I was talking to 2 peeps, na- wawalan ng motivation. Ikaw –what did you DO to get it?

Let me share my thoughts…

I just look at the kids. Or the fact that sometimes di ko napapansin may sugat na pala sila. Or may kati-kati na malaki na pala…or kinakain na nila ang sipon nila …and realize — i need to PAY ATTENTION to them. I would call that motivation, reason why…big why, emotional why… Etc.


I could also look at my old desk. (8 years old) and see the mess that it’s in. And all the fixes I’ve done with it para maging “good place to work in” and realize – I need to Fix it by replacing it –and that’s not a simple thing – so I need to WORK on that. I would call it REASON why again.


Maybe the person who’s lacking motivation is trapped, too.


Trapped. For example. Nag hook na sya ng Basketball. Di na maiwasan talaga. Pag may game. Have to watch. Di matiis. So no motivation to study Virtual Careers. Pwede rin trapped by Iflix or TV serye. Pwede rin trapped kasi ang sarap na ng employment buhay. Sanay na. Db? No need to change. Complaining really helps remove the burden daw eh. So they are trapped with friends who drink and complain with them. Pare-pareho naman sila (specially sa BARKO) so why change?


I think the best answer could be PRAYER, yes?


You pray if you lack motivation. I don’t mean OUR FATHER. I mean -that 500x like sa rosary. On your knees . w/o sleeping…in quiapo or sa loob ng MAINIT at maingay na ENGINE ROOM ng CARGO HAULER sa gitna ng Indian Ocean. That would help.


Sabi nga ng mentors –get the assistance of the SUPERNATURAL by talking to them. Praying constantly. Asking for help from them CONSTANTLY. You have living mentors here. You have books here. But the super natural, we forget most of the time.


At home when the mood is bad and prayer is scheduled (TAKE NOTE, scheduled po) – we still sing and pray . Even for a very short 30 seconds. BASTA consistent lang.


I think regular prayer or meditation (if you’re not a be-beiber, hehe) can help you TAP that POWER that God left in the earth when Jesus said “I WILL GIVE YOU A HELPER!” Pentecost!


Tap into THAT helper and MIRACLES and OPPORTUNITIES will come and come and things will FALL INTO PLACE.


Why? because you walking around JERICHO for 7x in 7 days (meaning: praying consistently w/o any hope in sight) will GIVE YOU RESULTS (Your enemies LOSE beyond reason, you should have lost but THEY LOST).

Read Bible: 1 Sam- 2 Samuel for more details.

Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario


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