Here's the 2017 Updated list of High - C

sa "DISC" Job + Career +Tools Curated by Jomar Hilario 2017

Note: These careers are in-demand this 2017.

Helps you get a high-paying gig. If you're high "C". Don't know what a high "C" is?

Googling it will show you what it is.

Joining a course helps you BELIEVE it works.

Tama, graduates?

High "C" means you love to count. You love to compute. It's natural to you. God created you to be like that. Doesn't matter if you're a cook or security guard or call center. You LOVE TO MAKE SURE THINGS are in the RIGHT PLACE. OC ka. Ok-okka. It's a good thing because you can work sa internet using the careers below.

There, I saved you the trouble of googling.

Sinagot ko na!  

So you love to count?

Wanna earn sa work sa internet?

Keep reading.

Pick a career, then pick a tool

1. Career: Data Mining.

Data is a lot of stuff. People can't understand it.Your job is to find what is easy to understand like "40% of our fans are single parents with 1 kid". Tool: Google Refine (make sure you use the word DATA MINING CAREER in your resume/blog/portfolio). After that you graduate to RapidMiner or Teradata. But learn it first using Google Refine.

2. Career: A/B Testing or SPLIT Testing

A/B testing answers the question : Will putting a photo of a girl wearing a RED T SHIRT in FB AD attract more sales or not?

Or will putting a 30 day money back be better than a 20 day moneyback?

Using statistics in the software below, you can know the answer.Tools: Visual Website Optimizer,Facebook Ad Split Testing,Crazy Egg, Hotjar, Optimizely, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel,

3. Career :Accounting/Bookkeeping.

Tools:Complex Stat Functions in Excel,Pivot Tables in Excel.Various Accounting Apps like Freshbooks.com, Zoho.com, Quickbooks.com

4. Career: Social Media Analytics.Tools:

Sprout Social , Google Analytics with EffinAmazing.com, Instagram Analytics like SocialRank.com, SimplyMeasured.com, Zapier Analytics Hacks

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