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The Most Misunderstood Step in Creating Facebook Ads

You can’t buy FB ads if you don’t have an irresistible offer to the right audience.

So how do you make one – the irresistible offer?


You need a small audience that has a problem YOU can solve.
Or a friend of yours can solve.
Or a business you have access to – can solve.

Examples of Facebook Audiences:

  • Audiences like Rich People in Manila who don’t know how to create a WILL.
  • People in Cebu looking for KETO Delivery Services.
  • Price shopping for University Kids’s parents.
  • Accountants looking to give more services for their clients.
  • Consultants looking for regular monthly income (retainers)
  • Businesses looking for Tax Advise
  • People looking for reliable MAIDS.

You understand this first step?
Most people get stuck on this.

Those with businesses – they say “People who will buy my product” – w/o defining the audience.
Or they will define as FEMALE, 45 and good looking and buys our product.
That’s fine, but there’s more.
Those employed their whole life say “EVERYONE!” We want everyone who wants to buy, buy!


So if you’re going to experiment with FACEBOOK ADS – you might as well DECIDE who you’re going to promote to.

You’re going to be their problem solver so you better know what problem of theirs are you going to solve.

Most people will tell you to use Google Trends, Google Suggest, Keyword Software and more just to discover what your audience likes.

This is correct and more. The more you understand your target audience – the better it is for you to reach them.

It’s that critical.

Of course there is a SUREFIRE WAY to EXPERIMENT to find out if you have correctly identified your audience:


Create a post with images & long text that matters to your audience – teach them for example – about their problems.
Teach them about how important it is to solve their problem ASAP.
Now if this is YOUR industry, then you know why they need your services ASAP.
You must communicate this to them.
Use their own words.
For me, I use surveys to get the text – to get my “In their own words”.
Create a post in FB – on your page NOT your personal account.
Then promote the post.
Share it.
Post it in groups that matter to the audience.
If your post is about SNEAKERS, then make sure FB GROUP obsessed with SNEAKERS can read your post.
Then you count the SHARES and COMMENTS.
Are they more than usual?
Count again.

Repeat for a few months. Post as many as you can.
Boost only those that actually get an unusual amount of SHARES and COMMENTS.

In fact, understanding them is so important because you MAY decide on buying Google Ads or Linked in Ads or Bing Ads or Waze Ads instead of Facebook Ads.

Boosting will generate the likes and commenters who may WANT to buy what you are selling…But that’s just the first step.

NOW HERE’S THE QUESTION : Do you want to see a DEMO how this is done? Or can you manage it yourself?

Answer below. DEMO or I CAN MANAGE?

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Website Creators Masterclass

Instance 1


Gain confidence in Making Websites -without WordPress!



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  • All of Regular + WordPress Lessons
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Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
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Resource: Affordable Android Smartphone For Video Editing For Your Kids

xiaomi redmi 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi 5 for video editing

Q: Want my kids to learn Video Editing. What smartphone do you recommend for this?A: You know they’re just going to use the phone for Youtube right? Hehe. But if there’s discipline, then I do recommend the following phones for the purpose of running Video Editing Apps.Tip1: Do not get a 32GB phone as it will fill up quickly.Tip2: No, getting a 125GB microsd will not solve a phone full of apps. Android doesn’t have Imovie so you’ll need a lot of apps to edit a video.Tip3: Always check the max size of microsd card of your device and buy the max. Have the phone save all videos and photos there, so your main phone memory is free for apps.

Today is June 2018, my recommended affordable smartphone for this (and other Social Media Tasks) is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.  This already has 2 cameras at the back.

xiaomi redmi 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi 5 for video editing

This is not to be confused with the Xiaomi Redmi 5 – w/c has a lower megapixel selfie camera and only one camera at the back (approx 9,000) 

Redmi 5 Specs Below (PHP 9,000)

redmi 5 specs

redmi 5 specs

My Best Recommendation however is below – and it’s only P 2,000 more. 

WHY?BETTER BACK CAMERA: Redmi Note 5 Has 2 Back Cameras, so you have blurred background (bokeh) effects use by DSLR cameras.BETTER FRONT CAMERA: Higher Resolution Selfie photos.What’s the impact to Video Editing? None in the editing part. But the photos and videos you take (and edit) on the REDMI NOTE 5 will look more professional and gorgeous.Look at the video below. Video starts by showing the videos shot by a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

xiaomi redmi 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi note 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi note 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi note 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi note 5 for video editing

xiaomi redmi note 5 for video editing

Video editing needs SMOOTH GRAPHICS – enough to run games.

