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It’s me, Nikki, a member of Jomar’s Virtual Team.

Before you begin accessing your lessons, please take a few minutes to read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you happen to encounter an issue when viewing or downloading the lessons, this could help you solve it. You can also go back to this page by clicking the Help option in the Menu bar.

1. “I’m getting a prompt that says ‘File corrupted’. What to do now?”

File corrupted means you didn’t get the complete file downloaded. These files are HUGE. You need to patiently wait for them to completely download. One audio file itself could be at least 200 MB. If you have a slow internet connection, go to an internet cafe with a faster connection.

2. “But Nikki, I did. It was correctly downloaded!”

Important to understand that computers are not perfect. So is an internet connection. It’s best to simply repeat the download. Insisting that it’s correct — when the computer is saying “file corrupted” is like telling a tennis ball, “you’re black” when you can see it’s yellow. Won’t work.

3.  Stop using Real Player or Windows Media Player. Download VLC Media Player and you’re good to go. Uninstall Real Player.

4. “How long does it usually take for a huge file — a video file, for example — to download? What should I do if it takes 4 hours or longer?”

With at least 1.5Mbps of internet speed, usually a single video file can take 20-30 minutes up to 1 hour maximum to download depending of course on your internet speed. However, if 1 hour has passed and you still haven’t downloaded one file, you have two options:

– Cancel the download process. Restart your internet and re-download the file.
– Go to the nearest internet cafe and bring an external hard drive/USB drive with you. Download it there.

5. “The PDF presentations don’t appear on my end. What to do?”

For these to run in your computer, you need the latest Flash Player installed. Get it here.

6. “Can I download all these in my tablet/phone? My phone has a huge memory capacity.”

Sure — that is if your mobile device can open files and apps that need Flash Player. Otherwise, you can’t.

7. “I don’t have my own laptop/computer yet. Can I use my mobile device to study and work on the assignments?”

Having your own laptop/computer is one of your major investments in your virtual career. The other one is a fast and reliable internet connection. If it’s okay for you to study and work on a device that has very limited features and not to mention a super small screen, sure.

But I highly advice that you invest on your own laptop/computer the soonest time possible.


8. “I cannot find the download links. Where can I find them?”

The download links are below the embedded videos in every page. Right-click on each link, select ‘Save As’ or ‘Save Link As’ to download each file.

9. “For how long can I access the files inside the membership site? Does it expire?”

No, it doesn’t. You have lifetime access to these lessons.  Or if we need to shut down the site, we will definitely send you all the downloadable links that you are entitled to.

Did not find what you’re looking for?

Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Nikki Hidalgo –

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