Instant Virtual Skills 2016 – More Skills To Make Money For You

Let Jomar and His Students Teach You New Skills and Show You Their Amazing Journey & Beyond

Jomar Shares A New Skill That He Doesn't Publicly Teach

Learn Copywriting in a Fun Way from  Neri Marcos - IVS Student

Learn Marketing Automation from Mannix De Duque - IVS Student

Learn How To Take Charge Of Your Destiny - Part 1

Joy & Ann Teaches You Audio Editing & FB Conversion Tracking Plus: How They Plan!

Learn How To Take Charge Of Your Destiny - Part 2

Get 5 Tips: How You Can Podcast To Show Authority As A Virtual Professional

Instant Virtual Skills

For the 2nd half of 2016, you'll learn
Facebook Marketing,  Entrepreneurial Mindset and Strategic Thinking Applied in Both Marketing and Life.

This is on top of learning Blog Monetization - making money from a blog. 
Every training is coupled with  Automation Tools, Personal Development Lessons and other valuable stuff that will boost your confidence in applying online and bringing your company to greater heights.

Hear It Straight from Some of the Successful Students of the Instant Virtual Skills Program:

Join Us in Instant Virtual Skills and for Six Months, Transform from a Non-techie to a Dollar-Earning Virtual Professional.

Save These Dates in Your Calendar
These Lessons That Will Help You Charge That $25/Hour Rate

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Jul 23

MONTH 6: Live Seminar 1pm-5pm, Sat

  • Planning Your Business and Life: Mindset and Strategy
  • Introducing: New Source of Income for VPs
  • Facebook Ad to Evergreen Earnings
  • Facebook Ad Creative & Automated Testing Part 2

And watch out for: Success Replanning - 4 Day Webinar Series on July 12-15, 2016.

Jul 26

MONTH 6: Workshop Webinar 8 PM-10 PM

Aug 20

 Live Seminar 1pm-5pm, Sat

  • Big Role of VPs in The Rise of the Messenger Wars
  • Strategy: Becoming A Storytelling Business To Retain Customers Forever
  • Email List Building Rules To Save Money & Earn More
  • Copywriting For Retargetting
  • Retargetting To Market To People Who Never Give You Their Email Address
Aug 23

Workshop Webinar 8 PM-10 PM

Sept 17

 Live Seminar 1pm-5pm, Sat

  • Growing Your Clients w/o Landing Pages *BRAND NEW TECH!
  • Creating Stopgaps / Lead Magnets to Draw New Clients Into Your Fold
  • Promoting Yourself in LinkedIn as a Virtual Professional or B2B
  • Video Marketing: Learning Marketing From Crowd Sourcing Sites
  • Strategy Time

And watch out for: Sept 3. 1 Day Live Planning (7K @)Date With Freedom Virtual Careers Summit, Cebu

Sept 27

Workshop Webinar 8 PM-10 PM

Oct 20


Oct 8

 Live Seminar 1pm-5pm, Sat

  • Strategy :Social Media Content Planning
  • Designing for Facebook Canvass
  • Creating Your First 3 Mobile Apps
  • Outsmarting Your Kids & Securing Your Family

And watch out for: Oct 20. Whole Day Out of Town with Jomar (Free)

Oct 18

Workshop Webinar 8 PM-10 PM

Nov 12

 Live Seminar 1pm-5pm, Sat

  • Little Known SEO Growth Hacks
  • Strategy: Designing Upsells/Downsells to Increase Sales Radically
  • Using Membership Sites To 10X Your Income

And watch out for: Nov 5. Date With Freedom Virtual Careers Summit, Manila

Nov 22

Workshop Webinar 8 PM-10 PM


We normally take a break in December.

Jan 14

 Live Seminar 1pm-5pm, Sat

  • Earning from Your Mobile Apps!
    IVS 2017 will focus more on mobile.

And watch out for: Success Replanning 7 Live Out of Town Day Planning (25K @)

Jan 24

Workshop Webinar 8 PM-10 PM

See What Current and Past Students of Jomar's Programs Have to Say..

I became a consultant, trainer and speaker of that company and earned extra income for my family.  ​Through Jomar's mentoring, I created, developed, and improved my own blogs... I built and maintained a company's online community that consists of 2,000++ members.

Mannix de Duque

I was able to get the information about internet marketing that I need. Jomar answered my questions very well.

Michelle Banayo

Jomar's events are opportunities for exchanging ideas with the owners of other businesses.

Bob Keirvin Serrano

I learned a lot from Jomar, than in four years in college!

