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Read Virtual Careers & you’ll uncover..

10 stories of ordinary Filipinos working from their homes.

The secret 7 letter formula that unlocks the steps to your virtual career.

The 17 wonderful freedom scenes you’re going to experience soon. 

The 12 unique solutions to fix most online job problems.

The 4 major types of online scams and how you can avoid them.

The 6 word phrase that instantly justifies your high income to clients.

Plus Find out Behind the Scenes…

How Brother Bo Sanchez’s online presence began.

How love for modern Christian music made all of this possible.

How OFWs are coming home and earning even more than their take home pay abroad.

“Jomar Hilario FINALLY releases the book version of the seminar that helped a lot of people achieve freedom to experience serving different businesses, earning any currency and spending them in the Philippines. I thank Jomar for teaching us how to leverage the power of the Internet!” -Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo, CEO, Ann Exceptional VA

“I used to work in Singapore & Saudi, now I’ve exceeded my Singapore take-home-pay working from home in Pasig.” -Nolan Lazaro, ex-OFW

“I wanted to get away from my monotonous call center job & once thought that earning online is a myth. When I learned about Jomar and attended his Virtual Assistant Seminar in 2012, my life changed and I started to have more time for more important things in life.” –Mark Israel, VA 2012 Student & Online Freelancing Warrior

Jomar Hilario is the Philippine Internet Marketing Guru who’s behind the online marketing of most of Bo Sanchez’s activities.  He’s also known as the Tim Ferriss of the Philippines for his early work with Virtual Assistants and Online Businesses.  As public speaker and trainer, he founded the Virtual Careers Summit & Seminar and runs cutting edge online courses to enable YOU to maximize the internet for income. Hear and learn directly from Jomar during his weekly 9pm  Monday online video show at You can also download answers to 50 of your questions from  


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1. Philippine delivery only for now for only P500 inclusive of delivery & handling fee.
2. All books are autographed by Jomar Hilario :)
3. The more books you get, the more bonuses you get, so get more!
4. You get all personalized messages written on the book.

You can also buy the book via BDO, BPI or GCASH (#0977-810-1969)

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Jomar Hilario, author of Virtual Careers


I am happy to have purchased the book Virtual Careers by Jomar Hilario the virtual
professional guru.
I want to shift to another work stream in the next few months so I am now on the hunt for
options to pursue.
Jomar’s book gave me the idea that I can earn while staying at home – a sharp contrast to
the present job that requires me to be in the workplace as early as 7:30 in the morning on
some days. Yet, I am luckier than many workers because it takes just an hour or so for me
to get there.
Even then, Jomar’s idea that I can choose the work that I will do, the clients that I can
have and the income that I can earn is novel; it’s so inspiring! I am not a techie but I
can learn.
With the techniques that Jomar generously shares in such a very detailed manner, I look
forward to doing what I have always enjoyed or should I say loved…writing (even if writing
does not love me so my family and friends tease me). His book will pave the way for me to
go into something I love while giving me my desired income without the hassle of commute,
the frustrations from office politics and the fixed work hours.
I look forward to getting the job that I love so, as Confucius has said “I will never have
to work a day in my life!” I know getting into virtual career will not be easy – the reason
why I need 100 deep whys….to keep me going when the road is uphill and things do not turn
the way I want them to. Jomar shows the way to beat the odds. Life is full of challenges we
accept that….but we can prepare and arm ourselves with the right weapons so we emerge
victorious. I consider Jomar’s Virtual Careers book as my first weapon to serve me in good
stead as I tread the bumpy road to becoming a highly paid virtual professional.
I do recommend the book to others for the following reasons:
1. its cheap, I got mine at P300 (e-book). Very affordable for someone who needs to be
constantly on the lookout for ways to stretch the peso.
2. the style of writing is conversational, easy to read and understand especially for those
who are not that adept with English (some parts are written in tagalog, I guess for
3. very convincing because of the real stories and testimonies of satisfied students
4. very credible because of Jomar’s many long years of experience
5. down to earth, his language can easily relate with so many kinds of people;
1. this may not be ideal for those who are not new in the world of virtual careers, the
book may be very simple and not so challenging;
2. some may not like the many exercises that the student must do, but that’s the only way
to learn, by doing!

