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How Can I Start With Virtual Careers w/o Experience?


I have received an email from a student asking about Virtual Careers.

You might also have the same questions, the same fears, the same doubts.
So, I’ll be sharing parts of her email and my take on these issues as well.

I hope it’ll help you clear your mind and get your head on the game.



“I’ve listened to the 3-step videos sent to me if VA is for me or not and I also bought the Virtual Careers Book already and read it. I am wanting to start my Virtual Career but a bit lost where to start.”

Jomar’s answer:

Strangely, THIS IS COMMON.



“Hello Jomar, I saw from the book sample of marvelous resumes, however, when I looked at it these resumes already contains experiences as Virtual Professional. Right now the only experience I have is my experience as Program Manager in IT industry. So how do I get started with my resume? What experience should I put here?”

Jomar’s answer:

You don’t. Nobody starts with the resume. The book doesn’t start with the resume. PREPARE said the Section 3. P is called positioning. That’s not a resume.

In fact, you need to select some apps that appeal to you from the book and the seminars and begin to build tutorials for these apps.

So do start, you need to do ALL the PREPARE portions. Even the resume chapter says you need a portfolio blog w/c you can WRITE in your resume because – you will need to CREATE FIRST that portfolio blog with Tutorials from the apps.

Thus we are NOW BACK to the tutorials. But that’s not really the starting point. The REAL starting point in making a LIFE CHANGING DECISION like this is to write from 100 of your REAL reasons dedicated to the people that matter to your life.

So go write down these 100 reasons. We have a template in the last Cebu seminar you may want to get that here:



Writing down your 100 reasons is the ideal starting point.

But what if you can only write 6? Or 25? What’s next?

The DISC test,then the tutorial selection based on the DISC test. I did NOT mention the word “DISC” in the book, but did explain the concept. Did you catch the 4 behavior types in the book?







But let’s go back to the sample resumes, those are NOT experiences in WORK that you’re seeing. Those are WORK involved in creating the RESUME. So if you pick the app – you create a tutorial – this gives you EXPERIENCE in the app – that you put in the resume.




“After reading the book, can you give me what is the next training I should take so I can take off my virtual professional career? I want to start this as part time only until I build my skills and eventually say goodbye to corporate world and be a full-time virtual professional.”

Jomar’s answer:

How to Start Your Virtual Career Seminar

Then, Instant Virtual Skills 2016




“My target is to be email marketer or fb ads specialist/manager eventually. But for a starter I am not sure if this is realistic given I do not have any experience and I just want a part time job.

Or you think how can I leverage my project/program management skills in virtual work. Please give advise.”

Jomar’s answer:

If you really read the book you’d figure out that PMs can get hired immediately by being a PM in virtual work. You just need to study the apps for virtual PMs like Basecamp or Trello or Asana. These are all in the book. mean you haven’t read the book 10 times? Do that.

Anybody can start any where with the RIGHT training my VA 202 can get you started with FB ads –and this can result in what happened to Nina Mendoza – a call center employee with now leads a team of FB Ads specialists – after taking the VA202 course. All in a matter of months.




“I was also told by my friend, Kath Pompa-Calagui that she is a lifetime membership she had before for OMC, is this still available?”

Jomar’s answer:

OMC is not for Virtual Careers. It’s for those pursuing to HIRE virtual professionals. You need a different mindset and must NOT be in a rush to earn in 3 months. Big money in OMC comes around 5-8 years AFTER depending on your level of humility to instructions.




“Need guidance…I am targeting sana in 3 months maka start na nito.”

Jomar’s answer:

You need to get a virtual career, not OMC.


Now live a marvellous life,







Jomar Hilario


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  • No focus, improper use of time.
  • Not confident in taking to your client.

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Learn the Brand New Way How You Evaluate Computers

In this webinar, Jomar will discuss more in this – explained and simplified for you so that even a non-techie can easily understand.

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  • Learn how to evaluate them using tools and apps available online.
  • Bonus: Learn how you create your cover letter that captivates clients’ attention.


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  • Prepare your family, virtual education, equipment, finances and yourself in case of rejections.
  • Learn new skills, ask if you don’t know and pray.

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Time Management Tips When You Work At Home

In this webinar, Edz Dy shared a time management system that worked for her.

  • Find out the importance  of listing your roles and visualizing your goal.
  • Be ready to list all your tasks based on your role and goal.
  • You need to classify tasks based on urgency and frequency.

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Money Hacks When You Have A Virtual Career

In this webinar, Jomar Hilario shared valuable money hacks for virtual professionals.

  • Bank interest rates are at its lowest. Take advantage of this. Write a letter. Request for a loan with the lowest rate.
  • If you’re employed today, get your loans today. If you’re not employed, bets way to get a loan is through a cooperative.
  • Learn the two steps in getting into the Stock Market.

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5 Simple Ways How You Impress Clients & Get Hired Instantly

In this webinar, Sheree shared tips how to stand out and impress clients online. Find out how Sheree got a client without going through the initial and final interview. You’ll also learn what questions you should ask during interviews. Tips mentioned include:

  • Follow your mentor’s advise.
  • Be confident during interviews.
  • Finish your online portfolio.

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Learn How You Can Legalize Your Online Business in the Philippines: Interview With Aj Garay and Hosted by Joy and Ann

In this webinar, you’ll learn the step-by-step legal guide on how to register your online business. You’ll also learn the advantages of registering as a Virtual Professional taxpayer. You’ll find out which is better to do for a Virtual Professional like you: register a business or register as self-employed? Joy Collado & Ann Penaredondo are taking over as hosts and will share with their thoughts and insights about the topic as well.

