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What to expect in Instagram Stories Marketing  Course

You'll do a Workshop! Not theory! You have to be there to EXPERIENCE the FUN

Instagram TakeOvers

Best Practices for Safe, Effective & FUN Instagram TakeOvers

Stories vs Posts

When should you use Instagram Stories vs Posts?

Instagram Hashtag

Know Why you're wasting your time using Instagram Hashtag apps

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our past students think of our course?

Isa akong OFW na nangangarap makauwi na. One time my client asked me this question: How much will it take you to go home for good and become our full time VA? Thanks for being my mentor, Jomar!

April Joy Torio

A year of trying to get a job on Odesk. Nothing. Downloaded the VA Seminar. Two months self-studying. Tried Odesk again. Got a job. Thank you Sir Jomar. You are awesome.

Rhea Mae Apacible

Wish I can HUG Jomar's VAs for helping boost my self confidence!

Rhona Veranga-Gleane

Wow! Finally, a chance to learn a career path where I will be able to spend time with my family and other things I'm passionate about.

Stephanie Lu

I enjoyed how Jomar delivers his lines - very funny and witty, seems like learning is fun and it is.

Marianne L. De Duque

This is a wonderful opportunity for Filipinos to upgrade, have breakthrough and financial freedom.

Rowena R. De Chavez

Very encouraging...aspires and inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and take a "plunge".

Luchi Martinez

Plenty of information presented. Jomar has high energy level

Maria Leslie Papa

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