Do you make these 22 All New Freelancing & Virtual Assistant
Resume Mistakes Online?

Stop following books and misguided blogposts that's based on Traditional Resume Formats - They Do Not Work, really.

BY JOMAR HILARIO, Author of Virtual Careers

Finally - discover what you have been doing wrong in the way you apply online!

So you're a wannabe Freelancer or Virtual Assistant  - and you want to be noticed ASAP so you can start working from anywhere there is an internet connection.
But everytime you apply - they don't seem to be interested! Why? What could you be doing wrong? You read all the books! Even websites! Could it be something you're not doing right in the way you present yourself?
Check out the list below to FIND OUT. These are mostly ALL NEW MISTAKES Modern Virtual Assistants and Freelancers Don't Know Anything about.

1. You still use an objective -skip it! Instead use a Positioning Phrase.

2. You don’t erase stuff. Every client deserves a custom resume. Erase and add from a master resume!

3. You still think it’s about you. It's about what the client needs.

4. You’re still thinking about “paper”. You're not submitting on paper, so there is no page 2. Most clients will read your resume on a mobile anyway.

5. You think “unemployed time" is baaaad. Clients who hire Freelancers and Virtual Assistants want to know that you have a life too.

6. You still don’t know how to use references to prove you’re good. Skip it if you don't know.

7. You’re still attached to your old email address. A professional looking email is still better than your old reliable @yahoo address.

8. You’re still using Arial or the MS Word Default Font. FONT = your personality. Pick 1-2 and stick to them by going to Font Pairing Sites.

9. You’re still reading an offline career book for tips. Read Virtual Careers instead.

10. You still believe blogposts in giving you employment resume advise but you’re using it for “virtual careers”.

12. You don’t know the difference between a proposal, a cover letter & work you must be paid for. Research first!

13. You feel bad when you can’t put X Years of experience in your resume. It's not about years, it's depth of exposure.

14. You don’t know how to say “You don’t know how to do it” in a way that gets you hired anyway. "I'm so willing to learn in fact one time I was...."

15. You don’t test your photos.

16. You don’t know what your personality is, much less express it in a resume!  Take a DISC Test, StrengthsFinder or Fascinate Test instead and shine!

17. You’re not enjoying the process.

18. You use a word processor to write your resume, proposal & cover letter. Use a text editor instead.

19. You keep all your negative thoughts bottled in, while writing.

20. You say you believe in your skills but do not overbid.

21. You’re still thinking that the resume itself matters a lot. Your portfolio matters instead and if you and the client matches.

22. You’re in a selling mode because the Freelancer Site form says “Sell yourself” -when you upload your resume or apply for a job. You should just tell a story.