If your budget is a bit higher by 2K, I strongly recommend the REDMI NOTE 5REDMI 5 NOTE Pretty Specs below: By the way, price? Approx 12,000 pesos.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Specs

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Specs

Q: How about the MicroSD you talked about? Where do I get that?A: It’s 2018, don’t go to the store. Just get it delivered to your home! Pick this one I selected: A 128 GB Microsd.So how do you make the phone save to SDcard automatically? Here’s a tutorial:

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How To Turn A 9-5 Accounting Job To An Accounting Virtual Career

Mao ning life! Pwede mag ice cream while working. Because you can…kung you are a virtual assistant / freelancer! Trabaho na madala maskin asa. Unsaon pagsugod ug asa makat-on? ​

How To Turn A 9-5 Accounting Job To An Accounting Virtual CareerMalou is a CPA by profession and 5 years ago, she made a virtual career out of her profession.Learn what is a virtual assistant accountant and how does it work.Learn the tools Malou uses to manage working remotely.Meet her via FB live interview on Monday, March 12, 9pm.

FREE Live ​Interview Happens In..

01Days23Hours05Minutes50SecondsWe are Live! Turn on Your Audio – Jomar Hilario & Malou Fetalvo​Remind Me Please

​Tell us your experience with Virtual Careers and Jomar Hilario’s Trainings..


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How to Fix 13 Hidden Ad-Response Killers Strangling Your Sales

BRAIN BLOCKS: How to Fix 13 Hidden Ad-Response Killers Now Strangling Your Sales ARGH… it’s brutal! You’re promoting a great product or service, but response sucks! (Or isn’t what it could be.) Don’t get frustrated… blame “The Deadly 13″ — a terrifying collection of psychological “brain-blocks” hidden in your ads that actually persuade consumers to not respond.

Join Ca$hvertising author Drew Eric Whitman for a hardcore, rapid-fire session and learn how to quickly thwart these “response assassins” and boost your persuasive power, no matter what you sell.

Fast, fun and 100% practical. 

Bottom line?

More cash in your pocket! Speech by Drew Eric Whitman (Advertising Expert & Best-selling Author)

–FROM JOMAR BELOW:Copywriters, earn a LOT just by following a few simple rules – like the ones above Drew keeps saying “Where’s the OFFER?”  Go watch and see if you can do this. Once you can, you have 3 choices to pursue a virtual career in copywriting.To do: Watch the video and write down ALL lessons you got in the comments below. Then do it again, and write down below what you missed.They say that CONTENT is COMMODITIZED. It’s no longer KING. You can get anything (daw) online (lol). Well, this is a perfect example.  So watch the vid below and take notes in the comments. And we’ll see what happens, yes?

But …if you are probably asking “HOW DO I START?”I would suggest you learn from a copywriter. A copywriter who’s done 10+ years in copywriing and already made Millions for both his clients and himself (not just client work).  But wait, I don’t think you should just be trained by any copywriter – no matter how great he or she is. I suggest that you should be trained by a person who’s both a TEACHER and a COPYWRITER, too right?

I mean not all experts are experts at teaching, right?

You gotta be both.

That’s why I have these courses for you to pick – once you are ready:1. Copywriting 101 Video Course – learn my personal SECRET shortcut to creating copy that SELLS well! (P 9,975)2. Copywriting 202 Video Course  – (P 9,975)

Discover the place where people sort their mails and it’s modern equivalent.Discover the secret that big companies use to make you open mails from them.Inside Psychology of Prospect Buyer when opening mails.You’ll see Jomar show you actual samples of direct mail that are broken down how the material is designed to sell the most.Find out why Copywriting is always a Gold Mine for you.Find out the insider secrets to growing a massive Philippine brand from 4,000+ followers to millions.Get the checklist that shortcuts the whole process.3. Get both 101 and 202, together. (P 12,975) * Super Great Deal!  And BONUS  I’ll hold you hand for 3 months doing Copywriting starting April 4, 2018. This one has a deadline, so we can’t wait for you to be READY, you HAVE to get in before the deadline.

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He quit the Virtual Assistant Journey, then this happened…

He quit the Virtual Assistant Journey, then this happened…

By Mikel Dumlao  4th February 2017

What was your experience with our Virtual Assistant work/webinars/seminars/book/blog like?

Different people have different stories to share.

Different takes on what success is for them. So as with me. I met my mentor Jomar Hilario way back 2009, he conducted “Internet Marketing Workshop.”

The same year I was already working full-time in a manufacturing company as well as a part-time professor in a university in our province.

Still, I’m looking for other means of income to support myself and my immediate family.

I read a blog post from Bro.Bo Sanchez about the workshop few times and convinced this would change my life.

Not knowing it will, but in ways, I’m not expecting.

The day I first met my mentor is the first step of my journey to success

.Later on, I discovered Jomar also conducting a lot of other specific topics about internet technology and social media marketing tools.

When he introduces the “Virtual Assistants Seminar”, I was excited. I told myself, I’m not for internet marketing, making my own business online.

I attended his “Virtual Assistant Seminars” I tried to be a virtual assistant. As of this writing, I’ve known Jomar for seven years, so what did I accomplish?

