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How To Speed Up & Secure Your Desktop Browsing Experience

Remember Opera Touch? The mobile web browser?

Did you try it on your smartphones?

Now, this next lesson is for desktop naman.

It is available for you to learn and apply if you want to secure your privacy sa internet.

This also contains how you can speed up your internet use.

Here’s it.

Speed up and Secure your Desktop Browsing Experience using Opera Turbo (Now owned by Chinese operating under UE privacy regulations, daw.

And partially secure the connection so PLDT (internet provider) doesn’t know what websites my computer accesses (partially).

(I’ve tested it! Along with Cloudflare so parang VPN


– it’s speedy and you don’t detect any slow down even if all connections are bounced from Opera Turbo’s servers and compressed.)

When you’re using Opera, make sure you enable Opera Turbo to speed up and secure connections.

The image below shows how you can enable it.

Of course, you need to combine this with a lot of OBFUSCATED information online, like my 5000+ friends and 6,288 followers. I mean that’s a lot of smokescreens.


Plus of course, surfing for things you’re not interested in at all.


Of course turn off location detection; erasing your complete browser history etc. Etc. Not telling your real birthday online, ever. Hehe.


It helps too to use different passwords for all services (lastpass) and keeping OFFLINE copies of important stuff as well as ONLINE copies of OFFLINE stuff.


Grabe naman po..first world problems daw ito. So First World natayo?


Sa bahaynaman, the other devices need to use Opera Touch as well. Para same story. Though it’s a combination of CloudFlare DNS and Opera Turbo to make this all work.


Wanna know why?


Because PRIVACY’s dead today. Why bother, tama?


Because I prefer FAST and SECURE anyday. Even if it’s just FAST, ok n sa akin.


Sa’yo ba?

Yes? Try it.


Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. You can read more about the Opera browser here:…

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