In A Hurry To Become A Virtual Assistant

Q: I have doubts if I could still be hired.  My background is in payroll preparation way back in previous employment.  And more on Admin work.

Another concern is how much do I need to invest?


A:  Employment vs Virtual Careers:

A common idea is “What I did in employment is considered when applying for work online.”


Another common idea is “Virtual Clients will probably check my age, gender, school grades, special awards, experience level.”


A general concept also is “How I see myself is how others see me.”


All 3 concepts are not really true.

And I’m just being nice.

Let me show you a scenario:


1. Virtual Client wants 3 excel files merged into one document.



2. Client wants you to google the CEO and Chief Accountant of 100 companies in England based on this list from Techcrunch 1000.



3. Client wants you to transcribe 4 hours of seminar audio into words, into MS Word.


In each case, your employment background, gender, age, special awards and previous experience all do not matter.


What matters really is….. CAN YOU DO IT in the deadline they give?


And if the deadline is impossible (in your mind), can you type “A more realistic deadline is 2 weeks from now.” instead of doing the normal thing (say nothing and never talk to the client).


Virtual Career skills do matter.  But in this age of Udemy, Coursera and Youtube, you can find out how to do any of the following:

1. How to merge excel files.

2. How to google

3. How to transcribe, what tools to transcribe audio.

Just by googling them!


So what matters really?


Not confidence.


Are you willing to type this in google: “How to Google like a PRO”

You tell me.


Some people are sooo low in self esteem that they throw their hands up and say “I give up, I’ll never be able to learn how to google!”

That’s not a skill or age problem.



How does one fix attitude?

Copying JESUS is one.


You think Jesus would say ” “I give up, I’ll never be able to learn how to google!”?


I mean even people with NO HANDS can google this ” “How to Google like a PRO”” –only because they are willing.


If quadriplegics can google, why can’t other people?




Because of your age, I suggest you hurry.

And because your age, MAYBE you know the value of SHORTCUTS and LEARNING from other people’s mistakes.

So I suggest people in a hurry to:

a) Read my book Virtual Careers 10x, taking notes as you go.

b) Get the 4 Courses in 1 Bundle in Virtual Careers Academy – while there’s still a massive save.

That should be enough to earn high.

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Now live amarvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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