Here’s what SHELL CHUA said about the book Virtual Careers…

“Do You need this book? Or not??”

Baka magulat ka, kasi you might not need this book anymore.

I’ve been a virtual professional for 5 years now kaya nagdalawang isip ako if I should buy this. I just did my 2017 acctg and I am consistently getting $2,000 – 3,000/Month. I’m ok with my income but working 10-12 hours a day caused burn out.

So I bought this book because I heard that Sir Jomar’s students charge higher rates/hour. Therefore getting the income they want working less hours. I wanted to know how they were able to do it.

I found out how (and why they are able to charge high) in this book.

So from a point of view of a VP with 5 years experience, here’s my honest review of the book:


There are lots of details about the
benefits of a virtual career. I skimmed through this part. It’s not relevant to me. But for those starting out, I think this is a great way to find out if the benefits are actually things you would like. For example, the benefit of being at home all the time. Benefit ba tlga yun sayo? Hindi ka ba mabobore? The stories here are true-to-life stories ha, kaya makikita mo tlga anong life ng VP.


Next, maraming practical tips on how to make your VP life easier. Gaya ng workstation ergonomics. These tips like wireless keyboard, etc. are very helpful! Actually when I was reading through this chapter, I realized I’ve already done almost everything he recommended! But I learned the hard way, years of experience. Kung nabasa ko lang ito before I started eh di sana I didn’t have to suffer months of painful wrists & neck before realizing I needed to adjust my workstation.

Now onto the meaty part. The most important part of the book is the step by step Preparation on how to get a virtual career. Very practical. Ito tlga na experience ko sa world of online work. Things like “the format given in most exclusive schools will not work” True! Not one of my clients asked which school I graduated from or any of the usual things HR personnel look at in your resume. The one-sheet resume format in this book is the best format I’ve seen.

It’s all laid out here – step by step – what you need to do before you even apply. I understand now why Sir Jomar’s students have high success rates and can charge higher rates.

This book also gives VP career path guidance. Discussed are VP specializations that are high-value and suitable to your personality.

Now this is the part na pinagsisisihan ko. I should have read this when I was starting out because it contained the types of VP work with high pay. Tapos based pa sa DISC test results mo.

If I knew then what I know now, I could have started off in the right place/specialization. Mas maganda sana naging takbo ng past 5 years ko, db?

Im guessing around 75% of the contents of the book you can learn on your own. But it’ll take years, working as a VP. Kung gusto mo mag trial and error sa career path mo, pwede nman. However this is the book to get if you like shortcuts from someone who has already gone through the path you want to take.


1. Newbie – Newbie meaning you have zero online client experience. YES, buy this. You need it. I repeat: You need this.
2. 1 to 5 years experience – NO, it’s not necessary. But if you want to charge higher rates.. get it.
3. 10 years experience – NO. Move on to getting a course, not this book.







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What will you win?


Three people will win:

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