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Your Questions About Social Media Copywriting Mentoring & Internship Answered


Today is your deadline to get in at its lowest price.

Social Media Copywriting 3-Month Mentoring With Internship is available at its lowest price until 1159PM only.
This is a course that will give you both a skill and an experience to apply it WITH PAY as well.
If you’re still contemplating if you’re gonna get this and if there are still questions you want to be answered first, check out these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: What’s the difference between 2017’s Copywriting Masterclass 303 and the 2018 Copywriting 303 Internship?
A: Sorry for the naming confusion. My fault. Here’s the big difference:
2017 Copywriting Masterclass 303
– Contains Copywriting 101 and Copywriting 202 only
2018 Copywriting 303 Internship?
– Bonus: Copywriting 101 and Copywriting 202
– Bonus: Complete Beginners Guide to Starting Your Virtual Careers (Virtual Careers Video Workshop) + PDF Workbook
– 3 Months Online Mentoring
– Get a Chance to Be Hired as a Paid Intern
– Delivery of the Rare Book “4 Brilliant Questions You Should Ask In Your Interview”
If you already have 2017 Copywriting Masterclass 303 – all you need to do is upgrade for a minimal : P 4,000, here:

Or via
BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario OR
BDO Savings Account/ 00-8070002528 / Jose Mario R Hilario.
Then fill up the details here: Or
GCASH: 0977-810-1969
Q: Will you run out of clients when there are so many of us interns?
A: Impossible, My direct contacts alone have lots of other direct
contacts and I’ve been building an entrep – only network for more than
10 years already. That’s ASIA PACIFIC, EUROPE & US. Even my guest
writer in Virtual Careers is John Jonas of
Q: Just wanna ask how many hours are expected to commit per month to work with the client as “intern” to earn the 5k/month. Or is it output base? Also, once I enrolled to the course , 2months training and 6months earning are guaranteed? Or it depends on the training performance or assignments?
A: 5K/Month is like 1 hour a day at most. That “hour” is output based. Not minutes. For example, it’s probably reasonable to churn out 10 posters an hour. This includes thinking, delaying, copy and pasting. So you can do that. No need to declare time start and end.
Now a good “speed” can be 3 mins per poster. So that’s 30 mins for 10 posters a day. So what will you do for the remaining 30 mins? You can work – answer questions in client’s FB or just do whatever you want. It’s a matter of getting trained well by me so you’re fast and effective.
3 Months training is guaranteed. I can never guarantee that you will LIKE a REAL CLIENT enough to stay long or any amount of time. I can also not guarantee that the client will LIKE your attitude, too. Both are under your control, yes?
After I train you for a month, for example: I can just bring you in front of clients (PLURAL, MANY) for an interview (YOU WILL INTERVIEW THE CLIENT). Well, you do have my BONUS book “4 BRILLIANT QUESTIONS” as part of the Internship to help you. Plus my guidance.
I will know if you’re ready.
Here’s a rule you can use: If it does take you 20minutes to create a single poster, you’re not ready. You’re overthinking. Hehe. Within a day you can bring that down to 2minutes as proven by your “free intern” classmates. If they can do it, newbies they are – so can you!
Today’s the deadline for these bonuses:
Q: Smartphone training pala ang Copy303 Internship. Does it mean, the paid copywriting internship / training, I will not be using laptop/computer for doing the assignments?
A: You can use whatever machine you want. We will even use paper and pen. The point of “smartphone” lessons is – to find out what to do – you’d use the internet. To do some tasks, you don’t need a computer. In fact, for video, it’s HARDER and SLOWER to use a computer. Just use a smartphone. You can finish in 30 seconds. 🙂
Deadline Today, Join here:
Q: What’s the duration of our internship?
A: I can never guarantee that you will LIKE a REAL CLIENT enough during your internship to stay long or any amount of time. I can also not guarantee that the client will LIKE your attitude, too.
Both are under your control, yes?
I’ll mentor you for 3 months.
That’s guaranteed.
Q: Will the internship be more about social media or other copywriting work?
A: The skill/talent you will use is SOCIAL MEDIA COPYWRITING.
The kind of work you will be doing for your client is promoting their business.
You will use pictures/videos/copy to promote their business.
You’ll learn more once you’re already part of the course.
Q: ask ko po, what time ang start ng course?
A: you have 24 hours to see the course content –everyday for a few weeks a month. More details will be given .Once you get in…you will be given access to the existing bonus material in – there SELF PACED ka sa bonus.
We start after holy week for the main mentoring .
Q: pwde po ba me mag join… nightshift kc ang work ko 12 hrs… Thanks po…
A: mas lalo ka dapatmagjoin para makaalis ka sa 12-hr nightshift work……. you can join, you have 24 hours to see the course content —everyday for a few weeks a month…. basta invest ka sa time :).
BUT, if you don’t love words and pictures and you love numbers, don’t join.
Q: PAIR/COUPLE DISCOUNT: paano po ang access nito since 2 person po ang kukuha ng course?
A: You’ll get a separate access to the membership site. You will be both added to the learning platform (FB group).
Each person in a pair will get all the bonuses if you join today.
Tag along a friend/relative with you so that both of you can earn extra P 5000/mo.
Social Media Copywriting 303 COUPLE DISCOUNT:
Just add P 4,000 to P 9086 = P 13,086
Get in now with your friend/relative:
Q: What if I’m already a part of COPY101 / COPY 202 or both courses? How much will I pay?
A: As a valued member of COPY101 / COPY202 or both, you can now join Social Media Copywriting for a lower price.
Get in now.
TODAY is the deadline for the price increase.
Upgrade from COPY101 or COPY202: Pay only P 6000
Upgrade from COPY101/ COPY202 2017 MASTERCLASS
As thank you for getting the Masterclass, you’ll only pay P 4000 for the upgrade to the 3 months mentoring.



