Life’s Too Short Not To Earn P 100,000/month Part Time

Watch the video below to see how you get more respect and value by impressing business owners with marketing automation

Are you a non-techie READY to learn something NEW that can help you FEEL THE POWER of the internet’s potential to help you earn?

Are you a business owner looking to tap HIDDEN PROFIT SOURCES in your existing business? Note: this only works if your clients are online.

Are you a Virtual Professional or Virtual Assistant looking for a more profitable POSITIONING and SKILL that not many people know about - so you can command a high price with little competition?

If you’re saying YES - Keep reading about the PALAWAN SECRET.

I taught the members of the Truly Rich Club at the Coron, Palawan Super Conference about some SECRET & VALUABLE marketing hacks that I’ve been implementing.

To be in that audience, you had to invest a minimum of P75,000 per person.

Judging from the feedback of the crowd - from mentors to members - I think they appreciated that what they learned can be done ASAP in their businesses.

It wasn’t complicated but in spite of it’s simplicity, they knew the positive impact it would have to their profits and time.Yes, I taught them time-saving techniques and profit making techniques.

Note: This is the 3rd Rising Talent Award given to a Jomar Hilario trained person that I know of. Let me translate what $25/hour means: P 1,125 /hour. Work for 14 days full time and that more than P 100,000 --PART TIME sa bahay.

Now after that Superconference, I decided to teach the step by step in a 3 hour webinar for the Instant Virtual Skills members as well as for the VLE and Marketing Success Formula members.

I recorded that valuable 3 hour “How To” webinar.

Wouldn’t you like to have access to it? So you too can learn what they all learned?

Say “yes” now and we’ll see.

I didn’t think twice and made the SlideShow (PDF) version of the 3 hour workshop. Combined, both PDF and VIDEO Webinar will teach you:

a. How you can cleanup client data to prepare it for income-generating software. In the fast rising trend of data science, this is called data scrubbing and cleanup. If you listened to Jojy Azurin's webinar, he cited this as a BIG TREND today in online jobs.

b. How you can automate an important psychological trigger to tap a hidden marketing asset that’s present in every company.Giving them profits where none exist before! This is very powerful in influencing a client to HIRE YOU.

c. How you can maximize influence psychology to get people to buy from you, every year and still be happy about it.

d. In addition, you’ll also know how to “feel the power” of being online even if you’re just a beginner or not a techie.

Now I'm calling this PDF and VIDEO combo the FEEL THE POWER course. Yes, it's a marketing automation course for beginners - but hey -that's EXACTLY what you're going to feel once you get this starter course.

Now I'm calling this PDF and VIDEO combo the FEEL THE POWER course. Yes, it's a marketing automation course for beginners - but hey -that's EXACTLY what you're going to feel once you get this starter course.

Bank Payments Are Also Accepted.

virtual careers book bank deposit

Money Back Guarantee

I’ve always operated this way – for 7 years running. I’m happy to do it because I’m 100% confident you’re going to love this.

So in Summary, what will you get?

  1. The 3 hour “Step by step” FEEL THE POWER video on how to do you first marketing automation skill that people will pay you high - to do for them - for any business that sells to people.
  2. The Brand New FEEL THE POWER PDF explaining the concepts of the 3 hour video above - handmade by Jomar Hilario. Full of fun and great tips. Okay, just a little fun. But great tips for you to really feel the power of knowledge. After all, knowledge is not power unless it’s applied and this PDF is application at it’s finest hour.
  3. Free FEEL THE POWER webinar replay for Q and A and even more -online demos (VALUE P 2000)
  4. All lessons above are recorded - you'll have a copy of the vidoes and all materials. (VALUE P 4000)
  5. These are all downloadable resources. You can still get it even if you're outside the Philippines.

Interested in Earning 100k/month at Home?
Here's A Sneak Peak of Feel the Power Course

I custom designed a marketing campaign that fits all businesses. It’s based no the fact that even for B2B businesses, water refilling businesses, tiange’s in Binondo to ebook sellers in Amazon – they all sell to people. And people have something massive in common that we can take advantage of. What is it? Guess!

Everybody has a birthday.

All human customers have birthdays. Even people who have not purchased anything from a business have birthdays. Now most marketing systems (autoresponders, marketing automation software CRMs that are affordable) have ignored this valuable fact.

To fix that, I’ve created a birthday campaign using affordable tools anybody can use to apply to any business. The only requirement is that you know the email addresses of your customers. So yes, even if a business sells JEWELRY 1 on 1 will benefit from it. A business that sells in the palengke, probably not. But if you have suppliers who are humans with birthdays – even you can benefit from this birthday program.

Why this works?

Let’s say it’s March 1, 2016. It’s your birthday today.

You receive an email saying …“Happy Birthday – here’s my gift to you: Free 1 month access to select Audio files from the best talks of Kerygma Conference 2011-2013.

Download them all or just listen to them now. It’s yours for the whole month- your birth month!”

– Ruby, Kcon Organizer.

P.S. By the way, here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY discount link to join the Kcon 2015 at MOA this: _____. It’s only for you and valid only for 30days. Enjoy and see you there!

Why is this valuable?

Because if you’re the one running Kerygma Conference, you need to know that exposure to the great talks of old KCONs will make a person long to attend the next KCON. Also you can see that at the end there’s a discount link to the KCON. Once the person LOVES the videos – you know that she’s going to buy from that link. Why? There’s a deadline, there’s a reason to buy (exclusive discount for her).

Ikaw bahala sa NOW.

All I’m doing is making it FASTER for you to get to your BEST EVER NOW. Ikaw na bahala to accept or not.These amazing people are already in their best now…