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Complete Beginners Guide To Copywriting In Social Media

Since March 1,  members here in Virtual Careers have been learning how to do “Social Media Copywriting” in my free “Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers” Facebook group.

Where you able to join in?

If not, you’re missing a LOT!

Everyday, you would have been getting practical “THINGS TO DO” that will increase both your skills and confidence (in yourself, your skills) when doing this new skill “Social Media Copywriting”.

Here’ what they say about this new training:

Czarina Danielle Yap:  Good evening, Sir Jomar! I found it to be really fun and madami ako natutunan. Nakakainspire din kasi madami mga magagaling pero willing to help pag may nagtatanong. Thank you sa free lesson Sir Jomar! Happy Sunday!

Maryner Pentinio Sablayan: Masaya! Madaming natutunan lalo na ako na walang alam. Simple pero dapat creative. Thank you sir Jomar!

Richelle V Tividad: I found it super fun, especially when creating a poster. Feel thankful.

Adelita Pascua: I was not even halfway sa 14 days free copywriting lessons but I absorbed a lot of information. Thank you sir Jomar Hilario for your straightforward feedbacks. It served as a guide if I am doing well or not. Your teaching style is very effective and efficient. I enjoyed the mix of challenge and fun. Overall 👍



So what is ““Social Media Copywriting”?

A lot of jobs are going to disappear with the advent of AI or Aritifical Intelligence.

It’s already happening.

But one job that isn’t going away is the creativity, art and mastery of Copywriting – or the ability to “Write Words That Sell”.

That ability to convert words into cash is so essential to any business – that even if a ROBOT /AI/ APP can do it, a human still needs to check if it makes sense, is it true, is it appropriate to the market?

So many nuances or tiny bits are required to really sell well online. And it changes all the time.

So learning about Copywriting can be a good hedge or protection for your future career. Be it in a physical office or online as a virtual professional or virtual assistant.

The job of copywriting also has a perk of being a HIGHLY PAID and HIGHLY COVETED JOB – both online and offline.



So are you qualified to do Social Media Copywriting?

Well, what is your DISC score?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this, PM me/reply so I can send you the FREE DISC test. (Complete details are in the Virtual Careers Video Workshop, below)

We use the DISC test to determine what careers we should be doing well. Don’t bother googling as you may find the wrong test. We use a specific test. Reply to me to get the right test link.




D- dominant leaders

I – interactive talkers

S – stability followers

C – calculating checkers

If you’re a D, I, S you’re qualified to excel in Social Media Copywriting.

How about the C?

It depends: Do you love english? The language?

Do you love words? Do you love pretty pictures?

If you’re a C and you’re saying “Noooooo!” – then this is not for you.

Using the DISC prevents you from making a mistake in picking the wrong career.

So reply NOW to get your free disc test from me.


Yes, sure! You can see all the lessons here, pick a post since March 1 and do them:


Some of you have already gone through the free lessons.

Some of you are looking for a way to TAKE OFF in virtual careers.Some of you wish to earn online using your phone.Some of you want to take the lessons you learned and turn it into REAL INCOME.Some of you want to get that first Online Job – even if it’s “just” interning – as long as you get “EXPERIENCE!”A lot of you are asking “How do I start?”Then it’s time to level up!

I’ve put together a package that you will ALL love.
You’ll receive:
  1. The Full Introduction Into How Virtual Careers Works, Objections, Potentials, Best Practices – You get the Virtual Careers Video Workshop (This is Valued at P 14,000, now yours free)


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Social Media Copywriting 303 is now ONLY at P 12,975 (or 250 USD) or 4,500 x 3 months (87 usd x 3) installment.

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Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

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