Now live a marvelous life,



P.S. Remember, your purchase is backed by our MONEY- BACK guarantee within 30 days of purchase – so you’ve got 1 full month to see if this helps you.

It’s a totally risk-free offer and a win-win situation for you.

Join the course via NOW.


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You can make P 51,000 from this

Mid March 1996. 3:50am I was already bathed, and out of the house in
Laguna. It was a Monday– I had to do my 1 hour commute to Manila to go
to work.

Upon opening the door, I looked up and saw… a massive thing in the
early morning sky.

It was … a …comet!

Here’s a photo that doesn’t do it justice. Why? It was so low in the
horizon, I can compare the tail length to the church nearby. It was
very long. (This photo is by NASA. In 1996, I didn’t have a camera

It was very rare too. Since then, no comet has made its big public
appearance in the Philippines.

But not just that, Hayakutake was discovered in Jan 1996 in Japan by a
guy using a $5000 binoculars. Nobody else has seen it before because
it will return to earth only after 70,000 years.

70,000 years. Now that’s rare!

Now get this, that same morning I had to ride a tricycle and a bus to
work. Guess what was looking at me from the night sky the whole time?
Yup, the comet was just outside the bus window. It was 4am,
everything was dark in Laguna. I could see it for a long time.

That same week, Thursday, same story. Hello comet. Hey, comet, watch
me sleep in the bus…..

(side note: That same year, 1996, I was connected to the Internet for
the very first time, hello NEWSNET!)


If I wasn’t out at 4am, twice that week, I wouldn’t be able to see
that marvellous spectacle.

If I didn’t have an hour long bus ride that time, I wouldn’t have the
chance to marvel and view this rare celestial phenomena (whew, that’s
a long word).

If I wasn’t sleeping in dimly lit rural Laguna, I wouldn’t have seen
the comet at all – even if it was out there for a whole week and a

It was all these elements coming together for the Lord to give me a
Solar System Sized Reminder of “I am big, I am here, I am with you.

I mean, who can argue with a massive comet showing itself to you after

70,000 years of journeying?

At least that’s my interpretation.



In Ideas.Prosper Episode 9, you learned about the 4Cs of starting a
Virtual Career.


