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The 2018 Christmas Bundles and Singles


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You’ll receive the NEW EBOOK: Online Career Expert Secrets by Jomar Hilario-Available To You In Early Jan 2019-This Book is in Taglish! 🙂

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Xmas Bundle 6 – Social Media Copywriting404- Self Paced Edition

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Imagine yourself wondering “What would be a good course for a first timer in Virtual Assistance – be?”You may also be saying “How about a VA course that’s for the tiny budget?”Well your prayers have been answered!
The most affordable self-serve course on Social Media Copywriting is now available!With this course, you can open up the P 12,000 Valued Copywriting 303 course and study what the alumni studied, plus:
You can access all the other students work.-You can talk and make friends with the copy303 students & alumni.-You can work on live client projects as if you’re already freelancing, using live assignments from me.-You get to work at your own pace.-You don’t have to download or watch long videos to get started. A few sentences a day from me is enough to get you started.-Low time demand course, you can work any time & it can take you about 20mins a day if you wish to go slow.-You can also go fast and devote 1 hour a day to this course.-All materials are available to you immediately!-You won’t be clueless because you’ll see ALL the work of all the students who came before you. Get inspired by their examples and tenacity.-Find new friends among the friendly alumni. Just talk and be surrounded with smiles.-You can access the materials in 2 ways. Via Elearning System or Facebook Group.But wait, what is Social Media Copywriting?Copywriting is a lucrative, high income job. It’s been that way since 1920s.But it’s TOUGH. And you have to be Excellent with grammar and english.And you have to study and practice for years to be really good at it
Social Media Copywriting is the easier version of copywriting.Copywriting is fine in the age of Blogging and Direct Mail.But today, a lot of business happens inside Social Media….using shorter text called Captions.But that’s just the tip of the ice cube! (If you float them and you look closer, ice cubes do resemble tiny icebergs!)It’s copywriting using images and videos and short captions. You do not have to be great at english.You do not have to know how to create social media content – the Copy404 course will teach you that.In fact you don’t have to be an expert at anything to learn this.Your expertise will start with this course.Soon, you will know how other Social Media giants sell using social – and you can dissect their work too!What’s UNIQUE to this course?You can get started using ONLY your MOBILE PHONE!!!!!! No computer required. You will learn & apply the basics of copywriting w/o the fear.You will learn how to MARKET using Social Media images and video even if you’re a newbie.This course was invented here in Virtual Careers Academy, by Jomar Hilario — you cannot learn this anywhere else! Most of the other courses focus on the Copywriting portion. Copy404 focuses on merging Social Media Content and Copy. It’s not just “writing captions that sell.” It’s more!This course is a great introduction to the skills and mindsets of Vertical Videos, a trend that’s on fire this 2019.You will learn the mindsets of both the Copywriter & a Social Media Marketer – making you a more in-demand virtual assistant.Though SELF-PACED, this is STILL A HIGHLY INTERACTIVE COURSE! You will get feedback from me and the others!SMARTPHONE REQUIREMENT:Make sure you have at least 32GB Memory Smartphone and NOT older than a 2014 model.Older phones may not be able to run SOME of the apps. If your phone is full, learn to use MicroSD cards or use Google Photos to backup your photos and videos. How to do this is inside the course.COVERAGE:The curriculum is a private, custom made Framework invented by Jomar to help you remember all the influence concepts you must use.Once you enter the course, you’ll see all the lessons available to you.You’ll be surprised with Bonus Lessons and Bonus Assignments for Real Live ClientsCourse material is a good 3+ months worth, with DAILY Lessons you can apply ASAP.All lessons are practical, meaning you have to do something everyday, instead of just read and know.GET STARTED NA!So get started today!https://jhilario.com/bundle6copy404This is a newbie friendly course – on top of having very friendly alumni members.OH, ONE Last thing: This really low price is only valid for the first 10! Three slots are already taken, so get yours now. Only 7 remain.7 SLOTS LEFT!Let’s hear it from the graduates (Warning! Makwento sila!)Adelita Pascua Villarosa Copy303 FeedbackApril 2018 – I joined the 3 months Copywriting 303 with Internship Course of Sir Jomar. It was my first taste of an interactive course. I love the teaching – learning process – sir JH would introduce the basic to complex concepts then right away you must execute. Plus, there was feedback for your output from the mentor himself kaya guided ka talaga sa ginagawa mo. I became as active as I can kasi nag eenjoy ka na, natututo ka pa. This “tutok” course changed me from being the shy student to a more confident, engaging intern. And true to it’s promise, I landed first batch for the paid internship. Though afraid because I don’t have any VP background at all, I just put in my best efforts and made myself trainable and moldable. I absorbed everything I can from Sir Jomar, the WOFEX staff and from fellow classmates now turned friends. On the other hand, It’s not at all easy being a 303 student. You first have to unlearn to learn, have good time management, allot consistent effort, right mindset and a disciplined attitude to grasp and apply all the learnings. There are countless nights (ending in healthy, double eyebags) that I have to be awake just to do “ketchup” and “habol” while at the same time working full time plus doing the internship tasks. Pressure to meet deadlines, stress and exhaustion is what I got but I won’t regret the hardships and exchange the experience for anything else because I know that something much better is coming after these sacrifices. I learned the hard way and realized that no matter how good the guru is, if you lack action and application of the lessons, nothing will materialize. Salamat sir Jomar for your generous efforts to teach us. I know that you are placed in our lives for a much deeper purpose which is to live a marvelous life.Rowen Remis R. Iral Learned a lot in doing Copywriting including the actual activities. Applying the theories directly is more fun and you can see the effect right away. You also get motivated to continue doing the activities since your classmates are doing their tasks.Noemi Echague What I learned from Copywriting303? A lot actually. 