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What exactly is virtual career?

A lot of you asked:
What is a virtual assistant? 
I want to learn more about the VA industry.
I want to understand how this works.
I want to get some ideas on how Virtual Assistant works.
To learn more about how virtual careers work.

What exactly is a virtual career?

There’s a long answer to these questions you can find in the Virtual Careers book. 
But in this post, I’ll try to answer “What exactly is a virtual career?” by answering the following questions.



“Are people with Virtual Careers employees?”

An employee works on a computer in the office. Commutes 1-2 hours a day. Dresses up. Pays for everything during the day and gets paid for results. Right?
I mean if the employee just sleeps on the job – he’s not supposed to get paid yes? 
A Virtual Professional (VP), this is a person with a virtual career (or commonly known as VA or virtual assistant) is like an employee who uses the computer at home. 
He doesn’t commute and doesn’t need to dress up. 
He gets paid for results of work on the computer. 
If he sleeps on the job, and has not results, he doesn’t get paid. 
No politics, no traffic, little stress. Plus the ability to pick your friends and pick the social events you want to go to. Wanna join a mountain climbing group? Nobody is going to stop you. Wanna go to that big sale in another city? Go!
All the perks of work w/o the commute and promotion politics.
How does an employee get paid? ATM right?
Virtual Professionals get paid SAME WAY — BANK.
Bottomline: You’re not an employee.
A Virtual Professional is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.
You can be Director for Marketing for a Singapore-based company but you’re still called a “VA/VP”.  It doesn’t matter what the titles are, as long as you’re earning sa internet -sa bahay!


“Ang virtual career ba para lang sa mga graphic designer, web programmer, web designer?”

Nope. There are virtual professionals who do bookkeeping, hotel reservations for their client, writers, powerpoint presentations, email handling, Facebook business page/group management, Twitter management — the possibilities are endless!


Virtual careers jobs = anything you can do online.




I am currently working 8 hours a day as a _______, can I work as a virtual assistant part-time?

Yes. A person with a virtual career can work part-time or full-time, depends on you.

There are available part-time gigs that will only require you to be online either 4 hours a day, 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week. You decide depending on your time availability.


Others keep their day job while working for an online client. As long as you can manage your time and deliver the results needed, you can do this. It’s up to you.



“I’m 47 years old. Can I Still Find Work Online?


Nobody really cares about your age in Virtual Careers.


Clients care about these:

Can you deliver results?


Can you still type?
Can you move the mouse quickly — pa rin?
Is your internet fast enough or are you willing to make it go faster?


All these questions — ikaw sasagot.




“Jomar, graduate ako ng BS ______, qualified ba ako maging virtual assistant?”


“Jomar, highschool lang ang natapos ko…..puede ba ako dyan?”


Yes. I have students who are high school graduates, home-schooled, college undergraduates, nurses, interior designers, chefs, accountants, engineers — yes, you can have a virtual career, regardless of your course in college or even if you didn’t go to college.



”I’m not a techie! I only know MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Pwede ba akong maging VA?”

Were you born an expert in MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel?

Nah, I don’t think so.

Pero ngayon marunong ka na!

How in the world did that happen?

Right. Pinag-aralan mo.

To be ‘techie’, give yourself time to learn.



”Networking/MLM ba yang pag-VA/VP?”

Nope. Picture this: You work pero sa bahay — minus the transpo expenses, always-in-a-bad-mood boss, chismosa officemates, lukot na uniform bago makarating ng office dahil siksikan kanina sa MRT, na-slash na bag, amoy usok na hair because of the commute, (I could go on and on).


Virtual career ‘gigs’ or jobs are still active work. It’s not about networking or MLM.



“Do virtual professionals get interviewed before getting the job?


Virtual professionals also get interviewed for a job — or gig, as what we call it.

The difference is that Virtual Professionals need not to wake up early, catch the train, and get lost in trying to find the company office where the actual interview will take place.


The virtual career gig interview is via the internet only. Through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout etc.


Here’s another thing about the uniqueness of Virtual Career:

YOU can also do the interview.

YES. You interview the client and we call it a Discovery Call.

Here’s a long post I wrote about it:



“How is the schedule as a Virtual Professional? Since most of the clients are from the US, does it mean VPs also need to work in US time?”

In the book Virtual Careers there’s a sampling of different schedules.

It’s all over the clock.

Personally, I discourage working on anybody else’s timezone but your own preference.

You’re not a slave.

Say “I’m doing this VA thing to take control of my time, not to adjust to someone’s timezone.

If I wanted to do that, I would have gone to BPOs.”

Or simply be quiet and select jobs that have no time in and out.

But delivery dates. There are lots of those.



Now you want to know the step-by-step training how to get a virtual career?


Get the Virtual Career Video Workshop (50% off).


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Remember, you can try the video workshop for 30 days with absolutely no risk. If at any time you don’t feel the workshop is worth the money, you take your money back – 100% guaranteed.






Isa akong OFW na nangangarap makauwi na. One time my client asked me this question: How much will it take you to go home for good and become our full time VA? Thanks for being my mentor, Jomar!

April Joy Torio

Jomar, you and your community inspired me to pursue this dream of working online. More than the $ I am earning, I get to work with mission-oriented companies. I also do business development for clients which is great kase I also create job opportunities to people. Thank you for the favor, I am paying it forward...

Milette B

I love the specific details on how to start in Virtual Careersand the motivational exercises to give me a push.

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