Cynthia Brimbuela

Finally, I'm now on my 1st step of gaining more knowledge to become a Virtual Assistant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Clarissa 'Tata' Robles 
Works on A Cruise Ship

Jomar helped me identify the needs and wants of my clients and find my "niche".

Shela Bermas

I would like to thank Sir Jomar, your friends and your staff for giving us another way of earning and, for helping us improve.

Marijo D

No more info overload 'cause I know really what to do and what not to do with online business.

Michael Dumlao

What Can You Expect from The Instant Virtual Skills Program?

All workshop webinars are from 8pm-11pm - in your computer. No need to travel again. There will be a demo of the concepts you’ve learned and you can follow along too. 

Let's Begin the Training Right Now.
Watch The Checklist Video Below *48 Min

I visited Jomar Hilario’s 2-day seminar for Virtual Professionals. These people choose to work at home and earn in dollars. Amazing. My Realization: keep exploring, keep learning, keep humble.

Bo Sanchez

What Else Will You Learn From Instant Virtual Skills?

✓ Shoot up your confidence in a few hours even if you’re not a techie. 
✓ Instantly Learn Online Business Skills a few hours each day.
✓ See exactly how experts do Marketing Automation and copy them – in your own home.
Learn at your own pace. Repeat the videos anytime.
✓ Understand complex concepts quickly!
Impress yourself AND your future clients!
✓ You’ll never run out of ideas for your blog to attract paying clients!

Jomar teaches us and gives information that are difficult to learn, and in most cases, are not taught in schools.

Arlene Maala

Sir Jomar, you are indeed a blessing to more people you helped. Thanks a lot for being so good and for being our mentor.

April Joy Vicente Torio
Systems IT Specialist

Super dami kong natutunan. Enjoyed the most? Learned about new APPS that are personality-specific.

Tedi Soriano

Thank you Jomar for helping SAHMS (Stay At Home Moms) like me, see more opportunities and giving us the courage to pursue our dreams.

Rhea Mae Apacible
Stay At Home Mom

Get These Bonuses From Instant Virtual Skills If You Act Fast!






Bonus For-Enterepreneur-Only Lessons: Just like these topics we tackled in 2015:

✓ How to Hire Top Employees
✓ Team Visioning Exercises
✓ Instilling the Team Sales Mindset
✓ Learn at your own pace

These topics are INVALUABLE for your Client and for you if you’re going to run a team for your online wealth creation.

Jomar is sharing his research and everything he finds out about expanding the reach of out business.

Janica Masilang
Real Estate Entrepreneur

It opens my mind to see a new opportunity to earn higher and have quality time for my family.

Randylon A. Claudio

It was Jomar who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of internet marketing and how to use it to grow your business. At least 60% of my business leads are coming from the internet.

Bravy Uy

It opened my eyes on the many things I can do to earn online.

Charmaine Camus

All These Benefits Could Easily Be Worth P 100,000 -P 150,000. This is the amount I pay for Foreign Mentors. But You Don't Have To Pay That Amount.

Each Meeting is well worth P 15,757, and there are 7 live meetings valued total at P 110,299. Each Workshop Webinar is well worth P 13,775, and there are 7 webinar in all, valued total at P 96,425. If these foreign mentors saw these prices, they will  faint because they are TOO LOW for the value you get. 

Nobody in the Country is teaching this Now. These technologies are in demand and NOT EVEN PHILIPPINE UNIVERSITIES TEACH THIS.

This is the only place where you can learn this -
in TAGLISH and BE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE who's already succeeded in doing these SKILLS.

Join LIVE with a 4 Hour Monthly Seminar + 3 Hour Webinar

Join Monthly

P 9,975 / month

Best Choice

Join 6 Months

P 29,975 instead of 
P 59,850

P 29,975

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P 17,975 instead of
P 29,925

P 17,975

Are you and your friends attending this course?  Or are joining as a couple? Grab the Pair DISCOUNTED Rate and join LIVE with a 4 Hour Monthly Seminar + 3 Hour Webinar

Join Monthly

Pay only P 8,895 each instead of P 9,975

P 17,790 / pair

Best Choice

Join 6 Months

Pay only P 26,975 each instead of 
P 29,975
(Pay only for 5 months plus
Get a P 3,000 discount from the total price )

P 53,950 / pair

Join 3 Months

Pay only P 8,460 each instead of P 9,975

P 50,760/ pair

Can't Attend LIVE?  Just Download Everything Below.

Get an Instant Virtual Skills ONLINE account today.

Join Monthly-Online

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P 9,955 / month

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(Pay only for 5 months)

P 29,955

Join 3 Months-Online

With Seminar Recording
With Live Webinar

P 17,955

YES! Bank Payments For 3 Months and 6 Months Possible!

