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virtual careers book delivery philippines jomar hilario free
virtual careers book delivery philippines jomar hilario free

Use the selector below to get bonuses for more books purchased.

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BRONZE: You get 1 – 4 Books

Free Autograph! (Thanks Arun).

SILVER: You get 5 – 29 Books

Each Autographed book will sport a Virtual Careers Bookmark designed by Jomar.

GOLD: You get 30 – 49 Books (+3-4 bonus books)

All SILVER bonuses + 10% Free Books. Get this because it’s great to give away books for Xmas for the first time. Malakas na ang dating – life changing pa!

OPPS – what does 10% bonus books mean? — If you get 30, I’ll send you 3 EXTRA BOOKS, If you get 45 or 49, you get 4 extra books. If you get 88, you get 8 extra books. Yes, so for GOLD, you order 30 books, you get 33 books. Saya no?

PLATINUM: You get 50 – 99 Books  (+5-9 bonus books)

ALL GOLD bonuses + I’ll record one video for you (tanging ikaw lang) for you or loved on, any occasion)

SAPPHIRE:You get 100 – 299 Books  (+10-20 bonus books)

All PLATINUM bonuses + Spend 2 hours 1on1 with you online. You’re one generous person.

TITANIUM: You get 300 – 999 Books (+30-90 bonus books)

All SAPPHIRE bonuses + a 2 HOUR PRIVATE webinar with your group/company/team.

DIAMOND :You get 1000+ Books  (100+ bonus books)

All TITANIUM bonuses + I’ll conduct a private 2 hour live seminar with your group in Manila.

So pick your bonus and click “Add to Cart” Below!

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Buy The Virtual Careers Book Terms and conditions:
1. Philippine delivery only for now for only P 250 ((33% off P 375) + P 100 delivery & handling fee.
2. All books are autographed by Jomar Hilario :)
3. The more books you get, the more bonuses you get so get more!
4. You get all personalized messages written on the book.
5. Delivery and Handling fee is included in the low low price.
6. You save around P 125 if you order within the next two weeks because of the 33% discount. Select your bonuses below if you get more books for life changing gifts!

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