Ever want to send the book Virtual Careers to your OFW family and

friends but can’t?


Have to wait for someone to come home to send it to them?

Now, you can do that!

Virtual Careers is now available on AMAZON for delivery worldwide!



It has a new GREEN COVER and the Virtual Careers Checklist Bonus pages

to help beginners asking the question at the end of the book: “I’ve

read the book, now, what do I do next?”


Order the book for loved ones here:



The Amazon Book entry is brand new. So we’re going to need REVIEWS, yes?


To encourage you to give reviews, we’re running a contest.


All you have to do is

a) read the book.

b) review -using your own words – what you thought about it.


We’ll give you ONE MONTH to read and review.


To enter, just go to -and leave

your review there!


Make it super detailed, like:














Like that. Or just type in from your heart.


What will you win?



How winners will be drawn:

1. Randomly (1 winner)

2. Best Formal Review (1 winner)

3. Lakas Ng Dating Review (1 winner)



Note: Your review must be in WORDS, not just STARS (4 stars etc).

Note: Your review must contain more than 1 sentence.

Note: You do not have to buy the Virtual Careers book on Amazon.

BUT, you must have spent at least 50USD on Amazon to be able to leave a review.


Just leave a review and you can be one of the three people to win:

*1 on 1 With Jomar

*A pick of any solo course in Virtual Careers Academy

*Three Guest Seats in the May 19, 12-hour ‘Success Seminar” in Ligaya Center


Join na! Go here na and leave a review. It’s free to join:

Deadline is MAR 10.


Now live a marvelous life,

Jomar Hilario

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