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Just start listing down your plans…

Hi. Happy New Year!

mHe doesn’t?


Go write down your goals.




Yes, I misspelled that on purpose, mr Obvious.

After spending a measly 5 minutes on your future, go ahead and

register for the webinar TOMORROW and the day after tomorrow.

Click here:

Then go ahead and tell your friends to plan their year too.

I mean 5 minute haphazard planning.

Not perfect.

Never perfect.

It’s obvious that the first 5 minutes must be disorderly. Duh, right?

So go do it.

And tell loved ones that you actually care about this:

Uy may written plan ka na ba for 2018, tara lets make a 5min haphazard plan.

Hap- what?

Yung 5 min list of goals and dreams na walang censorship.

Version 1 lang na plans.

And tell them that you’re going to attend tomorrow’s 9pm webinar to strength-train your plan.

And that they should attend too.

And if you still don’t have plans, here are some joggers to help you come up plans:

1. Relationships

2. Health

3. Money


Bukas, dagdagan natin, spend more time on it for version 2.

Be sure na makaattend ka (fr’ee to):

Tapos sa Friday, 9pm, refine pa natin.




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Tomorrow, Thursday, Jan 4, 2018 (part 1) &
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See you tomorrow night!


Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario


P.S. Ayan may script ka na. Do it now. Obvious eh. Duh. Then see you

TOMORROW. Hello. May recording ba ito? Hmm. Ewan. Kaya mag sumikap

kang magatttend sapagka’t bagong taon— luma na ang excuse na “may

work ako eh” 9 PM yan – hello. Night Shift ka? Happy New year.


P.S. Register here for the free “How To Get A Well-Designed Success” webinars (na walang bayad)”:


P.S. You have to ask yourself, how many friends you truly love will you force to attend or accompany to attend tomorrow’s webinar? Ano, ikukuwento mo na lang? Won’t work: you don’t have my credibility.


To invite them, It’s just like church, just tell them to “come and see” (John 1: 36 and 49) and I’ll do the talking. Easy! Show them your plans, and say “come and see”. They will say, I don’t have plans eh. Write it down now. 5 minutes lang! (Grabe naman ang excuse if you can’t devote 5 minutes to write your first laugh off plan, right?).

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