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I love all topics. Each of them are really informative & well-discussed. All my negative thoughts about VA are gone & convinced me to pursue this career with all my might.

Noel Lacasa

Finding my whys and understanding their deeply. These whys will fuel my desire to move ahead in my virtual career

France Espinosa

Jomar, the fact that he shared practical steps to taking up a virtual career, we can easily apply them right away!

Rochelle Robles

This helps me gear towards Virtual Career path's know how and prepasses me to love and be committed to those career

Charlene Santillan

I love the specific details on how to start in Virtual Careers and the motivational exercises to give me a push.

Frances Avisado

Jomar let me visualize what my dreams are and he presented options on how I can earn more money and yet be my loved ones

Kristine Say Uy

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Escape the 9-5 Stress, Enjoy Time Freedom and Earn The Income That You Want (4 Beginner Courses)

  • 2016 Cebu How to Start Your Virtual Career Seminar (Valued at P8,595)
  • 2016 Manila How To Start With Virtual Careers Manila Seminar Contents (Learn the 20 step how to start process to become a Virtual Professional- 4 Day program) (Valued at P8,595)
  • 2016 Affiliate Marketing vs VA: Discover 2 Ways to Earn Online (Valued at P3,995)
  • VA2013 Virtual Assistant Seminar Premium (Valued at P3,475)
  • Bonus :How to Negotiate for a High-Pay Rate for Your First Gig (Valued at P2,575) 
  • Bonus: Avoid trial and error on your online job hunting, have Jomar's VAs checking and reviewing your online portfolio and resume to make sure you are on the right track (Valued at P2,395)

Bundle 1 answers the following questions you may have:

  • Where and How to start your virtual career?
  • What are the basic skills start a virtual career?- How to become an effective VA?
  • What kinds of online jobs should you be concentrating on, today?
  • I'm done with the DISC, what career and tools should I learn based on my DISC?
  • How to start my own website?
  • How to create my online resume? How do I apply for an online job? How do I prepare for an interview?
  • Palagi na lang akong na-re-reject, what do you do to get an online job at the rate you want?
  • If I have questions, who are the best people to ask?- My friends and family do not understand this work from home career, to whom do I turn to for support?If you need support (because you can’t get moral support from the people around you), this is the best bundle for you.
  • You will get an Invite to a Secret, by-invitation only Facebook support group, which is composed of like-minded individuals who are like you starting the journey or who are now successfully earning from home!PLUS have Jomar's VAs checking and reviewing your online portfolio and resume to make sure you are on the right track The value of this support group? PRICELESS!

Get seats to two (2) of the upcoming live seminars this 2017 with bonus webinars!

The Ultimate Getting Started Bundle! Learn how to be techie if you're not yet one.

  • Manila How to Start Your Virtual Career Live Seminar Seat to the live event Recording and Downloadables (Audio/Video)May 2017(Valued at P14,285)
  • How to Be Techie Who Enjoys Life (Even if You're Not a Techie Yet) Live Seminar Seat to the live event Recording and Downloadables (Audio/Video)Summer 2017(Valued at P14,285)
  • Bonus: How to Make Mobile Apps for Beginners and Non TechiesWebinar
  • Bonus: How to Protect Your Family From Dangers of the Internet2 Brand New Live Webinars
  • Bonus: Going Beyond Our Filipino Traits So That You Can Succeed in Virtual Careers Video

DAVAO How To Start Your Virtual Career Live Seminar with Workbook (Sept 2017)

  • DAVAO How To Start Your Virtual Career Live SeminarSeat to the live event Physical Workbook Recording and Downloadables (Audio/Video)(Valued at P14,285)
  • Virtual Careers E-Book(Valued at P375)
  • Bonus: How and Where to Look for Long-Term, Stable and High-Paying Gigs So That You Can Take Advantage of Great Opportunities OnlinePDF (P 9,955)
  • Bonus: Learn How To Read The Top 3 Requirements Of Your Potential Client So That You''ll Be The Only Answer To Their Expectations (P 9,955)
  • Bonus: 2016 Affiliate Marketing vs VA: Discover 2 Ways to Earn Online

Get a seat to the upcoming live seminar in Manila this 2017 plus the highly valued Copy writing course!

Manila Date With Freedom + Bonus Copywriting Course

  • 2017 Date With Freedom Summit Live EventSeat to the live eventRecording and Downloadables (Audio/Video)P 7,995
  • Bonus: 7 IVS Copywriting LessonsP 59,730

Bonus: 7 IVS Copywriting Lessons worth 59,730 containing:

  • How I Used Copywriting in Designing My Book Cover So That It Becomes A Best-Seller(Valued at P9,955)
  • Learn How To Set Up Seven CLEARS Emails So That You Income Will Increase Through Autopilot(Valued at P9,955)
  • How You Can Effectively Use Storytelling As Marketing Tool For Clients So That You Can Get That Gig(Valued at P9,955)
  • Learn 7 Simple Copywriting Hacks So That You Will Drive More Sales(Valued at P9,955)
  • Learn About Copywriting and Data Science So That You Can Convert Data to Money(Valued at P9,955)​
  • Learn Instant Website Analytics for SEO, SUPER CLEAR SIR and Customer Service So That You Can Get Sales Now(Valued at P9,955)

Jomar shared practical tips to simplify and hasten the virtual journey. He gave the added push and boost of confident to pursue a Virtual Career.

Jo Haber

Jomar's event are very good eye openers to value one's self, your true worth as a person and the need to continue to work hard on yourself and not on your job. BECOME VAUABLE


Sir Jomar, you are indeed a blessing to more people you helped. Thanks a lot for being so good and for being our mentor.


The way the speaker, Jomar Hilario, discussed his presentation is very simple, engaging, and very informative. the whole presentation was actually excellent.


NO MORE INFORMATION OVERLOAD ' cause i know now what to do and what not to do with online business.


Finally, I'm now on my 1st step of gaining more knowledge to become a Virtual Assistant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.