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How to get paid while being interviewed by a client & command higher VP price too!

When you get an invite for an interview…

Tell them this:


Hi! Wonderful to be given the chance to serve you!


Lets hop on a Discovery call!


Here’s my link so you can pick a date and time for it.


Or just reply to this email with your preferred date and time.

2 Options for you : (Your date and time options).

–End of email/PM


The first conversation with a potential client is called an interview.

Another mindset you can use is that it’s a “Discovery Call”.

What’s that?

It’s STEP1 in doing online/offline sales.

It’s usually done by professional salespersons.

After all, a Discovery Call sounds serious right?

And it sounds like you know something that the potential client doesn’t.

Like she’s going to discover something right?


Leave it up to the Sales Reps to call it “Discovery Call”.

So what’s in the Discovery call?

It’s you asking 1 – 6 (it depends on the length of the call) questions and listening.

WOW! You thought it was an interview, yes?

Yes, it is an interview, you’re interviewing the client from the beginning. (Americans call this time: “Right off the bat” “From the Get Go”, “At the Starting Line”, gets IELTS?)

Remember, this makes you into a Virtual Professional in the eyes of the potential client.


If you’re not ready you can make the client do a normal interview



But if you’re ok to start earning 6 figures online – then pay attention to this:


There are 2 approaches to Discover Calls.

#1 . 6 Questions: Here:

This may be 1 hour long. Maybe shorter if the client has strange to no answers.

You’re looking for well-defined answers.

No: “Uh, I’m not sure. You tell me. That’s why I hired you!”
Yes:”To make $10,000 a month selling X to photographers.”

#2 25 Questions, as here:

This may be your PAID discovery call.



After #1 above, and you both like each other and the experience, but you’re not sure yet how to move forward – you can say:

“Hey, I can see you enjoyed this, so did I!

Puts a lot of clarity in your business yes?


How about we do this longer?


Would that be of interest to you?

Before we get committed to a monthly relationship – we can hop on a series of calls – to go deeper into your requirements – increasing your clarity and mine as to how I can help you.


(Wait for response)

(Yes, don’t follow up)

(Wait for 1-2 weeks)

No response?

Hey! Just following this up. (COPY OF the previous email)

(Wait 1 week)

No response?

Ok, I’m going to put a pin on this one as it seems you’re not 100% committed to this. It’s fine.

Reply back to me once you’re ready. I’ll ask you again in 6 months (Calendar follow-up in 6 months).



Great! Let’s get on 3 calls, each approx 1 hour.

This clarity causing Discovery Series (new name, yes!) is only $250 for my time and invaluable to you.

Let me know if it’s a yes or you’re hiring me now at $30/hour (Yes, that’s a discount from my usual $85/hour)

—-end of script

Take your pick, but the idea is to make the client TALK and TALK and you LISTEN and LISTEN so you can figure if you will give the client the PRIVILEGE to HIRE YOU or NOT.

Note: Yes, Hubspot is a sales software that yes, sales professionals use.

No, they didn’t sponsor this post.

Calendly also did not sponsor this post.

So there you have it!

A new way to approach your first meeting with a potential client!

More on this in our Episode #2 of Ideas.Prosper:

If you missed it, you can still watch it:

NOTE: Does it work?

Sales professionals have been doing this for ages. Of course, it works.

You’re being given a frame of a listening expert instead of a subservient servant.

This has been done before. We’re just applying it to VPs.

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Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar Hilario

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