Emerita Hinojales

I’ve been working as an Online Teacher for more than 6 years and thought that I had the
best job ever until I read this book. It gave me another perspective of what virtual
working is and the bigger potential and possibility for growth. I am still in the process
of implementing what I have learned and so far I am already getting interview appointments
from potential clients just after 2 months of focusing on this course. There’s no turning
back. I have accepted the challenge and am excited for the new information I learn
everyday. This has truly opened a door of opportunity for me and for many as well.

Malyn Penilla

Reading this book will not just encourage and inspire you to be a virtual professional but
it will guide you and be one of the best. It answers your how, what, when, why and where
about virtual career. You just have to have passion on it and you’re ready to go.

MC Valencia

Naghanap …
Nag Isip …nang another way to shift my career …
Virtual careers book is a Must to read and apply.
Its gives me the picture and lots of information about the careers in the World inside the
Web that is really Wide.
Aja to the turned Virtual Professional and the soon to be! The Marvelous Jomar Hilario!!!

Anna Marie Pineda

This book will guide you on how to work online as a virtual professional.

Charisse Abetria

I just finished reading the Virtual Careers book by JH which I bought last April 27, 2018.
A very inexpensive book that gives a clear and very skillful insight into the world of
highly paid Virtual Professionals.It clearly pinpoints the direction we must take to start
a successful VC job.The proven formula and time-tested tasks made sure that anyone who
reads and applies the tips given will always be on the right track to become an EXPERT VP
right from the very start. Its inspiring, knowing that others as presented in the book have
successfully achieved their dreams of earning more at less stress. Kudos to you Sir Jomar

Becky Aquino Palaca

It is Great to have this book>>VIRTUAL Careers-bysirJomarH.<<, every thing you need to
start with is written in this book. even the smallest topic/ thing is essential.
It was like 'No boring chapters ', from foreword up to the last leaf of it's page. If you
are thinking to start of Virtual career -this is the first step to do- Grab this book!
We are very fortunate that this book is selling for a minimal amount but the return is
definitely BIG! All you need to do is to apply and follow how it works.
For me, Virtual works means -, doing more important things, spending time with my family,
taking care with kids and more.
yet less spending time in work. AND also being LAZy (or FRee).
VIRTUAL careers expand your Virtual skills, it's unlimited and needed to nourish. So, again
Grab the Book and take some lessons with sir jomar as a mentor.
Have a GReat JOURney …Virtually! #VIRTUAL #VITUAL #VIRTUAL CAReERS…..


This is your must-read book when you wanted to start a Virtual Career in the Philippines.
As I wanted to have more time with my family while earning. This book helps me to shift the hectic call center job to a comfortable but exciting virtual career, this also opens a new
gate of opportunity especially coping with the technology and modern life.

Edu Rojas

Everything you need to know on how to start you virtual career step by step.

Cora Gacao

I am entering a new chapter in my life. Before beginning, I usually equip myself with the
necessary tools. One of these is the Virtual Careers Book by my mentor Jomar Hilario. It
caters a complete package for newbies like me. The book teaches about the right attitude,
confidence and skills you need as a VP. To get all three, do everything in this book. Learn
about the 4 Ds and how to really P.R.E.P.A.R.E. Add also the inspirational quotes, stories
and pains of other VPs that can jolt you to act and be serious with virtual careers. I love
how organized the book is to fit my learning needs. It’s truly the ultimate tool to start
as a virtual professional.