Nothing much, I have not (yet) succeeded in online marketing.

I got three clients – first is a Filipino, then two were foreign clients.After that, I didn’t get any online work ever.

That’s it! Yup, it is depressing and frustrating.

Still, I got a wonderful experience.

God anticipates all my screw-ups and inadequacy as a result of taking more excuses than actions.

So what happens in seven years?

It was the year 2013, this is the time I told myself I quit.

I concluded even being a virtual assistant is not for me.

Or perhaps, I don’t have enough pains and sufferings.

What I did instead is I work abroad.For two years, I have worked in Saudi Arabia as an Electrical QC Inspector.

The challenges of working in an Islamic desert place are both emotional and physical.

It was painful for me to take this path, but I know this is a healthy pain to awaken my senses.

Though I told myself the online business and online work are not for me, I know in my heart I couldn’t not continue.

I learned to blog and get enough confidence to write.

I also learned from him the value of continuing learning, so I also continue on reading books and listening to audio teachings from different people.

While I’m in abroad working, the first thing I do in the morning is to write 500 words.


I do it even I felt I’m crazy and fooling myself again.

Weekly, I wrote in my personal blog about my life experiences working abroad.

While I’m doing my laundry, I’m listening to audio teachings.

This is almost impossible with the amount of spare time I have and almost everyday fatigue working on construction sites under the scorching heat of the sun.


Thanked God I did.

After I got back to the Philippines, one of my first agendas is to buy a downloadable version of his now known as “Virtual Career Seminars” through Christmas Bundle #1.

So I did.

A few weeks later, one of Jomar’s teammates sent me an email.

She told me I was invited to a webinar as one of the sharers.

Who? Me? Am I not successful?

I’m not sure if it was a good idea, I say yes anyway.

It turns out it was a good idea I did.

While I’m the one already speaking, Jomar told my positioning should be “Mikel, the Mindset Master.”

I just laugh, but in the back of my mind, I’m asking myself, huh? Me?

Then I got free admission to one of Jomar’s IVS Live Meetup.

I got it simply by sharing my story on a webinar for the first time.

These are completely out of my plans.

Given the opportunity, who am I to refuse?

So I met again my mentors and fellow students for the first time in years.

As of this writing, I’m doing my tutorials for my blog portfolio for my Virtual Career.

It was a joy for me to know lots of success stories of Jomar’s students.

After reading a bunch of testimonials and observing my mentor for years, both online and offline, I know God brings me to the right person.

I didn’t just learn how to make money on the internet.

I also learn how to deal with life in general.

It’s also painful for me out of envy and regrets that I should succeed in earning if I become brave and mature enough.



I know I’ve done enough.

Though it might depress and raise your eyebrow, I want to tell you I’m still planning to work abroad for the last time.

Yes, I’m still not ready to take risks. But as I heard from my mentor, life is not a race, it is a marathon.

So no matter how long for to achieve external success, I will continue until I got what I want in life.

We are all in the marathon of different pacings.

I could not exchange for anything the internal improvement meeting Jomar and his students did to me.

All his webinars, emails, workshops, seminars and online courses help me achieve the most important traits of successful people which are the mindsets.

I improved my confidence and willingness and drive.

I still have a long way to go, but I know I’m already on the journey of success.

This is the reason I still sent my story.

Maybe, there’s one or two gone through a similar struggle who needs encouragement and validation.

I’m telling you to just go on with the journey.

It will be worth it to pay the price now than later.

Jomar’s dedication is to help Filipino enjoy their families and friends with their physical loving presence.

I love my family and I’m willing to pay the price to get what I want for myself and for them.

We are enough.

We have done enough.

For now, I’ll just enjoy and continue on my success journey.

Thank you, Jomar and your team for awakening me to live an awesome life.

God bless everyone.

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Q: I am just curious about learning to get a job as an online virtual assistant….


Q: I am just curious about learning to get a job as an online virtual assistant….

A: Curiosity is the focus here. Why are you curious? Online Virtual Assistants is the old term people use for Virtual Professionals. They’re the same, but I have elevated the respect given to people who are called “online virtual assistants”.    To satisfy your curiosity, here are THREE VIDEOS I created to help explain it all to you:

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Q: I want to work online so I could still guide by children.


virtual careers book - image by

Q: Hi, I would want to expand my knowledge in quickbooks, SageOne, Xero, and MYOB. These are accounting softwares being used by clients online. I am a working mother and I want to work online so that I could still guide my children.

A: I see you know the softwares. The best way to use them is to have an accounting or bookkeeping background – because they’re fairly technical in nature. But you don’t have to learn SageOne etc  to earn online. You can select an (easier) skill that plays to your strength.   Do you know you personality strengths? Take a free DISC test now and find out. (  get back to me – I’ll tell you what online jobs you should be studying -that you will both ENJOY and EARN LOTS.  Jomar Hilario