If you participated in the free copywriting exercises (and there’s a
few of you who did, smart ones!) – your confidence would have gone up.


Before you only thought of making posters for facebook as something
you can’t do.

But you looked at my instructions and said – I’ll do it!

So you installed CANVA on your phone…then.
Your first time, you took 25 minutes to make one poster.
Your 2nd time, 5 minutes.
Your 3rd time, a decent 2 minutes per poster.
2 minutes!

You can do that while standing in line to the Women’s Toilet -and
churn out 10 posters – while waiting!

At first, you had fear, apprension, doubt about your abilities.

Now, if you participated in the FREE EXERCISES (wink wink, dudette) –
that are STILL AVAILABLE in my FB group, you would have gotten more
confidence in your own ABILITIES and AVAILABILITY (“I don’t have time
to do that” doesn’t work because I’m not asking you to have time, I’m
asking you to insert this job in your waiting times).

Watching the comet is free. But I had to wake up at 4am – in the
province – to do something else.

You’re already opening FACEBOOK in that line to the Women’s Toilet, in
the UV Express line, in the restaurant line, in the ELEVATOR line.

You’re already using your unli-data. You’re already maximizing your
batttery power brick to keep your phone charged all day long -let’s
use it!

All you have to do is stop looking down, and look UP to see the comet!

All you have to do is stop scrolling through your newsfeed and go to
jomarhilariovirtualcareers facebook group instead and READ THERE.

Read and do the exercises. Different kinds, typing (you can do that,
right?), changing pronouns (no joke), making posters, using the
stopwatch (again no joke).


Yes, I am!


But don’t join if you love numbers.

Copywriting is about words. If your DISC score is “C” – forget it.

We’ll talk after holy week, okay? DISC? See my previous email for more details.


But if you pass, IMPROVE your confidence NOW!

Go join in the free lessons.


Are you still looking for your next career?
Are you still looking to take off in your online career?
Maybe you haven’t tasted your first INCOME online?
Are you earning P 100,000 but working 18 hours a day? (Sobra na yan!)
Maybe you’re looking for the same 6 figure income but with out the

Well, learn Social Media Copywriting as a career is one of the best ways!

But you need to start SMALL.
Is that alright?
Nobody becomes an expert in 3 days, yes?
Specially something like copywriting w/c requires years/months of
experience to perfect.

When SAY SMALL, I also mean, put on hold earning P30,000/month with
your very first client as a beginner. It doesn’t really make sense to
both of you.


What do you say, if I offered YOU a REAL JOB with a REAL CLIENT?

Let’s say I introduce you to Bunny or Jenny or Van (their real names)
– they all have multiple businesses. They all know me.
Would you accept the job?
What’s the job?
Social Media Copywriting!
Scroll up and read if you don’t know what I’m talking about .

I already invited you to the free training.


Requirement #1: You should be trained by me. If you’re reading this
and have not even read the book Virtual Careers. Read it! Preferably
many times. That’s a P 375-P500 investment for you. Get it here: (look at the side of the site).

Don’t bother to apply if you can’t be bothered to read the book.

Requirement #2: Join the free training in my Facebook Group -be

Requirement #3: You must join the Social Media Copywriting 303 Course.
This way I can hold your hand while you’re working for the client, so
the client deals with both of us.

How to join: Http:// or Http://
(For bank deposits, PM me or go to

Requirement #4: You must accept that this is an INTERNSHIP job.

You will be paid at INTERN rates w/c is normally given to STUDENTS in
Philippines offices. This is realistic as YOU ARE JUST LEARNING THIS.
This is approximately P 5,000/month. This means you would have
RECOVERED your investment in 2 months time, yes?

SO WHAT’S YOUR LOSS ? None! Once accepted and working, you get your
MONEY BACK in 2 months!

NO BRAINER if you ask me.


Conrado (his real name) is the first person to get the Social Media
Copywriting 303 Course.

Since he is first, he has the chance to SELECT w/c client he wants to work with.

Is it the Massage Business?
The Townhomes Business?
The Food Kiosk Business?
The Social Media Training Business?
The Insurance Business?