NOTE: Bank payment is only accepted for those who will sign in for 6 or 3 months. For Payments through the bank for 6 or 3 months, please deposit your payment to:

BDO Savings Account

Account Number: 00 – 8070002528
Account Name: Jose Mario R Hilario

BPI Savings Account

Account Number: 3216-3898-62
Account Name: Jose Mario R Hilario

NOTE: If you pay via bank, you need to click here:

Here’s What They Are Saying About Jomar’s Events

Grabe! Power! Inspiring to have a BIG CHANGE as a choice.

Alfie Abiabi

I enjoyed seeing people trying to support each other during Jomar’s events

Kath Calagui

The whole thing is informative and really help us to be ready emotionally, intellectually for the job.

Rachelle Ann E. Bodino

The best thing about this seminar is it opens a great opportunity to be with my family most of the time and have work at the same time.

Eric Valenzuela

It opened my eyes that there is an opportunity to earn more here in our country.

Jess H. Zapanta

A few years before, I never imagined that I will be working from home. But after attending the VA Seminar of Jomar, my perspective changed.

Conz Zabala
General VA

The mentor desires the success of the attendees by presenting ways & tools to be successful.

Arvin L. Guinto
General VA

The best thing about Jomar’s seminar, it does not just deal with the technical side. His seminars can help you come out of your shell as a person.

Edward Gosioco

It's very encouraging... the seminar inspires you to get out of your COMFORT ZONE and take the "PLUNGE".

Luchi Martinez

I meet people who inspired me to finish my  assignments. I was inspired that now I know that to be a Virtual Professional is the path I want to follow.

Marie Fay Pulido

Jomar shares generously his wisdom and expertise. Enjoyed the most? He is full of wisdom, lively and full of information.

Nolan Ray Lazaro

Before, I was a call center agent, then got promoted as English coach. Life was good then but my life as a work at home employee is even better.

Charley Mendoza
Freelance Writer

Without a mentor, I did everything wrong. After attending Jomar's seminar, I learned the things that I should and shouldn't do which I plan to apply this year.

Noemi Mora
Freelance Writer

This is a wonderful opportunity for Filipinos to upgrade, have breakthrough and financial freedom.

Rowena R. De Chavez

Wow! Finally, a chance to learn a career path where I will be able to spend time with my family & other things I am passionate about.

Stephanie Lu

Isa akong OFW na nangangarap makauwi na. 

​One time my client asked me this question: How much will it take you to go home for good and become our full time VA?

Thanks for being my mentor, Jomar!​

April Joy Torio
OFW in Singapore, Part-time VA

Jomar's events are very good eye openers to value one's self, your true worth as a person and the need to continue to work hard on yourself and not on your job. BECOME VALUABLE.

Joan Nuas

I gain a lot of friends, learnings, good mindset , and I learned that humility is the key to success. That we have a choice and surround ourselves with positive people.

Edwina Ambion

I learned to embrace the change and you have choice. Be flexible.

Cyzel Marie Joy Calatrava

After 2 months of training provided by the client, I was hired for a long-term gig!

Arvin Peralta
Reporting and Analytics Specialist and Social Media Manager

Honestly, without Jomar - who implanted the thought of working from home - I will never have a goal of achieving it. 

Cecille A.
Web Designer and Illustrator

When I found a VA gig and submitted my resignation letter to my boss, that's one of the exciting days of my life. 

Joy B. Collado
General Virtual Assistant

I was able to submit my output ahead of schedule that the client was impressed and gave me additional pay for it.

Jaysarie Che-Gudran
Social Media Campaign Reporter / Admin VA

I never thought, me a grandmother could understand and learn these techie topics. You've made the difficult easy. 

Marivien T.

It teach us personal development, marketing... I enjoyed this most as I feel I'm one step towards living life spent with my family and work on my passion.

Mary Rose Ocampo

From Jomar, I could learn a lot about mindset and HEARTSET

Macky Masilang

Marvellous 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your Instant Virtual Skills, no worries, for you are covered with the Marvelous 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Just in case you did not see any value or you did not learn a thing (which I doubt naman) or you’re not absolutely convinced this was the single best investment you’ve ever made, let me know.I’ll immediately refund your payment.No questions asked, no hassles, no “special instructions”, nothing. You don’t even have to send anything back.

So basically, you either love it and think it’s amazing or you can just keep everything free. I’ve always operated this way – for 7 years running. I’m happy to do it because I’m 100% confident you’re going to love this.

You will become a raving-fan customer for life.