How to approach financial markets of Stock and Crypto

Introducing the “Baby-Simple” Financial Markets Understanding & Investing Course by Jomar Hilario



1. Simplifying The CryptoCurrency Market

A real look inside the coin market and simple tools you can use to understand it.

Baby Simple Explanations of Blockchain – the technology running Crypto and what it’s a big bananas deal.


What scams are happening, now – who is earning and who is not?


What you should be doing in Crypto (bitcoin? Trading? Alt-coins?), STEP BY STEP.


2. Stock & Mutual Fund Market

Introducing the Lounge Chair Relaxation Method of trading in the market.

How I earned min 20% a year using this technique and how you can too.

Should you do technical analysis or not or is it just a hologram of guesswork pretending to be real?


3. Both markets have dictionaries full of complicated words and jargon. 


And the “gurus” inside it seldom take time to explain themselves.

How can you understand them all – without spinning like a top in confusion?

You’ll discover a “shortcut through the park” to understand what will confuse you in the future -so you don’t feel like a yoyo-being pulled by their strings.


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