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How Business Owners Can Enter E-Commerce Today

For many years I’ve had business owners ask me about “How do I hire a “virtual assistant” to help me enter the internet for my business?”

A group of hardware suppliers once asked me “How do we sell hammers and tools online?”


A training company CEO would tell me – every year – “I really want to bring my company to the internet.”

To all of them – I had one answer – “Hire Virtual Assistants Who I Train!”

Note: Virtual Assistants = VA = Freelancers = Virtual Professionals – the new name I gave my trainees in the book “Virtual Careers”.

But many business owners replied with uncertainty:

“But what am I going to ask them to do? Everything seems too easy – they might run out of work to do.”

“How will I check on them if I can’t see them?”


“Can I meet them before I hire them?”

“So your virtual assistants are minimum wage, right, right?”

*That last statement is sadly TRUE.

What this all boils down to is  – apparently the Filipino business owners who talk to me – needs clarity when it comes to e-commerce & the function of VA’s in e-commerce.

You – if you’re a business owner – you want to get a clear overview of how you can sell your company products & services online.

You’re actually asking – “What does a fully running E-commerce-enabled, internet-enabled, virtual assistant-enabled, modern business look like?

What transactions flow from virtual assistant to your company and vice versa?


Since I began training virtual professionals – I’ve always trained them to address the needs of the foreign market.

This Monday, change is here.

I’ll now address your need – Mr and Mrs or Miss Filipino Business Owner.

How can you bring your company to cyberspace with the help of virtual professionals?

Find out on Monday! August 1 at 9pm.

Just click here for registration!

But wait, I ask you a favor.

To maximize the impact of the webinar:

May I ask you to forward this email to your buddy or kumare -who also owns a business.

A school, a jewelry store, a vet clinic, a dental clinic, a doctor’s hospital, a small store, a big store,a big supplier, a manufacturing outfit, a local MLM owner – any business owner really.

As long as the owner feels that her/his business is already OVERDUE to enter the internet – but there’s a need to understand it first.


This is the first time I’m addressing this concern.

After all, who is BEST to understand & to take advantage of the technology & strategies I teach FILIPINO virtual professionals – but FILIPINO business owners!

For many years I have served the foreign market -and my VP students have ENRICHED the businesses of these foreigners.  Proof -almost all my US counterparts hire Filipino VAs and rave about the service they get.

It’s now time for the Filipino businesses to profit from VA’s who I train.

Yes, change is here.

However, you have to raise your hand.


You have to register for the webinar on Monday. Join by clicking this.

You have to advocate your business owner friends to watch live or the replay.

I’m offering this overview of VP/VA-Assisted eCommerce Webinar on Monday at 9pm for free.

Do your best to catch it live.


Thinking how I started in online marketing plus teaching Virtual professionals?

I tell you the secret.

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Now live a marvelous life,
Jomar HIlario


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