Copy Them: OFW & Employee Journey To Earning Online

jomar hilario virtual careers book

An OFW Father & An Employee’s Journey To Be Location Independent & Work From Anywhere. 

By Jomar Hilario

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Customer Testimonials:

Sir Jomar is a great mentor because he teaches by breaking down the steps. Plus each step is usually explained with an example – and ends with a mini-assignment. Then he gives you feedback on your assignment so you can improve! And this cycle goes on until you really learn and become confident about your skill!

Now compare his teaching style with our usual classroom style teaching. Or courses that you buy where you just watch without any hand-holding or guidance. No feedback, nothing. You aren’t even sure if you’re following the steps correctly.

Admittedly Sir Jomar charges more than other gurus, but his teaching methodology makes it all worth it. I’d rather pay more and get results than pay less with zero results. I believe this is what we all want = results!

Shell Chua?

100% all out! Courses are not only the hows but even go deep to mindset. change.

My brain has been rewired. 

Thank you Sir Jomar for the small steps daily done. Looking forward for more of your upcoming courses- engaging easy to follow.

Ethel Ilagan

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