​Do you want to Level Up Your Virtual Careers Earnings?
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Learn How You Can Turn Your Skills and Ideas to Earn Dollars at Home, Eliminate Daily Stress and Embrace Your Family More!

"Are you living the life you envisioned for yourself when you were young and excited about the future?"

Here Are Stories of Ordinary Filipinos Who Discovered The Benefits of Working from Home...

I Share a Proven System That Gives You Everything You Need to Get Started on the Path to Freedom and Living a Better Life

No Traffic

A life with no traffic or stressful commute, where your work space is just a few steps away.

Limitless Clients

A life where you have limitless clients whom you can work with.

Ikaw ang Boss

A life where you’re THE BOSS, you can choose your client or fire your client.

Time to Find Yourself

A new life kapag pagod ka na mag-work sa accounting, finance, admin, teaching, call center, employment, you will have time na hanapin yung gusto mo sa buhay.

Honor Your Parents

A life where you honor your parents, kasi gusto mo alagaan parents mo dahil matatanda na sila, nasa 70s na sila

Be Stress-free

A life without stress, masarap pag gising sa umaga dahil walang rush-rush para hindi ma late sa work

Resign and Enjoy Freedom: 
Is This Your Dream?

jomar hilario

jomar hilario

Hi! I'm Jomar Hilario. I'm an Internet Marketing and virtual professional training guru of the Philippines.

 I have used the name "virtual assistant" (VA) to describe someone earning online for a client.

My bold prediction : In 2025, the virtual careers industry in the Philippines will rival the amount of foreign money that OFWs bring into the country. Not only will it help the economy; it will also strengthen family ties. Everybody's at home to pursue the things they love - together with their loved ones. After all, life is not just above work.

Still there? Yes? Maybe you have read actual stories of ordinary people who are now enjoying their new life in my book, "Virtual Careers" and want to learn more secrets on how you can earn without selling anything - online.

But really, why are you still reading this?

  • You're still reading this because you want to know how I got involved in Bro. Bo Sanchez' successful online presence.
  • You're still reading this because of my advocacy towards helping virtual assistants and online businesses. OFWs, single parents and stressed-out employees have been thankful for I have opened their eyes on how to get monthly income online. Because of this, I'm known as the Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour Work Week author) of the Philippines (even Tim knows this!).
  • You're still reading this because of the cutting-edge online courses that have helped hundreds of Filipinos monetize their skills and promote their businesses using the internet.
  • You're still reading this because you have watched my weekly 9 pm Monday webinar at virtualcareersbook.com/webinar

What you'll enjoy in the Date With Freedom Summit

You'll REMOVE FEAR. You'll remove fear about Virtual Careers after meeting with 20+ Practicing Virtual Professionals, 30 mins per hour on Oct 14.

Are you an Introvert scared of talking? No problem - You'll be placed in situations where you can overhear a LOT of conversations - with VPs and other students even if you never open your mouth. Plus they'll even welcome your presence!

You'll Learn What Works Now. The internet is fast and changing fast. You need real people telling you what works now. Not a 2year old blogpost about Odesk. Right?​

You Will ​Learn from Different Viewpoints. We've invited non-virtual professionals, VA Agency owners relatives, clients even Foreign Clients to speak & join with us in the Summit.

You'll get to Talk, It's not really a seminar. It's a real summit where listening and talking will be the essence of being there.  Even if you run out of questions, we'll make sure the conversation (summit!) happens.​

You may even get hired!​ You're just not going to find out about stories, tips and apps. You may even get hired!​  In the summit are VPs who hire other VPs. 

You'll experience the benefit of being of the ELITE TRAINED "What's so special about this Virtual Careers training?", some people say. The training is holistic. Lots of other parts of your life will be improved -indirectly.  You will also be viewed by others as ELITE. Not just in money but in quality of life. This Jomar dude is serious about this. This is why he doesn't flash about earnings and vacation photos all the time. It's not ONLY about that.

You'll get FIRST access to the BONUS Fantastic Future Apps Smartphone Course. Just get the Premium or the Dream VIP Seats and you'll get introduced & trained in the apps that very people know about but use to earn more time or cash.

OFW? Not in Manila? You can send your relative to attend live! This is a new program to help intro your loved ones to Virtual Careers. Get the Premium or Dream and say you're not attending live but instead a relative/loved one will go instead.  You get this for a minimal extra payment.

Our Speaker Line Up Is Being Firmed Up But Already You Can Expect From...

Dr.Sixto Carlos

DR SIXTO CARLOS, DVM of Makati Dog & Cat Hospital.

Column 1

Analyn Roque

VA Manager, Founder of D' Virtual Pros - Provide Virtual Assistant Services to clients globally

Column 1

Rowen Remis R. Iral

Data Science / Analytics Advisor, Alphazetta; PhilNITS Society member through FE Certification; Chief Science Officer,Tims.PH; Financial Wealth Planner, FWD Insurance, Inc (PH)

Column 2

Yuhanne Natividad

Social Media Strategist | Facebook Ad Specialist

Liza T. Dela cruz

Project/Social Media/Marketing Manager/Admin

Column 1

Melvin Receno

Quality and Reliability Manager / Entrepreneur / Social Media Marketing Project Manager

Column 1

Rowell Austria

Facebook Ads Specialist | Social Media Manager Instructor | Digital Marketing Consultant

Column 1

Edilyn Mena-Dy

VA / PR specialist / Marketing assistant

Column 1

Rachel Buiza

Accountant|Email Marketer|Marketing Automation Specialist|FB Ads SpecialistColumn 1

Nida Delos Reyes

Applications Specialist

Ask our VP Guest anything:
You will be able to interact with them because they'll be moving from table to table..

