Watch the  Virtual Assistant Story:  How You Can Start An Online Copywriting Career Interview With Dex Arceo

Here's What Jomar's Students Are Saying...

Noel Lacasa

I love all topics. Each of them are really informative & well-discussed. All my negative thoughts about VA are gone & convinced me to pursue this career with all my might.

France Espinosa

Finding my whys and understanding their deeply. These whys will fuel my desire to move ahead in my virtual career

Rochelle Robles

Jomar, the fact that he shared practical steps to taking up a virtual career, we can easily apply them right away!

Charlene Santillan

This helps me gear towards Virtual Career path's know how and prepasses me to love and be committed to those career

Frances Avisado

I love the specific details on how to start in Virtual Careers and the motivational exercises to give me a push.

Kristine Say Uy

Jomar let me visualize what my dreams are and he presented options on how I can earn more money and yet be my loved ones

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