being a virtual careerand working at home to get freedom from corporate world

Emely Dacquel

Jomar set our minds to be so much prepared before becoming a VA. Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Eric Agbulos

I love all topics. Each of them are really informative & well-discussed.All my negative thoughts about VA are gone & convinced me to pursue this careerwith all my might.

Noel Lacasa

Awareness of the things beyond corporate world and structured work-life.Realized that I need to have deep emotional why in order to push myself to go into this opportunity of Virtual Career

Trish Ibarientos

I enjoyed Virtual Assistant seminar because Jomar is funny and realistic. Makes difficult topics easy to understand

Marivien Tiglao

When I first found out about the Virtual Assistant seminar, I thought it is boring. But the best thing about it is, it's very interesting. 9 hours is not enough

May Gaylan

After 1 year of being a student in OMC 2, I am now a published author in Amazon...and my blog has already reached 59K pageviews!

Randy Tudy OMC Student of Jomar Hilario

Q: But Jomar what do you recommend for PC or laptop or computer for Virtual Careers, I don't have time to watch the video you shared above!

A: Good! Then just buy these laptops:

Low end - 

Apple Mac Mini AllinOne PC(Silver)
 - P 22,000 (you supply keyboard and screen and cables). You looking for mac mini specs? They do not matter much if you're running a mac. This is not a windows computer. Specs do not matter much.

mac mini virtual careers
mac mini virtual careers

Acer S13 - P 47,000

High end - 

Macbook Pro P 97,000, at this price, do not buy Windows any more.

Suddenly, she realizes, she DOES have time to watch the video! Lol!

Q: How about a Virtual Assistant telling me how to select a computer for Virtual Assistance/Virtual Careers? 

Watch below as Anna Termulo leads you how to select a computer!

Printers To Use in Virtual Careers?

Use this Wireless printer if you don't print a lot of stuff but still enjoy cheaper ink that doesn't need constant refilling/purchasing.


​If you print a lot of stuff, use this High Capacity Wireless Printer 

Blogging or Blog Portfolio Resources

Q: Jomar, What is the diff between Hosting and Domain name?

Hosting = hard disc na rented out (yes may bayad) for you to put your files in for your website.They never turn this harddisc/computer off – that’s why you need to put your wordpress blog there. Domain name = name of your blogExplained:If you have a domain name na walang hosting – you have a name (for example : . 

Someone types the name (w/c a name) sa internet, walang website na lalabas. 

Bakit? Because is just a name.

It’s like you dream of having a little baby boy and you give the kid a name – Bryan.

But does the kid exist? No! Actually he’s just your dream.

And the name came from your imagination. 


If you have purchased hosting from my recommended host: and walang name – that’s actually impossible because webhosts give you a domain name for free. 

So yes, after buying a host, you need to give it a name.

What name? You normally use your or your positioning (check the book Virtual Careers chapter 7: Positioning for this).

Q: Can you just buy a domain name – alone?

Yes! Places like can give you a domain name. 
But it won’t be of much use if there’s no host! 
So you can buy a name na walang host pero eventually you need to get some sort of hosting (hard disc) to place your files in so you can impress clients with your professional looking site.

Q: Libre? Wala bang libreng domain name and hosting?

Libreng domain name – yes, if you buy hosting from: 
Libreng host – no, I do not recommend libreng host because it will just make people say “This person is not professional – this person is not someone I want to hire!”.
Libre host looks like this:
Paid hosts looks like this:
W/c one looks more professional to you?
The world says – the paid host.
That’s why you should get it from: 

Q: Concern ko lang is hindi ba a bit challenging na US based lang itong Hosting at hindi sya locally based?

A: Challenging means? I think it’s mostly Pinoy pride running here.  Most hosts aren’t US based. They’re region based. SEA, EUROPE, AMERICAS.

Just because it’s running in the Philippines doesn’t mean it’s fast. It’s fast because of many factors. Fast computer, Faster Pipes (wires) to the Internet Central Hub. Most of the hosts computers are located in Singapore -w/c is central South East Asia. This means “fast” hosts.


Q: Hindi ba okay ung mga webhosting na local natin?  

A: Most of them are resellers (also actually running off a US /international platform) so you just think they’re local but they’re not.

The bad thing is if it’s actually a TINY Company with very minimal customer support – but you don’t know that until you’re a customer. That’s EXACTLY what happened to me. I paid cheap, so I got cheap support (they answer slow, they don’t answer etc).

Q: Plus, etong recommended mo (, free na yung wordpress plug-ins tama ba? 

A: When it comes to plugins for WordPress (WP), it doesn’t matter what host you got as long as you paid for the host. There are paid plugins and free plugins. Depends on the plugin. What doesn’t work is free and any plugin. Free doesn’t support plugins.  In english – Plugins = More Money for you because sometimes people hire because of your knowledge of plugins.

Bottomline, if you wish to pay P 50/month for hosting, just expect P 10/month kind of support . In my case, that means “NOTHING MUCH”. What does that mean? You call or email them, they reply 2-3 days after or with unhelpful information or bad attitude. I mean these companies need to earn right? How much money can they pay customer service if they ask for P50/ month?

For hosts like -I text chat them or email the support. They always answer. They’re big enough to support Philippine time customers.

If you BUY a custom domain and use – you’ve locked yourself out of using any plugins that power wordpress. That means – once you start working you’ll be laughing stock of the VP /Virtual Career competition.

Nobody – nobody gets respect because they’re good at eating oatmeal. That’s the same kind of treatment blogspot.comget from users of wordpress plugins.

But let’s say – it’s okay people laugh at you. You also have NO IDEA how to use the powerful plugins that only work in WP. Because blogspot can’t use it.

That means – you cannot CHARGE HIGH because the apps/tools/plugins you know are TOO SIMPLE- since they run on

Bottomline, if you respect your time, you won’t waste it “mastering blogger”. I run a uber long time blog on – and STILL I had to use hosted wordpress because of its power. 

Get your webhost today at


Email Marketing Resources

Q: The best beginner - friendly hosting for WordPress is?

Q: What do you recommend as Autoresponder or Marketing Automation?