Enter your text here...

Ann Kristine Peñaredondo

Social Media Engineer,Publish Author, Podcaster, Mentor

Column 1

Nina Mendoza

Founder of New Smart Marketing Strategies | Facebook Ad Specialist

Noemi Cariaso-Mora

Web content specialist |  Business coach

Column 1

Nolan Lazaro

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Super OFW Investor, Head of IT of The Global Filipino Investors TGFI

William Marco Locañas

Sales Funnel & Facebook Ads Strategist

Column 1

Annalee Quinto

Digital Marketing Consultant | Facebook Ads Specialist

Heart Tamayo

Creative Marketing Director & CEO, Heartabiz Digital Marketing

Column 1

Jem Songalia

Facebook Ads Specialist

Column 1

Tasha Rivera

Funnel Hacker and Copywriter | Podcast Editor | Thrive Themes Expert

Column 1

bo sanchez

Bro. Bo Sanchez

Column 1

Get inspiration from Bro. Bo himself!


Here's What Some Of My Students Have To Say...

April Joy Torio

Isa akong OFW na nangangarap makauwi na. One time my client asked me this question: How much will it take you to go home for good and become our full time VA? Thanks for being my mentor, Jomar!

Rhea Mae Apacible

A year of trying to get a job on Odesk. Nothing. Downloaded the VA Seminar. Two months self-studying. Tried Odesk again. Got a job. Thank you Sir Jomar. You are awesome.

Rhona Veranga-Gleane

Wish I can HUG Jomar's VAs for helping boost my self confidence!

Stephanie Lu

Wow! Finally, a chance to learn a career path where I will be able to spend time with my family and other things I'm passionate about.

Marianne L. De Duque

I enjoyed how Jomar delivers his lines - very funny and witty, seems like learning is fun and it is.

Rowena R. De Chavez

This is a wonderful opportunity for Filipinos to upgrade, have breakthrough and financial freedom.

Luchi Martinez

Very encouraging...aspires and inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and take a "plunge".

Maria Leslie Papa

Plenty of information presented. Jomar has high energy level

Get access to Your Date with Freedom : Virtual Careers and Attend the OCT 14 Summit Seminar Now!

What you'll get:

  • Recording of the Aug Live Meeting (4 hours)
  • New Bonus - Storytelling101 Meeting Sept 30 1pm-5pm (4 hours)
  • Pre-Event Live Meeting on Sept 30, 8am-12noon (4 hours)
  • Post-Event Live Meeting on Nov 25, 8am-12noon (4 hours)
  • All Speakers will SIT & Talk with you on your table.
  • 10 Hour Oct 14 Summit with lots of excitement, fun and insights!
  • Enjoy 4 Days of Learning & Interaction
  • Total of 26 hours of learning! Only PHP 380/Hour.
  • Raffle of 80 Master Marketers' DVD from Dr Sixto Carlos

  • ​You'll learn the magic of PULL LEARNING vs PUSH Learning so you retain more knowledge for longer.
  • You'll find the pattern that makes these successful virtual professionals get their dreams.

GET THE Pair Discount for only P12,870

Get in with 3 Easy Monthly Payments (3 Gives) for the Premium Seat


​Not going to make it on SEPT 30/OCT 14/NOV 25?

Enjoy the New Bonus for Premium

Get1 Mo​ Free "​FFA"/Client Attraction ASAP

Enjoy the New Bonus for Dream

​3 Months ​"FFA"/Client Attraction ASAP

​Join THEM!

Eric Agbulos

Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

April Joy Santos

The topics gave me confidence that I can really start earlier online. It's just a matter of being aware of the tools available to me and how to use them for my advantage

Emely Dacquel

I learned that I can earn millions/dollars by being a virtual career and working at home to get freedom from corporate world

Benj Bolivar

I learned so much about apps and programs I haven't heard before. I also learned a lot of opportunities to make money online

Trish Ibarientos

Awareness of the things beyond corporate world and structured work-life. Realized that I need to have deep emotional why in order to push myself to go into this opportunity of Virtual Career

Eric Agbulos

Jomar set our minds to be so much prepared before becoming a VA. Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Your Date With Freedom: Virtual Careers Summit & Seminar OCT 14 


Regular Seat 

 (P 9,575 if via Bank)

Attend Only,
No Recording


Amazing Deal! 


VIP Seat 

 (P 24,850 if via Bank )

Premium + Front Row Seats (Only 10 Available)

Get 3 Months Free - Client Attaction ASAP Crouse


Great Deal!


Premium Seat

 (P 14,576 if via Bank )

Attend & Get a Recording, too.
Get 1 Month Free - Client Attraction ASAP Course



GET THE Pair Discount for only P12,870

Get in with 3 Easy Monthly Payments (3 Gives) for the Premium Seat


​Not going to make it on SEPT 30/OCT 14/NOV 25?

Don't Have a Credit Card? Bank Deposits are Welcome for Full Payments Only.


​You can join them this year! Here's some  ​Photos from the Last Date With Freedom Summit in 2015

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you've changed your mind over the next 30 days after paying, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

One Final Thing:
We’ll Check Your Assignment. We’ll Be There With You Every Step of the Way

Yes, you read it right. There will be an assignment. All my events have assignments as my team and I are truly committed to your success.

GET Your Date With Freedom: Virtual Careers Summit 

Look, there’s no question the world is changing. Companies are slashing benefits, cutting costs, and making you responsible for your own retirement.

It’s now up to you to make your retirement dreams come true and having your virtual career can help you do it.

"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win." - Zig Ziglar



Time 9am-9pm

Column 2

Ligaya Center Facade

Ligaya Center Facade