(All are real businesses that he can pick from – these are not just examples).

If you’ve been following me, you should know that it is CONRADO who
will interview these business owners. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

So, who wants to go next? Who wants to have the most choices of
clients to work with? These clients already told me they want to work
with someone I trained. They are WAITING FOR YOU.

Get into the program now.


Today, you pay P 9086 to get into the Social Media Copywriting 303 Course.
Join: Http:// or Http://

(For bank deposits, PM me or go to

End of April you get paid P 5K to work as an intern…
End of May you get paid P 5K
End of June you get paid P 5K
End of July you get paid P 5K
End of Aug you get paid P 5K
End of Sept you get paid P 5K
Your earnings: P51,000 extra income.

At this point you may continue to work at intern level or we can “GIVE
MORE SERVICES” to client to charge more. Or you can get hired by a
FOREIGN client, now that you’re ready.

You can now start receiving your USD$700 – USD$1500. Not bad?

Why will you do this? You would have overcome your MENTAL BLOCKS and
INCREASED YOUR CONFIDENCE, yes? If not, you just continue earning and

Join: Http:// or Http://
(For bank deposits, PM me or go to

Deadline to Join is March 28 so you can get the Bonus “Complete
Beginners Guide To Starting Your Virtual Career” workshop videos worth
P 14,000”. So hurry!

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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Complete Beginners Guide To Copywriting In Social Media

Since March 1,  members here in Virtual Careers have been learning how to do “Social Media Copywriting” in my free “Jomar Hilario Virtual Careers” Facebook group.

Where you able to join in?

If not, you’re missing a LOT!

Everyday, you would have been getting practical “THINGS TO DO” that will increase both your skills and confidence (in yourself, your skills) when doing this new skill “Social Media Copywriting”.

Here’ what they say about this new training:

Czarina Danielle Yap:  Good evening, Sir Jomar! I found it to be really fun and madami ako natutunan. Nakakainspire din kasi madami mga magagaling pero willing to help pag may nagtatanong. Thank you sa free lesson Sir Jomar! Happy Sunday!

Maryner Pentinio Sablayan: Masaya! Madaming natutunan lalo na ako na walang alam. Simple pero dapat creative. Thank you sir Jomar!

Richelle V Tividad: I found it super fun, especially when creating a poster. Feel thankful.

Adelita Pascua: I was not even halfway sa 14 days free copywriting lessons but I absorbed a lot of information. Thank you sir Jomar Hilario for your straightforward feedbacks. It served as a guide if I am doing well or not. Your teaching style is very effective and efficient. I enjoyed the mix of challenge and fun. Overall ?



So what is ““Social Media Copywriting”?

A lot of jobs are going to disappear with the advent of AI or Aritifical Intelligence.

It’s already happening.

But one job that isn’t going away is the creativity, art and mastery of Copywriting – or the ability to “Write Words That Sell”.

That ability to convert words into cash is so essential to any business – that even if a ROBOT /AI/ APP can do it, a human still needs to check if it makes sense, is it true, is it appropriate to the market?

So many nuances or tiny bits are required to really sell well online. And it changes all the time.

So learning about Copywriting can be a good hedge or protection for your future career. Be it in a physical office or online as a virtual professional or virtual assistant.

The job of copywriting also has a perk of being a HIGHLY PAID and HIGHLY COVETED JOB – both online and offline.



So are you qualified to do Social Media Copywriting?

Well, what is your DISC score?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this, PM me/reply so I can send you the FREE DISC test. (Complete details are in the Virtual Careers Video Workshop, below)

We use the DISC test to determine what careers we should be doing well. Don’t bother googling as you may find the wrong test. We use a specific test. Reply to me to get the right test link.




D- dominant leaders

I – interactive talkers

S – stability followers

C – calculating checkers

If you’re a D, I, S you’re qualified to excel in Social Media Copywriting.

How about the C?

It depends: Do you love english? The language?

Do you love words? Do you love pretty pictures?

