Q: why decrease the price of IG Marketing?

Q1: Curious lang ako why decrease the price of IG Marketing?

A: It’s a FLASH SALE! And only valid for 3 days! 🙂 🙂

It’s called “being generous” – especially those na walang DATE!!!!! (!!!) and allowing other people to join- in – at the last minute.

There are MORE lessons of course, always more! 🙂

Old students get in at an EVEN discounted rate, of course, (ask [email protected])



Q2: Instagram Marketing Course, how does it work with the 20-30 days training?


A: The 20 – 30 days starts on Feb 15, inside Instagram.

You will create a new (or use an old) Instagram account in instagram.com

Then you’ll follow a special account I made for batch5.


Every day, you’ll view the “Story” I create for that day.

Stories, actually.


I post randomly throughout the day.


You have 24 hours / daily =to see all and anything I post.


What I post are questions, instructions, step by step, videos and photos.


You reply using Instagram.


You post using Instagram.


You install new apps on your smartphone (no computers, just smartphones are required).


I teach you how to use the apps using Instagram Stories (w/c are like mini-videos with photos).


20 Working days but there are also weekends – on weekends -we take a break-ish.


Ish because there’s ONE THING to do on SAT/SUN.


You’ll know inside the course.


After teaching nearly 500 people how to do this, this process simply works!


Your goal:

You learn Instagram stories as a tool to market Ig businesses inside IG.


You experience and understand first hand why it’s so effective for retaining and getting new clients.


Your ig account followers will grow – proof that you can do this for other clients.


You will also get to know potential clients in the course, and get to know your classmates, too.


That’s how it works!

Join the fun!




Or Full


It’s now only P 4,000 per seat!


Enjoy your Valentine’s treat, 3 days only.

This offer is good until Feb 15 only.

Q3: What’s the difference po of this full payment P4,000 IG course with the full payment P6,219 Xmas Bundle #2 IG course I paid for last Dec?

A: Xmas Bundle 2 includes all of the following:

Grow Instagram Followers (Batch5) (P4000 today until Feb 15 only) is not a bundle.

This is the PURE COURSE alone.

But the course is a GEM.

This a 20-30 days course with Jomar – inside Instagram.

What’s inside? Read my answer to Q2.

Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. Remember this is a TIME-SENSITIVE OFFER. I can only *guarantee* you’ll get this course and reduced price of only P4000 (or 1500 x 3 months ) if you enroll by Feb 15.


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