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2018 Guide To Starting Virtual Careers

Discover The New 4-Step Guide To Starting Virtual Careers

If you are looking for a new plan... a new guide to beginning virtual careers this 2018...

Join us on Monday, 9 pm.

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I learned so much about apps and programs I haven't heard before.I also learned a lot of opportunities to make money online

Benj Bolivar

The best thing about Virtual Assistant seminar is Sir Jomar doesn't make it highfalutin or complicated, he makes it simple for me to understand. He inspires me to dream BIG!!!

Haydee Cruz

The topics gave me confidence that I can really start earlier online. It's just a matterof being aware of the tools available to me and how to use them for my advantage

April Joy Santos

Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Eric Agbulos

I learned that I can earn millions/dollars by being a virtual careerand working at home to get freedom from corporate world

Emely Dacquel

Jomar set our minds to be so much prepared before becoming a VA. Every details heard from Jomar is very much helpful for a future VA

Eric Agbulos

I love all topics. Each of them are really informative & well-discussed.All my negative thoughts about VA are gone & convinced me to pursue this careerwith all my might.

Noel Lacasa

Awareness of the things beyond corporate world and structured work-life.Realized that I need to have deep emotional why in order to push myself to go into this opportunity of Virtual Career

Trish Ibarientos

I enjoyed Virtual Assistant seminar because Jomar is funny and realistic. Makes difficult topics easy to understand

Marivien Tiglao

When I first found out about the Virtual Assistant seminar, I thought it is boring. But the best thing about it is, it's very interesting. 9 hours is not enough

May Gaylan

After 1 year of being a student in OMC 2, I am now a published author in Amazon...and my blog has already reached 59K pageviews!

Randy Tudy OMC Student of Jomar Hilario

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