If you’re a C and you’re saying “Noooooo!” – then this is not for you.

Using the DISC prevents you from making a mistake in picking the wrong career.

So reply NOW to get your free disc test from me.


Yes, sure! You can see all the lessons here, pick a post since March 1 and do them:


Some of you have already gone through the free lessons.

Some of you are looking for a way to TAKE OFF in virtual careers.Some of you wish to earn online using your phone.Some of you want to take the lessons you learned and turn it into REAL INCOME.Some of you want to get that first Online Job – even if it’s “just” interning – as long as you get “EXPERIENCE!”A lot of you are asking “How do I start?”Then it’s time to level up!

I’ve put together a package that you will ALL love.
You’ll receive:
  1. The Full Introduction Into How Virtual Careers Works, Objections, Potentials, Best Practices – You get the Virtual Careers Video Workshop (This is Valued at P 14,000, now yours free)


2. You Will Learn a New Skill That Will Survive Future AI Work Disruptions: Social Media Copywriting ( Valued at 5,000)

3. You Get Active Coaching From Jomar for Three Months! ( Valued at 5,000)

  1. Bonus: You’ll Also Receive The 14+ Hours CopyWriting 101 and Copywriting 202 Masterclass Training Videos (This is Valued at P 18,000, now yours free)
  2. You’ll GET A JOB as an INTERN! 🙂 On the job training! :)All the Value You’ll Get Is Worth: P 42,000.
But you won’t pay that.

Social Media Copywriting 303 is now ONLY at P 12,975 (or 250 USD) or 4,500 x 3 months (87 usd x 3) installment.

PLUS You get Additional Discounts – in line with the “Forgive Your Mom & Dad” Day we’re celebrating today, so…
From P 42,000 – it becomes P 9,086 only! Or P 3,115 for 3 months)
You do need to act quickly. The additional discount will only last a few days – March 23, Friday In fact. So act now.


Join Via Credit Card or Paypal:

Full: (P 9086)

Installment: (P 3115 x months)

Join Via Bank Deposit:

BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario

BDO Savings Account/ 00-8070002528 / Jose Mario R Hilario.

Then fill up the details here:

Join Via GCash:

GCASH: 0977-810-1969

Now live a marvellous life,

Jomar Hilario

P.S. What if I have questions? COMMENT below!

P.S. You can also ask me directly by joining these online shows:

 Join me on Wednesday for a 3 Part “Learn How To Start Your Copywriting Virtual Careers + Copywriting Secrets, Explained” at 10am, 3pm and 9pm – All Free. Via fblive: .

All Free.

You can register here:

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2018 Guide To Starting Virtual Careers

Discover The New 4-Step Guide To Starting Virtual Careers

If you are looking for a new plan… a new guide to beginning virtual careers this 2018…

Join us on Monday, 9 pm.

Watch Ideas.Prosper Episode #9 via FB live broadcast on: or

FB Live Happens In..

03Days06Hours36Minutes14SecondsWe are Live! Turn on Your Audio – Jomar Hilario & Malou Fetalvo​Remind Me Please

Tell us your experience with Virtual Careers and Jomar Hilario’s Trainings…


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What exactly is virtual career?

A lot of you asked:
What is a virtual assistant? 
I want to learn more about the VA industry.
I want to understand how this works.
I want to get some ideas on how Virtual Assistant works.
To learn more about how virtual careers work.

What exactly is a virtual career?

There’s a long answer to these questions you can find in the Virtual Careers book. 
But in this post, I’ll try to answer “What exactly is a virtual career?” by answering the following questions.



“Are people with Virtual Careers employees?”