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Discover How You Can Get a Home-based Career While Working Full Time

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to have a new career in 5 months time without leaving your current job. You’ll find out how you can augment your income, be able to invest and tithe regularly with this new home-based career.

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This can happen when your neighbor works from home…


I said goodbye to the 5AM Club two years ago since I started to work from home full time. As a member of the 5AM Club, I’d get up, take a bath, take on the uniform color of the day, pack my breakfast and lunch, then brace myself for an hour of travel to Manila. I eat my breakfast in the office because the first priority of the day was to beat the traffic.

I cannot forget the very first morning of my virtual career. It was Monday. The alarm clock’s off, yet I woke up at 5AM. Then I said to myself, “Relax, self. You’re working from home starting today.” I felt my heart leaped as I breathed deeply and slept again.
Today, I wake up at 6AM, change into my running gear and do run (and walk) rounds in our village for 30 minutes a day. The first priority of the day was to see the sun and say, “Good morning, Lord. Shall we walk?”

As I do my run and walk rounds, I see my neighbors going out of our village. They are on their uniform color of the day with packed breakfast and lunch tucked in their bags. I only exchange smiles with them as they leave. Their first priority of the day was to beat the traffic.

Some were brave enough to ask me, “Tanghali na ah. Hindi ka ba papasok?” (Aren’t you reporting for work? It’s past 6AM.) To which I will always reply, “Mamaya pa po.” (Later.)

I am single. So technically, I have a lot more time than married virtual professionals that I know. Since I became a virtual professional, I saw myself deluged with a lot of time to do many things. I have experienced events that I only dreamed before becoming a virtual professional. I saw with my own eyes how I spent one Monday afternoon with my family in a mall, going to Tagaytay with friends on a weekday, and even watching a movie on an opening day.

Before, I used to think that my time was only for me. Until recently.

One morning a few months ago, one of our neighbors brought out their youngest child, around six months old, outside the house. The neighbor, the child’s father, said that his wife is busy preparing the other kids to school. He added that he‘d keep watch over the baby (a boy) for a few minutes before he prepares to go to work, too.

Before I could even think of what to say, I saw myself saying, “Could you put him in a stroller? I’d take the baby for a walk.”

The father placed the baby in the stroller while thanking me. A few minutes later, the baby and I were doing walk rounds in the village. You can imagine the neighbors taking a longer look at me! Before, they were just curious on why am I still not on my way to work. Now, I am pushing a stroller – with a baby!

Some were brave enough to ask me, “Kaninong anak ‘yan?” (Whose baby is it?) To which I replied, “Anak po ni [neighbor’s name]. Inilalakad ko lang po.” (The child of [neighbor’s name]. I am just strolling him for a few minutes.)

That morning, I did not only see myself counting steps. I also saw myself checking out on another human being if he is uncomfortable or if he properly seated in his stroller throne. Previously, I did not care how many rounds I will do my runs. That day, I took slow walks because I was concerned of the tiny being I am pushing in a stroller.

Before, it was just God, the sun, and me. That day, it was God, the sun, and the baby. I forgot about myself.

A few more rounds, our neighbors said, “O, tulog na pala!” (The baby is asleep!). I brought the baby back to their house. His father thanked me again, saying that his wife would be able to do more things because the baby is sleeping.

Wow, I did not know I could make a baby sleep. I jokingly told myself, “Can I sell that skill online? Hhmm, ‘Baby Dream Catcher’ would be a good branding.”

Then, I realized something: the tiny human being taught me a lesson: a lesson on time.

Indeed, time was one of the best things that virtual career has given me. However, I did not realize that the time that I could give to other people would mean a lot to them. That realization was something that I did not think of before. Maybe because I am single and the only thing I need to maintain is myself.

Upon realizing this, I remembered all my parent friends – virtual professionals and traditional 8-to-5 employees alike. I remembered my parents. It must be hard juggling work and raising children. Now I know why I have so much respect for them, especially the work-from-home mothers that I know.

On the other hand, I remembered what Jomar Hilario said previously. When you are a single virtual professional, you have something in your plate that is an absolute edge: time. A single person’s future spouse need not to ask for time from you, because you have a lot of it. In addition, because you have a lot of time, you have the opportunity to explore the world and know yourself more.

A few days later, I saw my mother carrying the same baby. My mother said, “Wala ang tatay n’ya. Ang nanay n’ya maliligo daw muna bago gumawa ng gawaing bahay. So kinuha ko muna s’ya.” (His dad went to work. His mom will take a bath before doing the chores. So I took him for the meantime.)

My computer was already open during that time. I have listed many to-do things and I am raving to finish all of them that day. Then, I saw the baby’s eyes looking at me. It was as if those tiny eyes were telling me, “Hello. Got time?”

I took the child from my mother, carried him and said, “Hello, kiddo. Let’s turn off the computer, shall we?”

Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo is a social media engineer, writer whiz, content marketing strategist, podcaster and training & development specialist exceptionally rolled into one. She’s also the half of The Joy and Ann Show, an audio podcast for the Filipino Virtual Professional. When she’s experiencing a writer’s block, she laces up and goes for a run. Visit her website at

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Learn How to Lessen the Impact of Upwork’s New Pricing to Your Virtual Career

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Take A Peek At Someone’s Success Journey with Jomar Hilario


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  • See their unfinished blogs, blog posts, websites and pages.
  • Find out who they are and what they do – full time.
  • You’ll see how different and the same they are to you.
  • In other words, you’ll see someone’s success journey.

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