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How To Become A Superhero Virtual Assistant

As you know, I recently put on a skill training with Alison Prator of Hotjar.

She showed how to use Hotjar heatmaps and its other features.

She gave tips on how you can impress the client with the use of Hotjar.

I wanted you to watch it if you have not already done so.

What’s in it for you?

Learning about Hotjar makes you understand your website visitors. This is important to your client.

Rhona Veranga-Gleane said, “Wow this is amazing it’s like solving mysteries”.

If your client does not know about it yet and he/she has a website, you can suggest using Hotjar.

The client will think it’s like magic!

And you’ll become a SuperHero VA by helping clients understand buyers more!

So, watch the video below:

Become A SuperHero Virtual Assistant By Helping Clients Understand Buyers More

I hope you enjoy it and learn some new tactics you can begin to become a SuperHero VA!