An employee works on a computer in the office. Commutes 1-2 hours a day. Dresses up. Pays for everything during the day and gets paid for results. Right?
I mean if the employee just sleeps on the job – he’s not supposed to get paid yes? 
A Virtual Professional (VP), this is a person with a virtual career (or commonly known as VA or virtual assistant) is like an employee who uses the computer at home. 
He doesn’t commute and doesn’t need to dress up. 
He gets paid for results of work on the computer. 
If he sleeps on the job, and has not results, he doesn’t get paid. 
No politics, no traffic, little stress. Plus the ability to pick your friends and pick the social events you want to go to. Wanna join a mountain climbing group? Nobody is going to stop you. Wanna go to that big sale in another city? Go!
All the perks of work w/o the commute and promotion politics.
How does an employee get paid? ATM right?
Virtual Professionals get paid SAME WAY — BANK.
Bottomline: You’re not an employee.
A Virtual Professional is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.
You can be Director for Marketing for a Singapore-based company but you’re still called a “VA/VP”.  It doesn’t matter what the titles are, as long as you’re earning sa internet -sa bahay!


“Ang virtual career ba para lang sa mga graphic designer, web programmer, web designer?”

Nope. There are virtual professionals who do bookkeeping, hotel reservations for their client, writers, powerpoint presentations, email handling, Facebook business page/group management, Twitter management — the possibilities are endless!


Virtual careers jobs = anything you can do online.




I am currently working 8 hours a day as a _______, can I work as a virtual assistant part-time?

Yes. A person with a virtual career can work part-time or full-time, depends on you.

There are available part-time gigs that will only require you to be online either 4 hours a day, 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week. You decide depending on your time availability.


Others keep their day job while working for an online client. As long as you can manage your time and deliver the results needed, you can do this. It’s up to you.



“I’m 47 years old. Can I Still Find Work Online?


Nobody really cares about your age in Virtual Careers.


Clients care about these:

Can you deliver results?


Can you still type?
Can you move the mouse quickly — pa rin?
Is your internet fast enough or are you willing to make it go faster?


All these questions — ikaw sasagot.




“Jomar, graduate ako ng BS ______, qualified ba ako maging virtual assistant?”


“Jomar, highschool lang ang natapos ko…..puede ba ako dyan?”


Yes. I have students who are high school graduates, home-schooled, college undergraduates, nurses, interior designers, chefs, accountants, engineers — yes, you can have a virtual career, regardless of your course in college or even if you didn’t go to college.



”I’m not a techie! I only know MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Pwede ba akong maging VA?”

Were you born an expert in MS Powerpoint, Word and Excel?

Nah, I don’t think so.

Pero ngayon marunong ka na!

How in the world did that happen?

Right. Pinag-aralan mo.

To be ‘techie’, give yourself time to learn.



”Networking/MLM ba yang pag-VA/VP?”

Nope. Picture this: You work pero sa bahay — minus the transpo expenses, always-in-a-bad-mood boss, chismosa officemates, lukot na uniform bago makarating ng office dahil siksikan kanina sa MRT, na-slash na bag, amoy usok na hair because of the commute, (I could go on and on).


Virtual career ‘gigs’ or jobs are still active work. It’s not about networking or MLM.



“Do virtual professionals get interviewed before getting the job?


Virtual professionals also get interviewed for a job — or gig, as what we call it.

The difference is that Virtual Professionals need not to wake up early, catch the train, and get lost in trying to find the company office where the actual interview will take place.


The virtual career gig interview is via the internet only. Through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout etc.


Here’s another thing about the uniqueness of Virtual Career:

YOU can also do the interview.

YES. You interview the client and we call it a Discovery Call.

Here’s a long post I wrote about it:



“How is the schedule as a Virtual Professional? Since most of the clients are from the US, does it mean VPs also need to work in US time?”

In the book Virtual Careers there’s a sampling of different schedules.

It’s all over the clock.

Personally, I discourage working on anybody else’s timezone but your own preference.

You’re not a slave.

Say “I’m doing this VA thing to take control of my time, not to adjust to someone’s timezone.

If I wanted to do that, I would have gone to BPOs.”

Or simply be quiet and select jobs that have no time in and out.

But delivery dates. There are lots of those.



Now you want to know the step-by-step guide how to get a virtual career?


Get the Virtual Career Video Workshop (50% off).


Here’s the link


Remember, you can try the video workshop for 30 days with absolutely no risk. If at any time you don’t feel the workshop is worth the money, you take your money back – 100% guaranteed.