Adelita Pascua Villarosa

If you are a newbie and so overwhelmed with lots of information or the lack of it…this book
is the starting point of your journey to become an awesome vp

mary mamette

The intellectual virtual careers book is a guide to start you from working online.
In this book, I learned the right mindset the apps and tools, tips, technique and practices
educate you to prepared for a virtual career.
It has a vigorous information and worth to recommend to help you start a virtual career.


I purchased this book a couple of years back, I really couldn’t remember exactly when. All
I know is that, I learned a lot from it. It practically changed my mindset about online
marketing and and added more value and a better perspective towards entrepreneurship,
self-reliance and putting up extra effort towards reaching your goal as a virtual
professional. The book is a personal manual so to speak especially designed for online
career (virtual professional) but equally useful for all other fields of endeavor wherein
you can go back to if you want to improved on things not only in your career but even in
your personal life or well-being. I highly recommend this to any one particularly to my
fellow OFWs who wants to go home for good and be with their families 24/7. More power sir JH – blessings!

Conrado Baltazar Jr

Reading this book was all worth it. It opened my eyes into the reality of this virtual
career, that it is indeed true. The content of the book contains all the practical and
actionable how to’s to get you started in this virtual life. One thing more it gives you
the mindset of how it is to work outside of the corporate world.


The book is the foundation of your virtual career. It will help you gain proper mind-set
and the basics. Most questions lingering to a mind of a starter will be answered here. Have
a blessed journey!

Einjel Santiago

The book contains several mindset shifts that are critical in preparation for your virtual

e..g Positioning -> you can increase your perceived value by naming strategically

Arthur Cimatu

The Virtual Careers Book is a proof na pwedeng magtrabaho sa bahay. It will erase all your
doubts in working online by testimonials of REAL people doing it. Merong step by step guide
to follow and corresponding reasons why you should do it. Highly recommended tlga

Net Oaper

It’s time to switch your mindset.
This is the practical book of all books every aspiring Pinoy Virtual Career Professional
should have, read, and apply. Jomar Hilario understands the sentiments those who are
curious and want to embrace this career path. His methods are already proven and tested. No
wonder, he is the Philippines’ go-to guy when it comes to working online. With many wanting to be under his mentorship, it only means he knows what he’s teaching. Trust me, I’m a WAHM since 2012. Grab your copy now!


You will discover a secret formula that unlocks the steps to your virtual career, unique
solutions to fix most online job problems and more.

Get a chance to peep on the stories of ordinary Filipinos who work from home.

The book also has wonderful freedom scenes that you will experience if you follow the
instructions in the book.

It is one of the few books in the country that talks about virtual careers.


Foundation is the important part of building the house. So as your virtual career, your
foundation is very important. Reading the virtual career serves as your tough foundation in
your virtual career journey. Make your foundation tough. Grab a copy of JH Virtual Careers
Book now!


Alright, bakit nga ba kelangan mo basahin ang Virtual Careers Book?
Okay, you have a grandma/grandpa, right? Atleast what you can remember when you were a kid…
And yes, you have a favorite one too
You see, reading the book itself is like visiting my favorite grandma… why?
When it’s time to leave, there’s lot of takeaways… which you can’t refuse… And that’s a
great thing and am always grateful for

Jomar himself has a lot to offer and he taught us not just good stuff but great ones…
And the stories of Virtual Professionals in the book are a plus factor, since, once upon a
time they were not expert yet and along the way they made a mistake or face challenges… In
the book, they told us what to do and what not to do for us to avoid the same situation and
how to prepare and be successful in this career… Cool ha? What else can you say? They’ve
been there, done that How can you refuse to get the takeaways once you read the book,

So like what my Lola used to say… “Apo, I already told you what to do”, just do it, okay

And me, pretending your Lola telling you: “Apo, don’t forget to read Virtual Careers Book
ha”, just do it, okay

Oooops, may pahabol pa… (just like my Lola, really…lagi may pahabol) Apply what you’ve
learned… alright


Grace De Pano
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