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  • How to develop the skills you need to be successful in your Virtual Career

  • STARTING: Overcoming Fear of Beginning/ Set up Emergency Backup Plan/Overcoming Fear of Getting Clients

  • EXPECTATIONS: Stages of Being a VA, Newbie to Level Up

  • GETTING THE JOB: Interviewing a Client, Resume and Blog

  • How to Properly Write and Follow Incredible Goals, Strategies, and Tactics to Succeed in Your Virtual Career

  • How to transition from a full-time job to your new Virtual Career – Veia Lim


  • How to effectively manage your time and structure your daily activities in your Virtual Career – Marivic Gutierrez

  • The Missing ‘Gap’ to Getting Rich With Your Virtual Career Skills – Nina Lauren Mendoza

  • The Shocking Truth to Why You Struggle to Market Yourself and Succeed in Your Virtual Career – Ann Penaredondo

  • Mustn’t Dos for Va’s (Sins of Vas)

  • Must Dos for Va’s (VA Holiness Practices)

  • MARKETING & CAREERS : Branding, Marketing Your Business /  Target Client vs Ideal Client / Business Plan for VAs/Selecting A Career

  • CAREERS : List of Careers and Their Apps For Your Blog

  • MONEY : Billing, Handling Late Payments and Getting Paid, Financial Zen, VA Contract

  • LEGAL & ACCOUNTING: Registering your Virtual Career / Legal /Accounting


  • Time and Tasks Tracking

  • “Mastering The Whirlwind”

  • Working Smarter

  • Focus

  • How to Handle Mistakes

  • Fear of Mistakes

  • Overcoming SuperVA Overload

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