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How to Start Your Virtual Career

So last night’s FB LIVE guest was a graduate of my basic “beginners course” called VA2013. Alas. That’s no longer available.

Instead, a NEW online course has replaced it!
Re-introducing the Virtual Careers Video Workshop.
More than 3 days of training — on video.
Plus a downloadable PDF workshop manual for you to fill up.

Best of all it’s at 50% OFF na.

This is for all you FIRST TIMERS struggling to understand –ano daw?

Assignment? Portfolio? DISC? Ano yun?
Most of the experts here talk like that.
And you DO need to know para you earn MORE or just like them. Tama?

This Video Workshop does NOT teach skills.
Instead it ENABLES you to learn any skill. If you want.
The Video Workshop teaches you something WAAAY more important.

MINDSET. The Best way of thinking.

Do you want extra income?
Do you want PART TIME income?
Well you won’t get that from here.
Here, we want YOU to earn a LOT of extra income and a LOT of PART TIME
income, instead!

NO SMALL THINKERS HERE! But wait we all started like you, yes?
Including ME – Jomar.
So best find out how to transform your mind from LITTLE THINKING to

How? Get the Virtual Careers Video Workshop at 50% OFF Today.

BANK / GCASH alternatives:

You may also deposit: —-P 3614 only —

BPI Savings/3216-3898-62/Jose Mario R Hilario/
BDO Savings /00-8070002528/Jose Mario R Hilario/
Then fill up:

Or via GCASH at 0977-810-1969

Then fill up:


P.S. Go to to enjoy the 100% RISK FREE 50% OFF the Video Workshop so you can start na your freelancing career!

P.S. If the classic VA2013 helped Malou to get a mindset shift, this newer and more updated Virtual Careers Video Workshop at 50% OFF will have the same effect.  You cannot get this from just anywhere – YOU are the Prize!

You can watch my interview with Malou here .

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In A Hurry To Become A Virtual Assistant

Q: I have doubts if I could still be hired.  My background is in payroll preparation way back in previous employment.  And more on Admin work.

Another concern is how much do I need to invest?


A:  Employment vs Virtual Careers:

A common idea is “What I did in employment is considered when applying for work online.”


Another common idea is “Virtual Clients will probably check my age, gender, school grades, special awards, experience level.”


A general concept also is “How I see myself is how others see me.”


All 3 concepts are not really true.

And I’m just being nice.

Let me show you a scenario:


1. Virtual Client wants 3 excel files merged into one document.



2. Client wants you to google the CEO and Chief Accountant of 100 companies in England based on this list from Techcrunch 1000.



3. Client wants you to transcribe 4 hours of seminar audio into words, into MS Word.


In each case, your employment background, gender, age, special awards and previous experience all do not matter.


What matters really is….. CAN YOU DO IT in the deadline they give?


And if the deadline is impossible (in your mind), can you type “A more realistic deadline is 2 weeks from now.” instead of doing the normal thing (say nothing and never talk to the client).


Virtual Career skills do matter.  But in this age of Udemy, Coursera and Youtube, you can find out how to do any of the following:

1. How to merge excel files.

2. How to google

3. How to transcribe, what tools to transcribe audio.

Just by googling them!


So what matters really?


Not confidence.


Are you willing to type this in google: “How to Google like a PRO”

You tell me.


Some people are sooo low in self esteem that they throw their hands up and say “I give up, I’ll never be able to learn how to google!”

That’s not a skill or age problem.



How does one fix attitude?

Copying JESUS is one.


You think Jesus would say ” “I give up, I’ll never be able to learn how to google!”?


I mean even people with NO HANDS can google this ” “How to Google like a PRO”” –only because they are willing.


If quadriplegics can google, why can’t other people?




Because of your age, I suggest you hurry.

And because your age, MAYBE you know the value of SHORTCUTS and LEARNING from other people’s mistakes.

So I suggest people in a hurry to:

a) Read my book Virtual Careers 10x, taking notes as you go.

b) Get the 4 Courses in 1 Bundle in Virtual Careers Academy – while there’s still a massive save.

