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What to do when Paypal Freezes your Freelancer/Business Account

What to do when Paypal Freezes your Freelancer/Business Account

1. Paypal is paranoid as a company. If your account has been flagged
for ANY reason, relax and breathe. This is solvable.


2. Googling for answers will lead you to many many frustrated and
angry posts. None of these are helpful.

3. This has happened to me before.

4. So inside your paypal account. Locate the contact us and so a phone
call using Google Talk or Gmail Phone (google this please).

5. Call them using this way. It’s an international call -so feel free
to call at NIGHT.

6. Be super nice and patient sometimes you’re talking to a CALL CENTER
in CEBU – with the person trying very hard to speak with an american
accent but just eats in LARCIAN BBQ.

7. If they (paypal) asks for it, give it. BE SUPER NICE. Be concerned.
Never MAD. Never frustrated na parang government -asking you for more
and more documents.

8. If you think they SHOULDN’T ask for a Paper document (as in mail
using the post office) – then say it. “I’m afraid to do that, our
postal system is corrupt etc.. Let me know how ELSE can I help,

9. None of this “ANO BA YAN ? More documents?!! ” Must be: “Ok, I’m
able to wait for 3 weeks, thank you for helping me with this.”

“We will get in touch with you…”

“May I know your turn around time..?”

“Ok, 2 weeks, I’ll get back to you in 2 weeks. THANK YOU SO MUCH”

10. Mindset: Paypal is being TARGETTED by SQUARE, APPLE PAY, GOOGLE
WALLET and soon FB and IG will start accepting money.

PAYPAL NEEDS TO BE NICE at this time or they will lose the game. So
expect THEM to be nice and help you.

Paypal isn’t the government, so they ARE more strict and careful. Be
thankful that they are.


Now live marvellous life,
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