1. The framework for copywriting – a well thought of and researched work.2…..(secret it’s inside the course)3. Headline – how a good one can catch the attention of the audience4. Eye for Design – Sir Jomar’s instant feedback is so timely that you will get a boost of confidence if he likes your work and if he thinks it needs revision, he will point out what should be edited etc. Do not expect a spoon feeding type of mentoring though. He will just give you enough pointers to help you do and create better output.5. Promotion / Scarcity Offers Do’s and Don’ts 6. Bonus SEO Lesson for the Movie Poster assignment7. Opportunity to work for the real event gives you pride that you have been part of something meaningful8. Finding someone to help for Free – already did 3 volunteer work for a local event, for adidas Vietnam’s Training certificate and invitation, and in progress now – FB video invitation for a Church’s anniversary. These people noticed my output in Copy303 and requested if I can make one for them. In return, they gave me a good testimonial.9. Creating my first VA Resume – since one of the Copy303 clients asked me for a resume, I was forced to make one! I did not get the internship but hey, I have now a ready-resume :-)10. I don’t have the Copy303 internship yet but thru this course, I landed my first paying client, only after 4 months since I started this course. Many thanks, Sir Jomar! Not enough to list down the learnings. Yes, this comes with hard work and some sleepless nights but you will gain a lot of online friends that will guarantee fun learning??**** For the next batch of Copywriting303, you will surely enjoy this course!???? This is money well spent! ****GET STARTED NA!So get started today!https://jhilario.com/bundle6copy404This is a newbie friendly course – on top of having very friendly alumni members.OH, ONE Last thing: This really low price is only valid for the first 10! Three slots are already taken, so get yours now. Only 7 remain.7 SLOTS LEFT!Issa Aguada What I liked about the course:• I took the course without completing the requirements for the first 2 copywriting courses. Buti na lang may review ng elements on writing a copy with impact. Jomar didn’t assume that the student have all completed the 101 and 202 courses, which was a good thing.• I am starting to get more comfortable in “marketing”. Marketing for me is synonymous to selling and that’s not an option for an introvert like me. ?? Pero I’ve since learned that ideas/products can be marketed or sold to the client using words, images and the packaging of these 2. ??• I find that I enjoy the interactive training compared to just viewing videos. The interactive style, even when done online, allows immediate feedback on the work completed not only from Jomar but from the other participants. Another good thing about the online interaction is you get to see your classmates’ work and get more ideas on how the work can be done. Saw a lot of impressive work in this class so kudos to all of us for a job well done!??• In my case, even though we were told that this was not a race, there was still an urgency to try to catch up. Siguro dahil sa competitive spirit, pwede ring ang gaganda ng outputs na nakita ko sa mga classmates so naisip ko na kaya ko rin gumawa nyan, pwede ring nag-eenjoy ako doon sa tool/app kaya gusto ko rin mapakita kung anong pwede nyang magawa.• I especially love the bonus topics! THANK YOU JOMAR for sharing these! ????• Marami rin sa grupo ang magkakakilala na, at kahit di ako kasama doon, feeling ko kilala ko na rin sila dahil nagbibigay sila ng encouragement sa lahat at nagbibigay ng mga suggestions pag may problema ka. ?? THANK YOU CLASSMATES! Parang mas maraming interaction dito kesa sa IG class (o pwedeng ako lang yun).• Another thing that came out of this training is I’ve started coming out of my “lurk status”. I used to feel that either I have nothing to contribute; or baka di useful yung info na pwede kong i-share; or di naman nila papansinin, so what’s the use; or pwede naman kasing sagutin ng google yung tanong nila so bahala na silang maghanap. But I’ve started interacting in some fb groups by answering questions, providing feedback in polls (small steps ??). This may be the result of Jomar’s encouragement to be active in fb groups and what I’m seeing in this group.Rhona Veranga-Gleane I’ve always been interested about copywriting. Kaya when I got the opportunity, I jumped in.I was feeling overwhelmed at first. I’m an introvert but finding how interactive my classmates are, I slowly stated to feel at home. Kapag medyo nalilito na ako I’d go and check the lessons sa website. Para alam ko I’m still on track. I would write on my notebook but eventually ditched it. Hehe…I love how sir Jomar would give his feedback on the outputs I submit.I learned a lot and still learning from the course and bonus lessons. How generous talaga!Sometimes, I feel pressured to get to the assignments for fear of baka matambakan. And when I see classmates posting their outputs, luh! Ambibilis nila! But it’s a good thing, sir Jomar isn’t telling me, “Rhona bilisan mo, asan na ang dapat mong gawin.” Hehe… But of course, I need to do something for the day.I had advertising subject as part of my course in college (took up Marketing) and I love how it was taught. Hindi ko lang na I-apply kasi ibang landas ang tinahak ko after grad.When I got an invitation to have a FB Live, kahit hesitant ako ng konti I accepted it. I wanted to experience it, too. And it helped me boost my confidence.I gained new amazing friends in this course.I love how we are all being guided in honing our copywriting skills. I’m happy and blessed that I joined this course.GET STARTED NA!So get started today!https://jhilario.com/bundle6copy404This is a newbie friendly course – on top of having very friendly alumni members.***ALL COURSES ARE SECURED WITH A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE***We have you back, always! :)OH, ONE Last thing: This really low price is only valid for the first 10! Three slots are already taken, so get yours now. Only 7 remain.7 SLOTS LEFT!


Get it for only P 12,000 P6,000! 

What Others Say About Jomar and Why You Should Listen to Them

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What Others Say About Jomar and Why You Should Listen to Them
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