That should be enough to earn high.

If not enough, because of course a) and b) doesn’t necessariliy gives you the skills – then pick a SKILL COURSE in But it all depends on your DISC, w/c you will find out in ” 4 Courses in 1 Bundle in Virtual Careers Academy”.


Get started here:

Get the Book: or in Amazon:


Get the “4 Courses in 1 Bundle in Virtual Careers Academy” : –NOW at 60% off!


Now live amarvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

P.S. Downloadable 4 courses for newbies is now available at 60% OFF so you’ll get the guidance you need to start ASAP.

P.S. Get any skill course at, 30% OFF, using the coupon code: GOHOME.

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How To Turn A 9-5 Accounting Job To An Accounting Virtual Career

Mao ning life! Pwede mag ice cream while working. Because you can…kung you are a virtual assistant / freelancer! Trabaho na madala maskin asa. Unsaon pagsugod ug asa makat-on? ​

How To Turn A 9-5 Accounting Job To An Accounting Virtual CareerMalou is a CPA by profession and 5 years ago, she made a virtual career out of her profession.Learn what is a virtual assistant accountant and how does it work.Learn the tools Malou uses to manage working remotely.Meet her via FB live interview on Monday, March 12, 9pm.

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How to Fix 13 Hidden Ad-Response Killers Strangling Your Sales

BRAIN BLOCKS: How to Fix 13 Hidden Ad-Response Killers Now Strangling Your Sales ARGH… it’s brutal! You’re promoting a great product or service, but response sucks! (Or isn’t what it could be.) Don’t get frustrated… blame “The Deadly 13″ — a terrifying collection of psychological “brain-blocks” hidden in your ads that actually persuade consumers to not respond.

Join Ca$hvertising author Drew Eric Whitman for a hardcore, rapid-fire session and learn how to quickly thwart these “response assassins” and boost your persuasive power, no matter what you sell.

Fast, fun and 100% practical. 

Bottom line?

More cash in your pocket! Speech by Drew Eric Whitman (Advertising Expert & Best-selling Author)

–FROM JOMAR BELOW:Copywriters, earn a LOT just by following a few simple rules – like the ones above Drew keeps saying “Where’s the OFFER?”  Go watch and see if you can do this. Once you can, you have 3 choices to pursue a virtual career in copywriting.To do: Watch the video and write down ALL lessons you got in the comments below. Then do it again, and write down below what you missed.They say that CONTENT is COMMODITIZED. It’s no longer KING. You can get anything (daw) online (lol). Well, this is a perfect example.  So watch the vid below and take notes in the comments. And we’ll see what happens, yes?

But …if you are probably asking “HOW DO I START?”I would suggest you learn from a copywriter. A copywriter who’s done 10+ years in copywriing and already made Millions for both his clients and himself (not just client work).  But wait, I don’t think you should just be trained by any copywriter – no matter how great he or she is. I suggest that you should be trained by a person who’s both a TEACHER and a COPYWRITER, too right?

I mean not all experts are experts at teaching, right?

You gotta be both.

That’s why I have these courses for you to pick – once you are ready:1. Copywriting 101 Video Course – learn my personal SECRET shortcut to creating copy that SELLS well! (P 9,975)2. Copywriting 202 Video Course  – (P 9,975)

Discover the place where people sort their mails and it’s modern equivalent.Discover the secret that big companies use to make you open mails from them.Inside Psychology of Prospect Buyer when opening mails.You’ll see Jomar show you actual samples of direct mail that are broken down how the material is designed to sell the most.Find out why Copywriting is always a Gold Mine for you.Find out the insider secrets to growing a massive Philippine brand from 4,000+ followers to millions.Get the checklist that shortcuts the whole process.3. Get both 101 and 202, together. (P 12,975) * Super Great Deal!  And BONUS  I’ll hold you hand for 3 months doing Copywriting starting April 4, 2018. This one has a deadline, so we can’t wait for you to be READY, you HAVE to get in before the deadline.